Best Exercise Bike for Obese Person (Review) in 2022 – Top 5 Picks!

Being obese surely isn’t a pleasant situation to cope with and it can lead to major health issues. If you have excessive weight and want to lose it, the best way to go is cycling. However, not everyone has the scope to go out and do exercise; stationary bikes are their best bet.

If you want the best exercise bike for obese and cannot decide what to look for, our experts can help. Stay with the article, it will help you know the best exercise bikes in the market and pick the best one for yourself:

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5 Best Exercise Bike for Obese Person Reviews 2022

Choosing the best exercise bike for obese can be a daunting job as there are many technical terms to consider. Here are the 5 best exercise bikes that are perfect for people with excessive weight:

Best Exercise Bike for Obese

1. Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series

Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series

The Nautilus recumbent bike is the best recumbent exercise bike for obese with a big weight capacity of 325 lbs. While working out, this bike will give you a ton of modern features, starting with integrated 29 customizable workout programs. Not only that, the bike has a resistance drive wheel that you can also adjust at 25 levels depending on your strength level.

For a smoother start and drive, it comes with an optimized drive train and an adjustable padded seat for your comfort. The seat is way smarter than regular bikes because it’s both adjustable back and forth and has an incline option. On top of that, it has handlebars that contain pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate as you ride. It doesn’t stop just there because you also will get a wireless heart rate monitor!

You can wrap the sensor on your chest and get a live heart reading on the screen. There are two dual LED backlit screens to give you the live tracking of your speed, distance, pulse, calorie burned, etc. Right under the screen, you also get a high-end control panel to adjust speed, training program, and other high-tech features. Bored to go physical? Use its Bluetooth app connectivity for live sync and virtual rides.

Nautilus Recumbent Bike Main Features:

  • The Nautilus bike has 29 workout programs that are fully customizable.
  • It comes with 25 levels of resistance control for a personalized workout.
  • You’ll get 2 backlit displays for live tracking for speed, distance, calories.
  • Its seat is adjustable and inclinable with pulse sensors to track heart rate.
  • The bike also offers Bluetooth app connectivity for fitness tracking.
  • Wireless pulse sensor.
  • Virtual riding simulation.
  • Customizable workout modes.
  • High-end control panel.
  • 325 lbs of weight capacity.
  • The backseat could be a little higher.

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2. Lifespan R5i Recumbent Stationary Bike

Lifespan R5i Recumbent Stationary Bike

The Lifespan R5i is a heavy duty exercise bike as it has a rigid construction that gives you a huge weight capacity of 400 lbs. It’s ergonomic construction and design ensures maximum comfort, especially with the foam-molded seat backrest, and handles. The handles contain pulse sensors to measure your heart rate and give you live tracking on the screen.

Furthermore, it comes with a digital monitor that shows speed, calorie, RPM, watt, and distance alongside pulse in real time. The backrest is breathable and the seat is fully adjustable from front to back and inclines 45°-60° for a comfortable workout. To power up the electronics, it uses self-generated electricity from the resistance drive wheel.

The control panel under the screen gives you 36 exercise modes, 2 custom programs along 4 cardiac training programs. On top of that, you’ll get dedicated resistance adjustment buttons along with quick adjustment buttons for each program. Its ultra quiet drive wheel will give you a smoother ride which makes it a perfect recumbent bike for seniors.

Lifespan R5i Main Features:

  • The Nautilus recumbent bike has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • It has a digital display with live fitness tracking, and it powers up on itself.
  • This bike comes with a fully adjustable seat with a breathable backrest.
  • It has 36 pre-programmed workouts with 4 cardiac workout programs.
  • You’ll also get two integrated pulse sensors on the handles for live records.
  • Huge 400 weight capacity
  • Live fitness records
  • Customizable workout modes
  • Dedicated cardiac workouts
  • Self power generation
  • No wireless connectivity

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3. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rear Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rear Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

This rear belt drive bike from Sunny Health & Fitness comes has magnetic resistance to the drive wheel. It gives you 13 levels of adjustability to the flywheel resistance for better compatibility with your fitness goals. On top of that, the handlebars are also adjustable in 4 ways for optimal comfort. Besides, the main handlebar comes with an ergonomic design along with two pulse sensors integrated.

You can easily fit your fit inside its SPD compatible, caged pedals for maximum grip while riding the bike. Not only that, the seat is also adjustable for a comfortable ride while it’s foam padded and covered with a soft cushion. You can adjust it both back and forth alongside up and down with 4 adjustable levels with its release lever. The same release lever design makes is available on the front part of the bike.

To keep you focused on the goal, it comes with a performance monitor above the handles. It will show you the distance, calories burned, speed, heart rate, RPM, cadence, all in real time for maximum convenience. The bike has a rigid construction and can take up to 300 lbs of weight and work virtually silently. Furthermore, it has a water bottle holder to keep you hydrated and integrated wheels for easy transportation.

Sunny Health & Fitness Bike Main Features:

  • This stationary bike has 13 levels of magnetic resistance adjustments.
  • It comes with a 4-way adjustable seat for maximum comfort.
  • There are two pulse sensors on its handlebars for heart rate monitoring.
  • You’ll also get 4-way adjustability to the ergonomic handlebars for comfort.
  • It has 300 lbs of weight capacity and real time fitness data on the screen.
  • 13-level resistance adjustability
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Heart rate monitor sensor
  • Ergonomic, comfortable design
  • Monitor for fitness tracking

  • No Bluetooth capability

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4. Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Marcy recumbent bike has a sturdy and ergonomic design without limiting comfort. You can adjust the seat back and forth using an adjustment lever to ensure better comfort and convenience. It has a cushioned seat with a perfect cut-out, a comfy backrest along perfectly placed handlebars.

Furthermore, the handlebars have pulse sensors on them to measure your heart rate as you work out on this machine. You’ll get the readings on the backlit screen along with your speed, calorie, distance, time, and RPM. This exercise bike with 300 lb capacity will make it a perfect fit for almost anybody between 10 to 99 years.

You can also adjust the resistance with 24 levels to match your fitness level with 23 different exercise programs. Its neat control panel will help you do all the adjustments; the foot pedal strap needs manual adjustment though. On top of that, it powers up itself by the pedal friction and has floor level adjustment for optimal placement without bumping.

Marcy Regenerating Bike Main Features:

  • The Marcy recumbent bike has 24 levels of magnetic tension resistance adjustments.
  • It comes with 23 different workout programs for a better match to your fitness goals.
  • You’ll get a digital display to monitor your heart rate, RPM, speed, calorie, distance.
  • There is a control panel to adjust the settings and a lever under the seat to adjust your position.
  • This machine takes up to 300 lbs of weight and doesn’t need external electricity to run.
  • Many workout programs
  • Monitor to track fitness level
  • Adjustable and cushioned seat
  • Compatible for pulse monitoring
  • Doesn’t need a battery to run
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • The front handle isn’t adjustable

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5. Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike-48lbs Flywheel Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle

Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike-48lbs Flywheel Belt Drive Stationary BicycleThe Pyhigh bike comes with a 42-lbs bidirectional flywheel which has the felt pad resistance system. Besides, the inertia drive system makes it a smooth rider where you can adjust the resistance with a dedicated lever. On top of that, the flywheel doesn’t make any noise even though it has the capability of taking over 330 lbs of weight.

Furthermore, you’ll get a comfortable saddle that you can adjust in 4 ways and make yourself fit on it perfectly. It’s a good choice for people with a height of 5.1′ to 6.5′ because it’s handlebars are also adjustable with the seat. You can also adjust the handlebars with 5 levels of height, just like the seat. Besides, the handlebars also have an ergonomic design along with pulse sensors.

You can put your hands on the sensors while riding and monitor your heart rate in real time. The display will show the real time data including heart rate, calorie, distance, time, and RPM to keep you on track. Besides, the handlebars are covered with vinyl materials that are not prone to deformation.

Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike Main Features:

  • The Pyhigh indoor bike has a 42-lbs bidirectional flywheel with adjustable resistance.
  • You’ll get an ergonomic and seat fully adjustable from 4 ways according to your health condition.
  • It comes with adjustable handlebars that also have two pulse sensors on them for heart rate monitoring.
  • There is a digital monitor on this bike which shows the speed, calorie, distance, time, and RPM.
  • It also has floor stabilizers under the legs in the back and wheels to move it around.
  • Compatible for different height
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Non-wrinkle handlebar grips
  • Non-slip cage footrest design
  • No Bluetooth capability
  • No digital control panel

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Upright Vs Recumbent Exercise Bikes: Which Is Better?

When it comes to selecting an exercise bike, the biggest dilemma works between the recumbent and upright bikes. Which one to choose and why should you choose one above another? Here are the differences between them and which one you should go for instead of another:

Age Compatibility:

Age compatibility being a big factor while choosing any exercise equipment, you must not avoid it here either. Simply put, a recumbent bike includes less of your body organs and puts less stress on them as well. On the other hand, the upright bike will give you moderate stress on your body.

Muscles Included:

You’ll use both your upper and lower body while on an upright bike while the lower body gets the most penetration. On the other hand, if you use a recumbent bike, it will mostly concentrate on your lower body. If your family members are going to use it, it’s better to keep it usable for seniors with a recumbent.

Ease of Use:

Recumbent bikes are the easiest when it comes to exercising easily because they keep your knees at 10° to 15°. So, you’ll get less stress on your knees and upper body with a recumbent. However, if you use an upright bike, it will keep your knees in a 25° to 35° angle as you’ll lean forward. As a result, the upright bike has more risks of injury while recumbents are close to none.


Well, although recumbent bikes perform better at safety, they fall short when it comes to mobility. If you’re after mobility for the most, an upright bike would make a good match. However, since most people get the indoor bikes to fix on a spot, getting a recumbent will be favorable.


So, which one to get? The verdict would be going for a recumbent bike as it’s safer and comes with technologies to help you with fitness goals. It will track your fitness improvement and give you a little extra push to reach your targets. It also allows you to do other tasks while working out as your upper body is mostly free.

Why Should You Buy an Exercise Bike for Obese Person?

Let’s get things straight, we don’t want to stay unfit and lead an unhealthy life. The obese people fall into the category who’s not happy in terms of their health condition because of obesity. Losing weight becomes the primary goal here. Here are the reasons why obese people should get exercise bikes to lose weight:

  • An exercise bike is stationary and stays firm in its place which helps you avoid riding bikes outside with risks.
  • Stationary exercise bikes can take a huge load which isn’t true for the regular outside bikes, enough for the obese!
  • It allows the user to adjust the speed, record it, and keep increasing and improving with fitness trackers on board.
  • You’re working out from home, without going into a gym which you may avoid for many reasons.
  • An exercise bike is the best way to put proper pressure on the necessary parts of your body, especially as an obese.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about your exercise bike or about the one you’re about to get? Here are some of them along with their answers to help you understand it properly:

Do Exercise Bikes Have Weight Limits?

Yes, they do. Most exercise bikes have weight limits from 100 lbs to 400 lbs or more. Check the spec shit or the reviews above to match one with your weight.

Is 30 Minutes a Day on an Exercise Bike Enough?

30 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike every day is fairly enough with a moderate fitness goal but an athlete requires more.

Is it Ok to Use an Exercise Bike Everyday?

Yes, if you’re in good health, you can use an exercise bike every day without causing trouble. However, if you have injuries, start with 2-3 days a week and increase with time.

How Long Should You Ride a Stationary Bike to Lose Weight?

Riding a stationary bike for 30 minutes a day can give you promising results if you have a good diet. The process of losing weight may be slow at the beginning, but it will surely accelerate.

Bottom Line

Getting an exercise bike is the best approach to losing weight from home, especially if you have obesity. The bikes we reviewed above are capable of giving you the push and stress you need without injuries. I hope you found the best exercise bike for obese people that you’ve been looking for.

However, if you want an experts’ suggestion on the best overall bike, you can get the Nautilus recumbent bike. It performs the best with over 29 workout programs along with resistance control of 25 levels. Furthermore, it comes with 2 backlit monitors to help you with fitness tracking and pulse sensors for better cardiac monitoring. Plus, its Bluetooth connectivity for fitness tracking and VR compatibility for virtual riding makes it the best among the others.

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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