Best Recumbent Bikes for 2022 – Worth Buying!

Your home gym must include the best recumbent bike. Just like an indoor bike which doesn’t support your back. This bike is designed to support your back providing comfort to you if you have back pain. We strongly advise you to invest in a recumbent bike.

The bike is designed to make it comfortable for you to sit on and to support your spinal column. Most of these bikes are intended for people who are 65 and over who would like to be active in a safe way. It doesn’t take a lot of work for them to stay active.

Best Recumbent Bikes Reviews in 2022

Best Spin Bike Under 500It’s Best forDimensions (L, H, W)WeightFlywheelAccessories
Joroto Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike With Magnetic ResistanceBest For Full-Body Workout
42.9 x 19.7 x 42.5 inches
94 lbsMagnetic, 35 lbs, Belt driveTablet/iPad holder
Snode Indoor Cycling BikeBest For Kids Safety 43 x 34 x 8.75 inches89.6 PoundsMagnetic, 35 lbs, Belt driveBottle and tablet holder
Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike StationaryBest For Natural Rides40.16 x 21.65 x 46.06 inches72.8 PoundsMagnetic, 35 lbs, Belt driveBottle and tablet holder
Dmasun Exercise BikeBest For Core Workout41.35 x 21.67 x 46.16 inches95 Pounds40 lbs, Belt driveBottle and tablet holder
Sunny Health &Amp; Fitness Indoor Exercise BikeBest For Beginners47 x 20 x 48 inches92.2 PoundsMagnetic, 40 lbs, Belt driveTablet holder
L NOW Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling BikeBest Overall Exercise Bike41 x 21 x 52 inches77 PoundsMagnetic, 35 lbs, Belt driveTablet and Bottle holder
Pooboo Indoor Belt Drive Indoor Exercise BikeBest budget beast43.8 x 21.6 x 48.1 inches75 PoundsMagnetic, 30 lbs, Belt driveTablet holder
PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Exercise BikeBest for lower body40 x 21.7 x 46 inches79 PoundsMagnetic, 35 lbs, Belt driveTablet holder
SYRINX Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling BikeBest for Heavy People39 x 35 x 10 inches350 PoundsMagnetic, 35 lbs, Belt driveTablet holder
MaxKare Stationary Bike Belt Drive Indoor Cycling BikeBest for Short People42.3" x 35.4" x 7.7"90 PoundsMagnetic, 40 lbs, Belt driveTablet holder

Likewise, if you are looking to get healthy at home, then a Recumbent bike should be your choice. They have zero maintenance and are easy to equip and use.

Best Recumbent Bikes

On the other hand, they are less expensive than a yearly fee of what you pay for your gym. Moreover, it can keep your calories within acceptable levels.

While there are tons of recumbent stationary bikes in the market that you can choose. But the question is which one? You don’t have to worry, we are here to help you out and choose the best among them.

On the other hand!

We have put years of research to sort out a list that will help you to get in shape. While comparing each and every aspect, ranging from price, features, performance, user-friendliness, and so on.


Our Top Picks

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1. Schwinn 270 – Best Budget

schwinn 270 recumbent bike


It is great for all types of users, and it comes under a budget-friendly price tag as well.  Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is one of the widely used brands all over the world due to its product quality. Furthermore, it comes with the following features.

Similarly, it comes with a training app that can be synced with other apps for daily fitness tracking routines. It provides a variety of programs to track your daily goals. Whether you are a complete beginner or a pro, this machine has got you covered.

You can at least 12 profiles with different settings for each. To exercise alone can be quite boring. Connect with your friends virtually and see the world as your virtual ride in real-time.

It provides a wide range of workout tracks with a variety of options to adjust speed as you go on from smooth to fast pace. It comes with two LCDs with mp3 and USB port options for never-ending entertainment, along with an adjustable fan. This is the best recumbent bike for seniors.


  • 25 levels of magnetic resistance

  • DualTrack LCD Display

  • Budget Friendly For All

  • Profile creation and settings

  • A bit loud voice when pedaling


2. Nautilus R616 – Great Value Bike

best home recumbent bike


The R616 comprises over 29 training programs. If you are uncertain how to structure your workouts or don’t have the opportunity to design your plan, these programs are a great extra option. It is offered in many high-end attributes without sacrificing design elements.

This machine is packed in 25 magnetic resistance levels with a flywheel that ensures an exceptional ride and smooth transitions. It is great to lose weight.

An LCD screen that displays your training data and keeps the system running dominates the central screen. Unfortunately, it does not have a backlight, so you have to keep the screen in a great deal of light to view it!

  • 25 levels of magnetic resistance

  • 22 preset workout programs

  • Builtin speakers with usb port

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • None


3. Schwinn 230 – Value for Money

best recumbent excercise bike


The seat on the 230 is mounted on a Levels of magnetic resistance from its own weighted flywheel. It integrates 22 preset workout programs that you can use to liven up your exercise routine.

It has a Sliding rail, which makes it fast and simple to adjust. Regardless of your size and height, this product is able to meet you problems.

  • Budget friendly

  • Level of magnetic resistance 20

  • Adjustable seat

  • Variety of workout options

  • Outdated LCD display

  • Seat is not much comfortable


4. Xterra SB2.5r -Good  Qualitybest exercise bike recumbent


It is good for users who need a ride with Lighter resistance levels. The twenty four levels of resistance is easy for beginners to start with and scale it to advance level.

This recumbent bicycle is for beginners trying to build up power, while professional users like sportsperson may want a machine with more power.

It also has speakers so you can play with audio and enjoy your workout. While modest, the console comprises a 5.6″ Backlit LCD. The steel frame is another incentive among other sturdy bikes.

  • 24 resistance levels

  • Great Build Quality Steel

  • Value for money

  • Convenient walk-thru design

  • Large Backlit LCD display

  • Outdated design


5. XTERRA Fitness FB350 – Top Rated

XTERRA Fitness FB350


XTERRA fitness strives to develop exercise equipment that will take you beyond your expectations. From providing advanced training programs to creating an exceptionally comfortable workout, each XTERRA Fitness product is designed to keep you moving and challenge you.

The advanced snap frame design and MFPs of the XTERRA Fitness FB350 maximize space use and ensure comfortable and effective training. With only 20.5 “x 20” folded dimensions and built-in transport wheels, you can store it when not in use and free up valuable space.

  • Solid X-frame design

  • User-friendly console

  • Adjustable strap foot pedals

  • Comfortably fits most users

  • Transport Wheels

  • A bit loud when padding

  • Not suitable for people with back pain


6. Marcy ME-709 – BestBudgetMarcy ME-709


The ME709 Offers eight levels of magnetic resistance, adjustable via a dial beneath the console. The bike is sturdy despite the smaller footprint due to the powder-coated 14 gauge steel framework.

It is a budget-friendly recumbent bike, which supplies a fantastic workout. As a result of this frame, this bike is also somewhat smaller than other bikes in the market. If you have limited space in your house, you must check this bike out.

Furthermore, You’ll also find a couple of extra Touches, like weighted pedals, a seat, and LCD console display. This product is a good value for the price.

  • Easy to read computer screen

  • Budget friendly

  • Compact design

  • Comfortable padded seat

  • Very easy to assemble

  • Can be loud while exercising


7. Marcy NS-716R – Worth the Money

Marcy NS-716R - Adjustable


Marcy NS-716R is packed with tons of features that can be ideal for a wide range of users. Furthermore, it comes with foamed handler bars for maximum comfort and gives you a relaxing feel.

Moreover, it is equipped with a digital LCD that tracks your distance, time, calories burned, and speed. You can easily change your workout level with a knob that is supported by an 8-preset tension wheel.

Due to this, you will feel a smooth ride while exercising. Lastly, it is very portable and can be shifted from one place to another, thanks to the convenient wheels that allow you to move the bike hassle free.


  • Easily Adjustable

  • Very Portable

  • Soft Foamed Handlebars

  • Digital tracking LCD

  • Easy Transportation

  • Size of the LCD is small

  • Seat can be hard


8. ProGear 555LXT – Easy to Use

best recumbent bike 2020


We have categorized this as the best exercise recumbent bike for beginners. It comes under a $200 price range, which is affordable for mostly all users. However, a low price does not mean low performance. This bike competes for head to head with other brands in the market, as it provides with same number of features that any other bike does.

Similarly, it has a wide LCD screen that is easy to read while you are exercising. Furthermore, it also comes with 14 levels of magnetic resistance, which is not provided with any other bike in the same price range.

It is hard to compare a low priced bike with an expensive one, but the tension adjustment and the big LCD screen make this bike stand out.

  • Value for money

  • For beginners

  • 14 levels of magnetic resistance

  • Big and Wide LCD Screen

  • Not equipped with many features


Things to consider before buying

1. Design

Design is a significant factor when choosing the recumbent exercise bike. Just as something that is appealing to see grabs your attention, it is not always right to go for the design.

The primary purpose of purchasing a recumbent bike is to become healthy. In that case, you should never fall for a product just because it looks great.

Similarly, a product that is designed well, along with features that benefit you, is to be considered. There is numerous exercise equipment in the market that looks great but are not durable.

2. Comfort

While some people range from 15-to 90 years old and comfort should be given the topmost priority in purchasing a recumbent exercise bike. You will waste your money if the product is not comfortable.

Try to check and view the seat from all angles to make sure it’s very comfortable for you to exercise. The design of the product will give you a good idea of how comfortable the seating is.

Therefore, check for the seating arrangement to confirm, is it good enough for a comfortable workout. Secondly, the 2nd important thing is the paddles, which measure the distance from the seat to the paddles.

As every person has a different body shape and height. So one would not be a perfect fit for another person. This sometimes leads to back pain for most users.

3. Size

The size of the product matters a lot when it comes to home exercise. Furthermore, a product that is huge and takes a lot of space is hard to keep in your home.

However, if you have a big house with plenty of space or a separate room for gym equipment, then you can ignore considering the size.

On the other hand, many are huge due to more number of options available with them, which may include: Handlebars, sliding seats, dual LCD panels, etc.

They contribute to adding more to the size of the product, so in order to choose the right product, pick what fulfills your requirements. Some users might not need handlebars or dual LCDs.

On the other hand, if you don’t own a house and you keep on changing places, then a portable or compact recumbent bike should be your choice.

4. Performance

The performance of any product is a crucial factor, as it directly affects our body and health. In order to reduce fat or get fit, you may want something that is powerful enough to get you going. Usually, all exercise bikes have excellent performance.

They are built to deliver great results. However, some of them might be better than others. More performance requires more power. A professional exercise bike would run for more than a double number of hours as an ordinary one.

It is not always a good idea to go for performance, rather meet your requirements. Elderly persons do not need high-performance recumbent bikes; all they need is a straightforward and comfy product.

5. Features

A product with many functions is going to give you better results. Features that might include displaying heartbeat, adjusting speed, adjusting the seating, calculating calories burned, maintaining the history, and so on.

We definitely would suggest a product that has features that of an expensive one. Try to go with a recumbent bike that has many features that can be used by all.

6. Durability

Whether it’s an exercise bike or a children’s toy, we ought to check its durability. A product that would not last long is a waste of money and time. To check the durability of a particular product, we need to check its build quality and material.

Now the question arises, How can we do that? the answer is quite simple.

First, check the material that is used in the product making, do some research on it and see if other brands are using the same or superior stuff for their products.

Second, check the load the product is capable of holding and choose it according to your own weight. An exercise bike that is built to carry weight, not more than let’s say 120 pounds, would definitely break apart if it’s loaded with more.


What is the best recumbent bike for home use?
Among the list above, would be Schwinn 270 for home use
Is the recumbent bike a good workout?
A recumbent bike is an excellent choice for a good workout; it takes no time to set up and is very useful. Its safe for all ages people and does not create a negative impact on your body.
Are recumbent bikes good for weight loss?
Yes, they are suitable for weight-loss; as you exercise, your muscles are being used to burn calories. However, a stationary bike is more effective as it requires you to use more muscles.
What is the best recumbent bike for home use?
Among the list above Schwinn 270 is recommend for home use.
What is the best recumbent bike for seniors?
According to our research, we found two bikes that would be ideal for seniors.

1.Schwinn 270

2.Schwinn 230

How long should you exercise on a recumbent bike?
An ideal time for a healthy workout could range from 30-90 minutes.

Do recumbent bikes work abs?
Bikes, in general, do not target your abs, but they do get some amount of calories burned while you paddle.


As a result we try our best to provide you with the most detailed and knowledgeable info when it comes to choosing the best recumbent bike. After years of research, we have come to select Schwinn 270 as one of the best bikes in the market now.

Hence, it takes time and brainstorming to choose the right bike; kindly check all the details with the pros and cons of a particular bike and decide which bike would fulfill your needs.

Furthermore, if you are still confused, we have added a “FAQS” section where we have listed the most related questions asked from individuals.

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