How To Do Cardio Workouts Using Indoor Cycling Bikes

Young girl working out on stationary bicycleCardio workout refers to an exercise that develops the activity of your heart and lungs. For every fitness exercise, it’s important and crucial to improve your endurance also. Though many people avoid cardio exercises, it’s very much necessary for your body to be tougher and stronger. Indoor cycling bikes can be an excellent exercise machine to do your cadio workouts at home. It’s so simple and easy to do cardio workout using indoor cycling bikes. So go through this article and learn how to do cardio exercise in a few steps.


  • Improves heart rate: Cardio workout makes your heart rate normal and blood circulation lucid. It makes your body more energetic.
  • Develops metabolism: Cardio exercising develops metabolism rate and makes the best use of your daily calorie intake.
  • Increases hormone: cardio exercise amazingly increases hormone production, which is the root of your whole body fitness.
  • Prevents diseases: This workout will help prevent several diseases like heart attack, diabetes and strokes.
  • Changes mood: This exercise will get rid of your extra stress and anxiety also. Hence, it will help you to have a happy and productive mood.
  • Increases stamina: It will increase your stamina to work harder and longer than before.


 Raise the seat and the handlebar to the same height as your waist. Turn the resistance to zero now. Move the seat forward or backward as you like. Make sure to tighten all the adjustment screws. Fill your water bottle and keep it on the water bottle holder.

 Workout methods

To hit your cardio using indoor cycling bike you have to know about sets. How is a set created? Here’s how:

Ride on your bike. Start cycling without any resistance for 45 seconds in cruise speed. After 15 seconds, make the resistance full and cycle standing upright. This will take your blood pressure and tolerance limit to the last level. After 15 seconds again sit on the seat and make the resistance zero. Keep cycling as you were cycling at first. It’s for recovery. This is how a set ends.

So according to your age and body tolerance, decide the number of sets. For an adult person 5 to 15 sets are recommended. Sip water a little bit after every set.


  • Do not do cardio workouts just after eating food.
  • Avoid doing a cardio workout in a hot place, as it will make you dehydrated.
  • Drink water frequently in short pauses during the workout, as you will sweat a lot.
  • Breathe deeply during exercise.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes and trousers; t-shirts, vests are recommended.
  • Stop exercising if you feel chest pain or get dizzy.
  • Never work out if you are sick.


Finally, you know the way to hit your cardio using a indoor cycling bike. To maintain internal body fitness there is no alternative to cardio exercises. Now we hope that you will follow these directions and make your cardiovascular muscles more healthy and active.

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