10 Best Exercise Bike With Screen Reviews In 2022 (In-Depth Reviews)

According to Forbes, 80% of Americans work desk jobs. And, I assume you might be one of those. Therefore, you might be struggling to pull out the time to do physical exercise outdoors or in a gymnasium.

However, cardio exercise is the least requirement for your body to remain healthy. In this scenario, getting the best exercise with screen is the best possible solution to keep yourself healthy and fit.

But, you may ask, why do you need a screen? Having a screen with your exercise bike will help you measure your vital stats and assist you in training properly.

So, in this article, I am going to present the 10 best exercise bikes with screen and which one you should get in what circumstance. Also, you will get to know how to choose the best one that suits you the most with the help of a brief buying guide.

Do Exercise Bikes Have Video Screens?

Not all the time, but yes, most modern exercise bikes come with a video screen or have the option to attach a screen.

If you have an old exercise bike you will probably see ports to connect a screen such as a smartphone or tablet.

And, the video screen helps to guide you in exercise. Also, you can watch movies and other entertainment videos to spend time faster without having a boring time.

Do Exercise Bikes Have Video Screens

What Can I See On My Exercise Bike Screen?

It will depend on what type of screen your bike has. In general, your exercise bike screen shows speed, time, distance, and calories burned. Also, some bikes have a heart rate monitor, which will show you your heart rate as you ride.

All of this information can help you track your progress as you ride. And, according to your goal, it will help you guide better to achieve your success.

Also, the modern exercise bike screen has various streaming capabilities. And, that allows you to watch training videos to learn how to exercise in a proper way.

What Are The Best Exercise Bike With Screen

Top 10 Best Exercise Bikes With Screen Reviews

Best Exercise Bikes With Screen

1. Best For Overall: NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

Beyond any doubt, Nordictrack is one of the best exercise bike with a large screen. Also, it is a popular one too. Everything that you can expect in an exercise bike that is included in it.

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

Massive Screen and upgraded processor

It has an upgraded 22†HD touchscreen. And, I am sure it is big enough for you. Also, the screen has a better graphics card and faster wifi to enhance the performance. So, you can stream whatever you want along with training live.

And this is a rotating screen that you can rotate into a perfect position that you are comfortable with. It will give you a better viewing experience while you are busy with your workout.

Also, this newer model has Bluetooth headphone connectivity. So, you can connect a Bluetooth headphone to experience better audio with high quality video on a large screen.

iFit subscription

If you are familiar with indoor exercise, you already have a better idea about iFit. Happy to inform you that you will get one month of iFit subscription with it.

Now you will have better workout experience with precise accuracy by following iFit workout videos and live streams. And, you are getting it for free by getting this exercise bicycle.

Strong structure

This workout cycle is made of aluminum which makes it lightweight yet durable enough. As a result, it is able to carry a maximum 350 pounds of weight. And, that is a legitimate assurance of never falling apart during your intense workout session.

24 resisting level

According to your endurance level it has 24 resisting levels with a magnetic resistance mechanism to pick the best one for your exercise. However, since it has an iFit  connection you do not have to do it manually. Now it will automatically adjust your resistance level that is suitable for you. Therefore you will get the prime benefit out of it.

And, the motor on this bicycle is quieter than its predecessors and does not make any unwanted noise that can interrupt your training.

Solid user experience

First thing that I have to say is its handle. It has a comparatively better handle and grip than before. And, that makes it comfortable to make a strong grip with complete comfort.

Also,  paddles are strong and wide enough to ensure workout for a long time. And, the seat is small but enough for the average person. In addition, you can adjust the seat front and back to match with your height to make it comfortable to use.

Moreover, it will take less than 30 minutes to assemble the cycle.

On top of that it has 10 years of frame warranty and two years of warranty for the rest of the parts.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 60 x 22.01 x 62.99 inches
  • Assembled weight:197 pounds
  • Supported weight:350 pounds
  • Screen Size: 22†HD resolution
  • Screen Type: LCD touchscreen
  • Seat: 4 way adjustable
  • Drive: paddle
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Additional includes: Two 3lb dumbbells
  • Warranty:10-year for frame, 2-year for part, 1-year for labor
  • Massive and rotating touchscreen
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity support
  • Auto training
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality material
  • Comparatively paddles are not that durable

If you want an exercise bike with a large screen then it will be the best choice for overall comfort and prime user experience.

2. Best For Large Screen: Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bikes

Echelon is the perfect competitor of Nordictrack, offering almost similar features. But at some point, Echelon offers more, and there are some shortcomings too. Besides, it can be the best choice if you like bigger screens.

Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bikes

Robust construction

This cycle is made of alloy steel. And, it is a lightweight material without considering the strength. You can assemble all the parts within an hour using their user manual. And, seat height is at a comfortable position which you can adjust to four directions to make it comfortable with your height and reach the handlebar.

Also, the handlebar is strong and provides a better grip on the hand; In addition, their cage paddle should give you better comfort while riding.

iFit alternative

Unfortunately, there is no iFit integration in this cycle. Instead of that, they have their own app called Echelon fit. And, you will get 90 days of free trial with full access to their training video live stream from the expert trainers.

Moreover, you can enjoy premium content and music while doing exercise.

Large screen

It also has a 22†Hd touchscreen display. And that includes a high-quality processor and graphics to ensure a top-notch video watching experience. Also, the touch response seems superb. Like Nordictrack, this display is also rotatable. That means you can rotate the screen at any angle to make it at a comfortable position while you are doing workouts. And, you will get two USB ports behind the screen to recharge your smartphone.

Magnetic resistance

Having 36 levels of resistance is going to ensure comfortable yet proper training according to your requirement. Furthermore, since you are getting access to their fitness app, you can adjust an automatic resistance level while training with the app. Moreover, the magnetic resistance system is a premium and long-lasting system that does not fail during the workout.

The user experience that you deserve

In terms of user experience, there are a lot of features that are going to enhance your experience. First of all, the toe cage system on the paddles. Because of this, you will never slip from the paddle during an intense workout. Also, adjustable seat height lets you feel comfortable for a long time of exercise.

Moreover, it has a dumbbell cage on the back of the seat. In case you want to do bicep exercise while doing the leg exercise. Also, there are two storage areas below the handlebar where you can put your smartphone, water bottle, whatever you want.

Above all, you will get a 30 days money-back guarantee along with one year of parts and labor warranty.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 36 x 21.25 x 56.29 inches
  • Assembled weight:123.45 pounds
  • Supported weight: 299 pounds
  • Screen Size: 22†HD resolution
  • Screen Type: LCD touchscreen
  • Seat: 4 way adjustable
  • Drive: cage paddle
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Additional includes: case for dumbbells and smartphone.
  • Warranty:30-day money back guarantee, one year of parts and labor warranty.
  • Easy to assemble
  • 90 days free training assistant
  • 32 levels of resistance
  • Strong build-quality
  • Lightweight
  • Poor customer support

This exercise cycle will be perfect for you if you want a large screen with a reasonable price range.

3. Best For Value: ‎Bowflex VeloCore 16 IC Bike

If you want to experience indoor cycling one step further and like to take a test of real-life cycling, Bowflex can offer you that.

Also, there are a lot of entertaining options along with training videos. Here I am about to talk about the Bowflex Velocore 16 IC model, perfect for home use.

Bowflex Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Lightweight but strong

This particular bike is made of thermoplastic which is not as strong as metal but enough for home use. And that makes it one of the lightweight exercise bikes with a screen. However, strength may not meet the prime level. Yet, it can carry up to 325 pounds. And, that is enough for a regular person who wants to do monster-level training and experience real-life cycling.

User-friendly construction

The main thing that concerns an exercise bike is comfort in order to ensure that it has a four-way adjustable handlebar and seat that you can adjust according to your height. And, the seat is pretty comfortable for sitting for a long time. Also, the base is strong enough to remain in the same place and enjoy your riding.

Also, you can attach 3lb dumbbells and a water bottle to the bike. However, having a dedicated frame for the screen makes it more user-friendly and handles better intensity without damaging the screen.

JRNY fitness app

It comes with a one-year membership at the JRNY app. And, that alone cost 149 dollars. But, with this app, you will get a real-life cycling experience with different modes. Also, it has various fitness training videos and live sessions that help train better and properly. And the app has 50 different global routes where you can do cycling, which automatically adjust with your cycling speed.

Besides, the app can show stats of your cycling distance and calculate how many calories you have burned, that is for sure.

16†HD touchscreen

Also, you will get a 16†touchscreen display that you can use for multiple purposes. Indeed you can see your training metric or play training-related videos that you prefer. Also, you can watch entertainment videos from various platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney plus. However, you have to connect with the JRNY app to get these features. Also, you need to connect with a WiFi network in order to make it work.

Magnetic resistance

It seems all modern exercise bikes have magnetic resistance. But, this particular model contains 100 levels of resistance. That ensures meeting the exact requirement you need during your training session. And that you can adjust automatically by switching different modes and getting connected with the JRNY app.

Smooth user experience

User experience depends on the pedals, handlebars, and seat. If these three elements work well, surely, you will get the maximum comfort to do a workout on an exercise bike. Fortunately, you are getting toe cages dual-link pedals with adjustable handlebars and seats. Also, the handlebar grips are comfortable to hold for a long time.

Besides, you are getting a JRNY subscription free of cost, which can enhance your training in so many ways.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 60 x 24 x 55.5 inches
  • Assembled weight:158 Pounds
  • Supported weight: 325 pounds
  • Screen Size: 16†HD resolution
  • Screen Type: LCD touchscreen
  • Seat: 4 way adjustable
  • Drive: cage paddle
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Additional includes: case for dumbbells and bottle.
  • Warranty: ‎10 years frame, 1 year labor, 3 years parts
  • Lightweight construction
  • 100 resistance level
  • Free fitness app for one years
  • Comfortable
  • Poor material

If you are looking for an affordable indoor exercise bike then this could be the best possible option for you.

4. Best For All In One: MYX II Plus Fitness Bike

Myx is an all-in-one solution for home workouts. Besides an exercise bike, it offers a mat dumbbell set to have a complete indoor training solution. But, it is quite expensive, I must admit. According to the quality, it is well justified, though.

MYX Fitness Bike, MYX II Plus Connected Home Fitness Studio

Quality materials

At first glance, you will see how well it is made! The entire frame is made of high-quality steel to take a load up to 350 pounds. Though that is enough for a regular person, my experience says, it can handle more than 350 pounds. However, due to heavy metal, the whole bike becomes heavy, and it is not easy to move it. Since you are getting a strong base, you should bear the weight, which is a totally unnecessary concern because an exercise bike should be placed in a suitable place and remain there.

Large screen

Again, this bike has a 21.5†HD touchscreen display. But the interesting fact is it is based on a swivel frame. As a result, you can rotate it at any angle. For example, you can lay down and do yoga and still watch videos from this screen to make sure you are doing the correct form of yoga every time.

Spend the money on a fitness app

The bike is compatible with the Myx fitness app. But, you have to spend a $39 subscription fee to get the premium fitness training videos and live stream features. At some point, it seems quite expensive. Indeed it is expensive to spend $39 per month while others provide it free for a certain time. However, most exercise bikes offer one month of fitness training app service for free.

Also, they have a heart monitoring sensor that can integrate with the screen. And, you can see your vital stats on the big screen. Moreover, the screen will show you how many hours you’re working and how many calories you have burned so far.


The handlebar is made of metal and covered with soft foam to have a better grip on hand along with complete comfort. Also, the seat is sturdy and comfy enough for a long time riding. And, you can move it forward, backward, up, and down to adjust it according to your height,

In addition, you will get wide pedals with SPD clips to secure your sneaker. Overall, riding is quite fun and effective on this bike, along with comfort.

And, having a heart monitoring sensor enhanced its usability one step further.

Packed with accessories

First of all, you will get 6 kettlebells to do better hand exercise. Also, 1 foam roller, an exercise mat, stabilizer mat are included in the package. The exercise mat seems of superb quality, and it will let you do several yoga and other indoor exercises along with cardio that you are getting by riding the bike. Also, a stabilizer mat is helpful to keep the bike in place and prevent slipping.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 54 x 21 x 47 inches
  • Assembled weight:175 Pounds
  • Supported weight: 350 pounds
  • Screen Size: 21.5†HD resolution
  • Screen Type: LCD touchscreen
  • Seat: 4 way adjustable
  • Drive: cage paddle
  • Additional includes: Kettlebells set, exercise mat, stabilizer mat, foam roller.
  • Warranty: ‎1 year warranty
  • Additional accessories
  • Superb build-quality
  • Large screen
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expensive

If you have enough money and seek all in one home exercise tools then this the best option in the market. Also, you can get it just because of its premium quality and long lasting capability.

5. Best For Low Noise: Freebeat Exercise Bike

It is best known for its lower noise level and comfortable seat. Also, premium build quality and a bunch of training features make it a unique one to have for indoor exercise. Also, it is an affordable one according to its features and quality.

Freebeat Exercise Bike

Sturdy frame

Freebeat smart exercise bike comes with a durable frame made of metal. Although the manufacturer did not mention the material, I assume it is aluminum alloy. And, you know, aluminum alloy is known for being lightweight and strong at the same time. Also, the frame is quite shorter in length, which takes up a small space in your workout room.

180-degree rotatable screen

The bike has a 21.5†inch HD touchscreen that backs up with a high-quality processor and graphics. As a result, you will get a better viewing angle and a smooth operation. Also, the touch response is pretty fast. And, the screen can rotate 180 degrees to have an optimal viewing experience.

Built-in App

While most exercise bikes require an additional third-party app Freebeat has its app. Still, you need to pay a subscription fee after 45 days of trial. With the app, you can enter a new dimension of training along with an expert trainer. They will give you tips and guide you to achieve maximum outcomes from the training.

Gamified interaction

Your training becomes more enjoyable if you see the stats of your exercise. For example, how long you have ridden or how many calories you have burned. And, those stats can get one step further if you can share that with your friends and compete with others. Fortunately, all of this action is possible with this bike.

Also, you can see your accuracy with the help of this feature.

Comfort that you desired

First of all, you should know about the seat. It has a cushioned seat that is comfortable for sitting for a long time. Also, it is adjustable in four directions to match your height. And anti-slip handlebars ensure better grip while you are sweaty due to an intense workout.

Moreover, the pedals are wide enough to place your feet properly. And, having adjustable belts provides the maximum comfort that you deserve.


It has adjustable magnetic resistance that you can control through the app. Also, it is automatically adjustable according to your training level. And, Freebeat ensures minimum noise due to the smooth flywheel. And, having two dumbbells is for your hand exercise. Also, you will get parts to warranty for 2 years.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 54 x 22 x 53 inches
  • Assembled weight: 99 Pounds
  • Supported weight: 297 pounds
  • Screen Size: 21.5†HD resolution
  • Screen Type: LCD touchscreen
  • Seat: 4 way adjustable
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Drive: cage paddle
  • Additional includes: Dumbbells
  • Warranty: ‎2-year parts warranty, 10-year frame warranty, and 1-year screen warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in app
  • Rotatable screen
  • Smooth customer support
  • Unusual vibration due to lightweight

If you are tired of unusual noises then you should go for this super quiet exercise bike.

6. Best For Heart Rate Monitor: Bowflex C7 IC bike

Bowflex exercise bike series is one of the popular bike models. And, here is another one from the same series. This C7 model has some unique features that differ from the other models. Also, it is quite expensive.

Bowflex Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Series

Lightweight construction

The first thing that differs from its predecessors is the weight. It weighs 118 pounds which are lower than its other models. Surely not the lightest exercise bike in the market, but it has a reasonable weight compared to other models.

And, that weight makes it durable and sturdy and does not shake in maximum load. The maximum load is over 300 pounds which is beyond an average person.

Poor materials

Bowflex series comes with similar material for all the models. The plastic composition provides less weight but loses some strength, that is for sure. Still, material quality is not that bad. Also, plastic can easily resist any kind of weather damage.

Small screen that you can expand

The C7 model comes with a 7†touchscreen which is pretty small compared to the other bikes on this list. However, it is enough for showing stats and watching videos. Yet, you can connect an external tv screen to get a bigger screen if you want. And, it is easy to replace the screen with a bigger one.

JRNY app

You also get a one-year free subscription to this exercise bike. Also, there is an option to connect with smart TV or smartphone. Or, you can use a third-party cycling app such as Peloton and connect that with your JRNY account to receive seamless connection and vital reports.

Similarly, you can explore the world with 50+ global routes that adjust your cycling speed.


First of all, you will get an adjustable seat that can move in four directions to match your height. Also, the handlebars are quite sturdy and comfortable. Because of the premium quality grip, the handlebar ensures a strong grip even after getting sweaty. Also, the pedals are wide enough for long riding. And, having an extra belt secures the sneaker with the pedal to have better comfort.

Additional features

It also has a Bluetooth heart rate armband that measures accurate data every time and transfers to the JRNY app to get real-time data. Also, it has a powerful Bluetooth speaker that comes with the package, which is not available in the other models of this series. And, the sound quality is pretty good.

In addition, you will get two bottle holders and two 3lb dumbbells.

Moreover, you will have three years of warranty for the frame and one year for labor and electronics.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 5 x 10.25 x 33.75 inches
  • Assembled weight: 118 Pounds
  • Supported weight: 330 pounds
  • Screen Size: 7†HD resolution
  • Screen Type: LCD touchscreen
  • Seat: 4 way adjustable
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Drive: cage paddle
  • Additional includes: Dumbbells
  • Warranty: ‎1-year labor warranty, 3-year frame warranty, and 1-year screen warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof
  • Comes with bluetooth speaker and heart monitor
  • Support third party apps
  • Poor material

If you want an exercise bike with a bluetooth speaker then you can have this awesome one.

7. Best For Budget: DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary exercise bike

This is the first stationary bike on the list that costs comparatively lower than others yet provides almost similar features that you can expect in your exercise bike. It is lightweight and comfortable and also features various features.

DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Durable build quality

While manufacturing this bike, DMASUN focused on the build quality to ensure a long-lasting bike. And, they have spent their maximum cost on making a heavy steel bike that is lightweight and indeed strong. This bike weighs 95lbs which is not the lightest bike in the market but one of the lightweight bikes, that is for sure.

Also, the base is strong and holds in the same place no matter how hard you are going to work out.

Monitor your exercise data

It has a digital monitor that can show you real-time data of your exercises such as time, speed, distance, calories, pulse. It helps to keep track of your progress and adjust the plan according to your desired goal.

Still, it does not have a large screen. However, it has an iPad holder, which you can place on the front of handlebars to watch training videos or other entertaining videos. Because of not having a bigger screen, they were able to cut the price and make it budget-friendly. You can still subscribe to a fitness app and train through that app using your iPad or smartphone.


It has a soft cushion seat that you can adjust in four directions. And that lets you adjust the seat according to your height. Also, the handlebar is adjustable and comfortable for long grip. Moreover, the pedals have extra belts that you can tight with the shoes. As a result, you can feel secure not slipping from the pedals while doing extreme exercise.

Furthermore, it has magnetic resistance for the flywheel. According to your training level, you can manually adjust that. Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically adjust the resistance level.

Additional features

Above all the features, I would say the customer support is superb in this bike. You will have one year of part replacement warranty. But you can always contact them to know more about the bike. Also, you will get a bottle holder because having hydrated is important during a workout. And, you do not have to get off the bike and drink water.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 35 x 21.67 x 46.16 inches
  • Assembled weight: 95 Pounds
  • Supported weight: 330 pounds
  • Seat: 4 way adjustable
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Drive: cage paddle
  • Additional includes: Water bottle holder
  • Warranty: ‎1-year parts warranty
  • Best build-quality
  • Maximum weight load
  • Budget price range
  • Comfortable
  • Missing screen or fitness app compatibility

If you want an exercise bike that costs in a budget range whether it has a large screen or not go for DMASUN.

8. Best For Belt Drive: pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike

Pooboo exercise is the first belt drive on this list. Belt Drive ensures long-lasting and more intense leg exercise. Also, this bike costs less than most of the exercise bikes in the market.

 pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike

Strong build quality

This bike is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that ensures maximum load without any damage or vibration. Also, the ergonomic design plays a part in uplifting the build quality along with maximum comfort.

Yet, this bike weighs less than 75 pounds after assembly. And, assembling is quite an easy and straightforward process. If you read the user manual carefully, it won’t take more than half an hour to do that.

LCD monitor for real-time stats

It does not have the fancy large-size display that you can get in the premium bikes. Instead of that, you will have a small black and white small screen where you can see your exercise data. For example, how much time you have been running, how long-distance you have covered, and how many calories you have burned so far. These stats are important to keep track of the progress of your destination fitness.

Also, not having a large display is responsible for cutting the price in a reasonable range. Still, you can cover up the lack of having a bigger screen by placing an iPad. And there is an iPad mount below the LCD monitor.


It has a wider seat with a soft cushion to give you maximum comfort while doing exercise. Also, you can adjust the seat height to make it comfortable with your height. However, it is not suitable for large people. And, the handlebar is quite comfortable for long time use. Similarly, pedals come with a secured belt.

However, belt-drive bikes require more strength and energy. But, you can always adjust the resistance level.

Additional features

You will get one year of warranty for the part replacement and 24 hours of customer support. However, having a belt drive makes it unique and strives to burn more fat quickly.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 40 x 22 x 46 inches
  • Assembled weight: 75 Pounds
  • Supported weight: 300 pounds
  • Seat: 4 way adjustable
  • Drive: belt drive
  • Additional includes: iPad mount and water bottle holder
  • Warranty: ‎1-year parts warranty
  • Smooth and noise free operation
  • Lightweight
  • Strong frame
  • Excellent customer support
  • Missing a large screen
  • Does not support fitness app

This is the best choice for a belt-drive exercise bike which also costs less than most of the bikes.

9. Best For Recumbent: Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Recumbent

The best possible option is when you intend to focus on just the lower body part without doing any damage or pressure on the recumbent exercise bike. And this recumbent bike is the best recumbent bike for lower body exercise that offers various features in a reasonable price range.

Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Recumbent

Superb build quality

Most of the time, recumbent bikes are better for long-lasting for their excessive good quality. This is no different than that. You are about to get an alloy steel frame that is strong yet lightweight. Also, the frame is quite user-friendly for easy get on and off. And, it can handle a maximum of 325 pounds of weight which you can extend to 350 or more.

Comfortable seat

You intend to exercise in a reclined position for maximum comfort. So, it has a large AIRSOFT seat that is 3.5 inches thick. As a result, you will never feel tired no matter how long you are about to sit on this bike. And, you can adjust the seat to make it suitable for your height.

Also, it has a comfortable handle and wrist rest to ensure your prime comfort. Therefore if you want to exercise for a long time or even you can take a rest on this bike.

Pre-set workout programs

It has 24 pre-set workout programs. And, you can choose the best one for you according to your goal. Having a 24 resistance level flywheel makes sure you are doing exercise at your intense level. However, you can always adjust the resistance level at your comfort level.

LCD monitoring

Also, the bike has a Backlit LCD monitor that shows time, distance, RPM, calories burned, speed, pulse, odometer’s real-time data. And that helps you to understand what you are doing and what your goal is. Therefore you can adjust your training intensity according to your goal.

Mycloud fitness

Moreover, it supports mycloud fitness app that you can connect through Bluetooth to show real-time exercise data on your smartphone. Also, that allows you to make a plan for your exercise, and you can watch various training videos and tutorials from experts. However, you need to subscribe to the premium for unlocking all the features.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 58 x 30 x 41 inches
  • Assembled weight: 50 Pounds
  • Supported weight: 325 pounds
  • Seat: 2 way adjustable
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Warranty: ‎1-year parts warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable seat
  • Mycloud fitness real time vital report
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Pedals are very hard

If you need a recumbent exercise bike this is the best choice so far.

10. Best For Free Fitness App: Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike

You will get almost similar features as the previously mentioned recumbent bike, but the build quality is a bit better in this bike. However, it cost a bit more. Therefore, it could not become the number one recumbent exercise bike because of the excess price.

 Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL

Build quality

This bike also used alloy steel as their primary material to build this awesome exercise bike. However, it has a bit more detailed design and better height. As a result, getting on and off is quite easier than the previous one.

Surely it will last longer and provide maximum comfort.


Since you want to keep your upper body untouched, it will give you maximum comfort to ensure a workout only for the lower body. That is why it has a 3†thick airsoft foam seat recommended for long sitting. The aerodynamic design ensures maximum comfort and health care.

Also, you will get a high-quality backrest and handle where you have control to start the bike.

Yet you can adjust the seat height to a comfortable position according to your height.

Moreover, the pedals are strong enough and come with an extra belt that secures your feet while doing intense exercise.

LCD monitor

And, it has an LCD monitor for showing data of your exercise, including distance, speed, calories burned, time, rpm, etc. These data can give you a clear idea of what you need to reach your goal and your lack.

Also, the bike has a hand pulse sensor that reads the data and shows it on the monitor.

Free training app

You will use my cloud fitness app, which is available for iOS and Android, to have better training ideas and monitor your exercise from your smartphone. That will give you enhanced data which you can access anytime and follow the guidelines to achieve your goal.


Moreover, it has 24 preset workouts and 24 levels of resistance. That magnetic resistance you can adjust manually at your prime intense level. Also, it has workout goal setting. For example, when you are running, you can set a goal of how many calories you want to burn and see that in real-time to do the exercise properly.

Customer support

However, this bike differs from the Exerpeutic 5000 by the warranty service. It has 5 years of frame warranty and one year of warranty for parts and electronics, whereas Exerpeutic 5000 has only one year of warranty.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 5 x 34.5 x 47.5 inches
  • Assembled weight: 39 Pounds
  • Supported weight: 325 pounds
  • Seat: 2 way adjustable
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Warranty: ‎1-year parts warranty
  • Free fitness app
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Noisy flywheel

If you want a recumbent exercise bike with a free fitness app this might be the one you’re looking for.

How To Choose The Best Exercise Bike With Screen?

There are many different types of exercise bikes on the market, but one of the most popular types is the exercise bike with a screen. This type of bike has a number of advantages over other types of exercise bikes, including the ability to track your progress and monitor your heart rate.

How To Choose The Best Exercise Bike With Screen


Smart exercise bike prices vary when you are getting a large screen. Also, build quality and material plays a part in making a difference in the price range. But, if you want an exercise bike with a video screen, it will cost more than a thousand dollars, that is for sure.

But, you can reduce that price by adding an additional screen such as an iPad instead of getting a built-in screen bike.


Since you are looking for an exercise bike with a screen, you must go for the large screen size. And, make sure it has additional features such as support streaming platforms to entertain you while doing exercise. However, you can cut the price by getting an exercise bike with small screen size.


Alloy steel is the best material for an exercise bike, whether it has a screen or not. However, when looking for something in a budget range, you have to consider low-quality materials. In that case, you can get composite plastic that offers similar strength. But, low-quality materials surely are not that durable and ideal for long-lasting.

Size and weight

Indeed you have to choose the bike according to your weight. Most of the bikes support around 300 pounds. So unless you are a big person, it should be enough for you. Also, make sure the exercise bike has an adjustable size that matches your height.


Comfort depends on the seat and handlebar. So, you have to choose a better cushion seat that is adjustable, and the handlebar grip should be high-quality. Also, having a multi-level resistance level will give you the comfort to adjust it to your preference.

Training app compatibility

Having a training app helps you train properly with experts’ help. For example, most exercise bikes come with a training app that works with screen control to give you a better experience. Also, if you get free access to a premium fitness app, that would be better for saving a bunch of money that you have to pay per month.

For your information, iFit is the most popular and budget-friendly fitness app that works best with the exercise cycle.


Also, you have to look for the warranty service and customer support quality before getting an exercise bike with a tv screen. Moreover, using toe clips allows for better comfort while doing intense workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s0

Can I watch Netflix on my exercise bike?

Yes, you can watch Netflix and other streaming services on your exercise bike. However, you must have a compatible fitness app that includes the exercise bike. For example, the Bowflex indoor exercise bike series comes with the JRNY app that supports various streaming platforms.

Can you do a spin class on a stationary bike?

It depends on the specific bike and the instructor’s preferences. However, in general, stationary bikes are not well-suited for spin classes as they do not provide the same level of resistance and feedback that you get from a real bike. Therefore, if you are looking to take a spin class, I recommend finding a studio with actual spin bikes.

What is the monthly cost for iFit?

iFit membership costs $9.95 per month. And that is one of the affordable options for premium fitness Apps. iFit features various training modules and live training sessions from the experts. If you get the Nordtrac bike, you will get one month of premium subscription for free.

How accurate is calorie counter on exercise bike?

The calorie counter on an exercise bike is actually quite accurate. The number of calories burned is based on the intensity of the workout, the weight of the person, and the time spent working out. Using the calorie counter on the bike, you can ensure that you are burning the correct number of calories and achieving your fitness goals.

How accurate are heart rate monitors stationary bike?

Accuracy can depend on several factors, including the specific heart rate monitor model and the type of stationary bike being used. However, heart rate monitors are generally fairly accurate when used correctly.


So that was the list of best exercise bikes with a screen. If you want to recommend the best, I will go for the Nordictrack, which has a reasonable price range. It has a 22-inch screen that you can rotate in any direction in that price range. Also, it has superb build quality and supports a maximum weight of 350 pounds. Yet, Nordictrack provides one of the best quality customer support that is going to help you later while using the bike.

Also, nine other exercise bikes are best in their field. And, it is up to you what is your preference. So, indeed you have to prioritize your preferences before getting an exercise bike.

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