Exercise Bike Or Treadmill For Bad Knees: Which Is Better In 2022?

If you have bad knees, exercising can be a daunting task because you will have to indulge in high-impact exercises most of the time. This is why you need to focus on low-impact machines so as not to hurt your knees further. Most of the time, exercise bikes are used for your joints as compared to the treadmill. An exercise bike is safer and increases knees muscles strength.

In order not to aggravate old injuries, you can find the best work out plan to work with between an exercise bike or treadmill for bad knees. This way, you will be able to attain your fitness goals without causing more harm. If you are suffering from bad knees or recovering from knee surgery, an exercise bike would be ideal compared to a treadmill. On the other hand, a treadmill is also good because it is a low-impact exercise ideal for strengthening bones and muscles.

Exercise Bike Or Treadmill For Bad Knees: Which Is Better?

Exercise bikes and treadmills are the trending exercise machines that most people use either at home or in the gym. The best part is both of them are sufficient for cardio work out and can be of great help if you have bad knees. However, one must outweigh the other, and that is what we are going to look into.

Exercise Bike Or Treadmill For Bad Knees


Using a treadmill or an exercise bike entails a lot of motion directed on your knees. Many people find running on a treadmill to be easier on your joints as compared to using an exercise bike. But what makes an exercise bike stand out is it does not strain your joints as you exercise; hence it is better than a treadmill.


When it comes to safety, an exercise bike is better than a treadmill because the overall safety of your body is taken care of. This means that your knees will not suffer more when using an exercise bike though it can happen on a treadmill. Think how fast you can fall off of a treadmill with bad knees; you will not be safe.

Stress on joints

The activity of exercising itself is another point to bear in mind when opting for an exercise bike or treadmill. Between the two, which will cause more stress on joints? The treadmill will thus you should not consider it, especially if it does come with a degree of shock absorption. A treadmill can cause more pain on your knees due to stress on joints.

 Size limitations

Size matters when working out using an exercise bike or a treadmill. Using a treadmill is better because it accommodates different sizes of people, which means your knee will not be harmed. An exercise bike usually causes the knee to bend to about 90 degrees, which can be straining if you have bad knees.

Why Is It Better For Bad Knees?

In my opinion, an exercise bike is better for bad knees than a treadmill because it has a relatively low impact. If used correctly, an exercise bike will not add damage to bad knees; instead will work to improve the situation. The ultimate benefit of an exercise bike is it works to boost your leg strength, which in turn soothes your bad knees. That way, you will start feeling a bit of improvement daily as you continue exercising.

You can adjust an exercise bike to suit you well for optimal resistance. It is a perfect choice for people suffering from severe knee injuries due to the low impact cardio exercises it provides. An exercise bike not only delivers relief for bad knees but also hinders any further injury. An exercise bike is by far the most effective method for bad knees that works on the joints without causing a lot of pressure.

Some Best Tips For Healthy Knees

To keep your knees healthy, you need to exercise regularly also to improve your overall health. Whether you use an exercise bike or treadmill for bad knees, what should be of primary importance is keeping your joints healthy always. These tips will come in handy;

  • Flexible. Ensure you often move so that you get rid of stiffness that can cause bad knees.
  • ¬†Stretch before working out. This will allow your muscles to relax that way, keeping your knees in good shape.
  • Healthy weight. Having the ideal weight ensures that too much pressure is not placed on your knees for that can cause knee pain.
  • Check on your limit. Do not overdo your exercises because this can lead to a knee injury. That is why you have to be keen so as not to push so hard.
  • Strong bones. Ensure that you keep your bones strong by taking calcium and vitamin D supplements that are great in maintaining healthy knees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I ride my exercise bike every day?

It is okay to ride an exercise bike every day because it works significantly to improve your cardiovascular health as well as boosting your fitness.

How long should I use an exercise bike for?

There is no specific duration on the length you can use an exercise bike. You can use it until you achieve your anticipated fitness.

Should I walk on a treadmill every day?

As a beginner, you should not have to walk on a treadmill every day. However, with frequent practice, you can choose to walk on a treadmill daily.

Final Thought

When suffering from bad knees, you must work out with the right exercise equipment so as not to cause more pain. The exercise regime you will come up with should be able to ensure that you get on a recovery journey. Not knowing whether to go for an exercise bike or treadmill for bad knees can be quite frustrating, especially if the pain is intense. What should be of most importance is choosing the one which will be safe so as not to cause more knee pain.

Having gone through working out with an exercise bike or treadmill for bad knees, it is evident that an exercise bike is the best. It works to strengthen knee muscles hence reducing pain. An exercise bike is the most effective low-impact exercise ideal for bad knees. It also helps in restoring range of motion, making it the best cardio exercise.

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