Are Exercise Bikes Good for Losing Weight (Ultimate Guide 2022)

If you have recently decided to lose weight by exercising daily, you must get puzzled with so many exercising tools and techniques. You may have already heard about the effectiveness of exercise bikes, but are you wondering whether exercise bikes are good for losing weight?

Here, in this article, we will try to give you enough data and evidence to answer the question. In the end, you will know the truth behind this exercise method and how effective it is. Moreover, we have researched and described the techniques of using an exercise bike properly to get the maximum effect.

Are Exercise Bikes Good For Losing Weight?

The one-liner answer to the question is yes; exercise bikes are good for losing weight but not without the help of a healthy diet. If you set your regular diet plan, maintain every day, and workout burning more calories than you intake, you will surely be losing weight.

Are Exercise Bikes Good for Losing Weight

Also, you will need to know the proper way of using an exercise bike so that you can get the desired results in the quickest time possible. Let’s see the benefits of using an exercise bike before we get to know the proper technique.

Benefits Of Using An Exercise Bike

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of exercise bikes to motivate you, and you will know the facts once and for all.

Great for cardio

Cycling is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy and resolve fat so that the heart doesn’t get blocked, causing heart attacks. With regular cycling, the blood flow will be increased, and the cells get enough oxygen to operate and stay healthy. A well-functioning heart is a key to a better mood, sleep, and active life.

Effective for losing weight

Like other exercises, cycling is also a great and effective way to lose weight. Exercise bikes are more beneficial because you can keep exercising indoors and don’t miss even a day for bad weather or other problems.

Proven for losing body fat

If you keep using your exercise bike every day and take foods with fewer calories, you will surely be able to burn body fat. With different studies from multiple study-groups, it is now a proven fact that you can rely on.

Doesn’t affect your work-life

As the exercise bikes are stationary and require smooth movements, it doesn’t affect much of your work-life. What we mean is that your muscles won’t get sore, or you won’t feel uncomfortable like one does in extensive workouts. As a result, you won’t miss a day from work even if you are a starter.

Good for strengthening leg muscles

Those who exercise regularly grow strong leg muscles, and it helps to walk or run for miles without getting sore legs.

Safer ways for cycling

Exercise bikes are safer than road cycling because they have simpler mechanisms and have better adjustable features. Moreover, you won’t have to face the trouble of roads and avoid possible accidents making it convenient for job-holders.

How To Use An Exercise Bike For Losing Weight

Gym trainers and physiotherapists have gone through hours of trial and error to find the most effective way to train using an exercise bike. Now, let’s see how you should exercise every day with your stationary bike. Below, we will see 3 different techniques that are the most effective.

How to Use an exercise bike for losing weight

Interval Workout

This technique comes with a workout plan using intervals, and experts suggest it for its capability of hitting the spot. Start with easy mode for 5 minutes that will warm you up, and then change the resistance to hard mode. Keep cycling in hard mode for 30 seconds and then paddle for another 30 seconds in moderate mode.

Keep changing the mode like our suggestion for 4 times and take a 1-minute easy mode. Please do it again, and finally, have all-out cycling for 45-seconds 3 times. The total time for this technique won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

Steady workout

In this technique, you will be cycling without any speed or mode variations and continue for some days. It will shape your body for the burnout and keep increasing the limit slowly. If you could manage a heart-rate monitor, it will be more helpful as you can make speed or resistance mode decisions accordingly.

Cardio Workout

This cardio workout technique is a combination of 30, 20, and 10 seconds plans. The first 7 minutes of this schedule is allocated for the warm-up period. After that, do some medium intensive cycling with various resistance for 30, 20, and 10 seconds respectively.

When you have done one-cycle of the schedule, take a 2-minute break, and start again. Repeat the full schedule 4 or 5 times a day with the necessary intervals. Finally, it will give you enough calorie-burnout that you will start feeling the difference in the first month.

Frequently Asked Question

Before wrapping up the article for today, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions on exercising using a bicycle.

Is an exercise bike a good form of exercise?

Yes, without any doubt, exercise bikes are great for exercising and losing weight in record time.

How long should you ride an exercise bike to lose weight?

A total of approximately 50 minutes should be enough every day to lose weight and stay fit.

Should you ride an exercise bike every day?

Yes, it would help if you rode an exercise bike every day to stay fit, but that might not be enough to lose weight as diet must be included in the plan.

Are 15 minutes on the exercise bike enough?

 The time period spent on an exercise bike varies from person to person, and 30 minutes to 1 hour is generally recommended for better results.

Watch Out Whether Exercise Bikes Are Good for Losing Weight or Not

Final Thought

So, what do you think? Are exercising bikes good for losing weight, or should you try another method or add other plans to this exercise? Our recommendation is to maintain a healthy diet and add some other exercises to cycling every day for the best results. We hope that you can get it right and start losing weight from the first month.

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