10 Foods to Eat Before Spinning

Updated 02/2018. Exercise after exercise yet somehow your body still looks like an inflated donut? Spin after spin and you find that it’s getting harder to stay motivated? To avoid a complicated and backward metabolism, it is important to feed your body with low-calorie foods, which will keep you full for a long time, just before spinning. While fruits are common on lists of foods to eat before spinning, some of the things on here will surprise you!

man eating a chicken salad

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It is essential to provide your body with protein and good nutrients when you are spinning, to help it build lean muscle. The foods you eat will also help in the repair of the muscles that are stretched and torn. Here is a list of foods to eat before spinning:

1. Bananas


One of the best foods that you can eat before a spinning session is a banana. They are rich in carbohydrates and will be able to give your body the right amount of nutrition to help it workout. The potassium that is present in bananas will help in keeping up with the muscle and nerve functions. This combined with a healthy breakfast soon after a spinning session will enhance your body’s well being.

2. Oats


Being the richest sources of fiber, oats will help in slow releasing carbohydrates into the body. Due to the slow release action of oats, there is a constant supply of energy while spinning.

3. Coffee


People who enjoy a good cup of coffee will be able to vouch for the goodness of coffee. They find that their entire day feels a lot more energized and they perform better. The reason is the caffeine. When you consume some caffeine before a workout, you are pumping your body with energy to cycle throughout the session time. Your chances of feeling tired easily are also replaced with energized times. Your body will thus burn a lot of fat because of the boosting effects of caffeine.

4. Smoothies


These are super nutritious foods to indulge in before your spinning session. It is high in protein and is digested quickly as well. The ingredients of smoothies are usually fruits and vegetables, which release simple as well as complex carbs into the body. The simple carbs in the smoothies are released into the blood stream within the first 15 or 20 minutes. The complex carbs are released into the bloodstream after half an hour. This is just perfectly what you need before you have a spinning session. This way, your body has enough of energy to burn for the entire spinning session time. You can pick out a few smoothie recipes and try them all with a scoop or two of protein powder for the added protein boost.

5. Chickpeas


These protein-rich pods are excellent in different forms. They are used in hummus as well as can be eaten without cooking it. Some people like to snack on chickpeas after they are boiled and seasoned with mustard seeds, lemon juice and chilies. Chickpeas provide about 10 grams of protein, which is perfect for a pre-workout snack. Apart from that it is rich in fiber as well.

6. Egg Whites


The main fattening part of the eggs is the yolk. Once you start eating your eggs without the yolk, you will find that you can provide your body with a rich source of protein. There are about 4 grams of protein in just a single egg white. There is no fat in the egg white. This makes it an ideal pre-spinning snack.

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7. Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are light to consume before a spinning session. They have simple carbs that are released slowly and gives you just enough of energy to keep you going. There are different kinds of dried fruits that you will find in your supermarket that you can consume.

8. Whole Grain Bread

whole grain bread

Toasted whole grain bread has a lot of fiber. They are best for slow releasing simple carbs and gives you enough of energy for a good spinning session. Whole grains like quinoa as well as brown rice are great for consumption as a snack before spinning.

9. Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast

People who cycle after their lunch of dinnertime will want to eat something that will be good for their spinning as well. For those people, a meal of chicken breast, which is baked or grilled, is ideal. When paired with brown rice, the meal becomes complete and perfect as a pre-spinning food. This meal has little fat and has a lot of complex carbs for energy. The chicken provides for protein and is best paired with the brown rice or other complex carb-rich foods.

10. Greek Lite Yogurt

Greek Lite Yogurt

In general Greek yogurt has little to no fat. The amount of protein in Greek yogurt is almost double than what it present in normal yogurt that you buy. The amount of raw sugar present in the Greek yogurt tubs are also very little. Preferably, natural unsweetened Greek lite yogurt will work well as a pre-spinning snack.

Summing Up

These foods that are listed above should be eaten in moderation. One small serving before a spinning session is what you should aim to consume. You do not want to overload your stomach with too much of food just before your workout. This can make you develop cramps and also make you lethargic. Breaking up your meals into 6 times a day can also help in monitoring the amount you consume before your spinning session.

We hope you agree with this list of foods to eat before spinning, but if you have any comments/suggestions you’re welcome to type them in below!

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