Can Spinal Stenosis Be Cured With Exercise? Know Ways for Improve

Spinal stenosis is one kind of health condition that happens because of bone disease, narrow spinal canal, injury in the spine, etc. Although many conditions are responsible for spinal stenosis, it can be cured in many ways, including exercise.

Wondering how Can spinal stenosis be cured with exercise? Well, exercise can be the trump card to reduce development and also cure spinal stenosis efficiently. Several exercises like swimming, biking, walking, and more can help to cure spinal stenosis.

In short, aerobic exercises are good for lower back-related issues. However, some aerobic exercise and other activities can contribute to impacting spinal stenosis. Learn what exercises to do and what exercises to avoid for spinal stenosis throughout this article.

Can Spinal Stenosis Be Cured With Exercise?

There are many exercises that can significantly impact lowering and developing spinal stenosis or lower back pain issues. Therefore, it’s essential to give attention to exercise, which can help keep the spinal structures healthy and reduce back pain.

Can Spinal Stenosis Be Cured With Exercise

Well, Exercise bikes for people with spinal stenosis can be an effective and impact-free solution to cure spinal stenosis. Exercise bikes help to cure and prevent mild levels of chronic lower back pain effectively. Alongside curing spinal stenosis condition, riding an exercise bike will also improve different types of lower back conditions.

What Exercise To Do If You Have Spinal Stenosis

When it’s about having or suffering from spinal stenosis, you must select the exercise type carefully. Since exercise can both prevent and contribute to lower back pain, exercise selection is crucial. Learn what exercise to do if you have spinal stenosis through the below section:

Exercise for Spinal Stenosis

1. Swimming

Swimming is an aquatic exercise involving many muscle groups and puts less pressure on the back. It’ll support your weight and make it easier for spinal stenosis patients to strengthen the muscles and cure spinal stenosis. Swimming will release a good amount of endorphins, which will help to reduce the perception of pain in spinal stenosis.

2. Water Aerobics

Through aquatic exercise, patients with spinal stenosis can gradually regain their motor ability. Water helps to dilate the blood vessels in the back, and it helps to increase blood flow to the spinal structure. Moreover, several water aerobics also helps to keep spine pain away by relaxing the tense muscles and increasing flexibility.

3. Biking

Biking or riding different types of exercise bikes can be a rewarding activity to cure spinal stenosis. It can be the most comfortable exercise or activity for patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis. Alongside lower back pain, biking also helps to cure degenerative disc disease.

4. Walking

Walking would be a perfect exercise for someone who has spinal stenosis. It’s one of the low-impact exercises where you can control the pace and select your preferred distance. Walking can take off the stress from the back and also let you maintain flexibility. Proper flexibility will prevent tight muscles, which are also responsible for suffering spinal stenosis.

5. Elliptical Machine

An elliptical machine would be a good solution for anyone with spinal stenosis and who wants to burn calories at the same time. Anyone can perform both upper and lower body workouts through this workout machine without putting stress on the lower back. Moreover, it puts a lot less pressure on the joints, helps to burn more calories, and improves posture.

6. Weight Machine

A weight machine will be a good solution if you want to exercise with spinal stenosis. It’s designed in such a manner to support the body while working for different muscle groups. The machine will help stabilize your back when you try to lift weights to strengthen your legs or arms.

What Exercise Should Avoid If You Have Spinal Stenosis

There are many exercises that can make your spinal stenosis worse. So if you’re wondering what exercises you need to avoid if you have spinal stenosis, follow below. Here we’ve included the exercises that can contribute to the spinal stenosis condition:

1. Avoid Some Stretches

Some exercises that work as a back extension that activities need to be avoided strictly. You need to avoid exercises like the bridge, the cobra, and most lower back exercises. Most importantly, you should focus on spinal stenosis rather than strengthen the lower back muscles.

2. Never Do Free Weight Exercise

Performing weight lifting exercises can significantly impact your spinal. You must avoid workouts that can impact the lower back and compress your spine. Spinal stenosis means that the disc between your vertebrae is slightly flattened, which can lead to further contractions in nearby nerves.

3. Always Avoid High-Impact Exercise

Some exercise may benefit you to cure spinal stenosis, but overdo can have a lot of impact on the lower back. Performing any high-impact exercise for a length of time will put a compressive load on your spine. The load will drive the spinal stenosis in a worse position.

4. Avoid Contact Sports and Some Aerobic Exercise

If you’re suffering from spinal stenosis, avoid playing contact sports like football, wrestling, basketball, hockey, etc. You also need to avoid some aerobic exercises like jogging, running, or walking for a long time.

Final Verdict

Exercise is always a good thing that can help lower the risk of some diseases and improve the immunity system. The same principle goes for spinal stenosis too, and proper exercise will help to cure and reduce the risk of spinal stenosis.

Exercise will strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine and relieve stress on the bones and other stable structures in the back. Since you know whether Can spinal stenosis be cured with exercise or not, start practicing exercise to cure spinal stenosis. However, always avoid those exercises that can make symptoms of spinal stenosis worse.

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