5 Ways to Keep You Entertained While Cycling Indoor


No one wants to stare at the wall when doing anything and that goes for when cycling indoor too. Heaps of people lose their interest because of their inability to find enough motivation to keep working out. People find ways to cut it short so that they can go and do something else interesting.

Most people, who are used to cycling indoor, listen to music while they are burning calories. While this may be an excellent way to spend your time cycling indoor, not everyone wants to listen to music while doing it.

As technology advances, the human mind has grown to believe in the use of several senses at the same time. A visual and audio experience is what many people look for. So here are 5 things you can do while cycling indoor other than for listening to music.

1. Reading

Most indoor cycling equipment have a stand for people to hoist up a book or an electronic device to read. People who are avid readers can take up reading while they are cycling. People who do not like reading novels as much as they like reading some news, can put a tablet on the stand and catch up on their reading while working out.

Remember to increase the size of the font while reading. As you keep moving while you are cycling , you might find that your eyes suffer a considerable amount of strain. To avoid this, use the feature on your device to increase the size of the font to a more comfortable size.

2. Watching Television


While studios have televisions set up individually for everyone, you will find that the variety of television shows and movies to watch at home as well. People, who workout at home, find that they can use their time cycling indoor to watch their favorite shows and don’t notice that they are burning calories.

You can schedule your favorite television show to give you a reminder so that you can get on your indoor cycling bike when it starts playing. You can watch, movies, television shows, news, sports, etc. while you are cycling. Many people also like to watch YouTube videos. There are also several motivational videos that are available to help you lose weight, which you can watch while cycling indoor.

3. Audio Books

audio books

This is one of the best ways that you can spend your time cycling indoor while improving your knowledge. There are several audio books and articles that are available which you can download. These books and articles can be transferred to your phone or your iPod and you can listen to them while cycling.

Several websites sell books and magazines that you can buy in an audio format. Podcasts and other shows are also available in audio format, which you can download and listen to.

You will need a suitable holder that you can strap on your arm to stow away your player. This way you can put in a pair of headphones and cycle without damaging your device and while being comfortable.

4. Social Networking

Save your social networking time, for when you cycle. That’s a fabulous idea for you to follow if you want motivation. Everyone has a social media account, and they spend hours on it. You can catch up on what is happening on your social media account.

A suitable device like a tablet propped on the stand of your indoor cycling bike will do the job for you. You might not be able to send comments to different status messages without interfering with your workout, but you will be able to click on likes and read through the different articles that you spend hours reading.

5. Phone Calls


While this might be very difficult to do if you are on a high intensity workout schedule, this is a good way to entertain. Get a good pair of hands- free device which you can clip on. This entertainment option is people who are cycling at lower intensities. Take the time to catch up with your friends and family by making your phone calls while cycling indoor.

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