Advanced spinning bike workout

Do you hit the gym daily? Do you like taking physical challenges? Do you do the bike workout?  With the growing trend of the gym, exercising, working out these days, everyone is just so busy improving themselves. We all want faster results as we exercise and for that very reason, many tend to switch themselves from ordinary workouts to advanced workouts. Spinning bike workouts is one of the most common types of workout. It’s a great exercise for your legs and stamina, however, after regular practice of this exercise, it gets too easy for us. This is where we can switch to Advanced spinning bike workout! And get us to a new level.


Before you begin working out and spinning hard, there are a couple of things you should take care of:

  • Set up your machine before time
  • Warm yourself enough
  • Tell the trainer you want to do a high-intensity training, and take his/her advice
  • Prepare yourself mentally

You may now look into how your spinning workout is “advanced”.

What to do?

To get your legs and the muscles used to it, get on the bike. Do not disturb your resistance, Start spinning at a low RPM. Slowly increase your rhythm, about 5 RPM every minute and  continue for 8 to 10 minutes.  Following this, take a quick rest. Get off the bike and let your muscles relax for a few minutes.

You can now get on the bike and this time, start with at least 25% more pace than where you ended. Repeat this for about 5 minutes and take a quick  break.

This is where things will change. Now go with about 90% or more effort than last time. Ride at least 50 percent Resistance and don’t just fake it! Do it, and you shall see the results. Let the RPM cross 100 and continue for 6-10 minutes. Do not just get off the bike suddenly, cut your pace and resistance slowly, and paddle with ease for a couple of  minutes.

Take a short break and return to your bike. Start spinning at a medium-fast speed and quickly increase your speed for a few minutes. If you have hill climb option, don’t hesitate to turn it on. Get in the tough mode and keep it up for at least 6-9 minutes. If this is not enough, you may take a short break and begin climbing for another 5-10 minutes.

In case, you do not have a hill climb option. Set RPM and Resistance at your best potential or just below it and keep spinning until failure.

How long should the break be? Should I just sit down?

Since,  this is an advanced workout, you will not exactly sit back and look at others workout for those few minutes. As soon as you get off the paddle, start sprinting at medium speed for at least 30 seconds, put as much effort into it as you can.  Follow this with a few squats, not more than 4 or 6. Walk around and make sure your leg muscles don’t cool down. Even if you chose to just sit back, make sure the duration is no more than 20 or 30 seconds. These activities should only be followed during the beginning stage of your workout. That is when you warm up and are slowly increasing the pace. In the later stages, your legs really need some rest and you need to let them relax.

Things to know

We all have different capabilities, limitations, and capacities. If you find the above routine too easy, you may just add to the figures. Increase your duration and slice your break time. If you find it too hard, you may cut the numbers and slowly increase your criteria within weeks or months. Most of all, do not hesitate to take your trainer’s suggestions and advice.

Important tips

There are few very important tips you should take care of, relating this Advanced spinning bike workout:

  • Do not compete with your neighbors, we are all different and need to have our own standards. Don’t get disappointed or overconfident if they are better or worse than you
  • Make sure you do it right! Lean forward and do not let your arms take much burden
  • Pace up your resistance slowly and put real effort into it
  • Warm up well and make sure your body is fit for this workout

Work out hard, eat well, sleep well and put the effort in this advanced bike workout. You will see the results but remember, it takes time.

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