Does Spin Bike Work Your Abs?

does-spin-bike-work-your-absMost people think that spin bike training mainly focuses on lower muscles and endurance. Don’t you know that spin bikes also develop your upper body including your abdomen muscles?

Although most of the work lies on your quadriceps, glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves; maintaining your entire body’s stability on the bike’s seat is impossible with contracting your abs. In other words, working out on the spin bikes have effects on your abs too.

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High-Intensity Trainings

Training like intervals requires you to pedal rapidly. You won’t be able to do this without forcefully contracting your abs. Your abdominal muscles will also have to keep your body upright.

Effects of High Resistance

Due to the fact that pedaling requires your abs to work, high resistance settings also mean that your abs should give a higher amount of effort. When cycling on higher resistance, pedaling faster is no longer necessary. Cycle normally and your abs will get the same effect as if you’re performing intervals.

Upright Position

When spinning, the best cycling position in enhancing your abs is the upright position. Keep your upper body upright while pedaling tightens your abs. Hence, avoid leaning forward towards the handlebar if you want to work on your abs through spin bike training.

Unlike the recumbent indoor bikes, you will be able to go for the upright posture when spinning – similar to that of upright bikes. If you’re planning to buy a spin bike and would like to consider developing your abs, then don’t forget to always spin with your upper body in 90 degrees than leaning forward.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible to work on your abs using recumbent bikes. Go for the reclined position when spin biking on recumbent bikes. This position will help your abs to contract, help you develop good abdominal muscles.

Keep all these things in mind and you no longer need to go for sit ups after cycling on a spin bike.

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