Exercise Bikes For Kids: Are They A Good Idea?

As technology advances, companies are always looking for ways to develop and release new products. This isn’t restricted to marketing towards only adults. There’s a huge push to also find ways to sell products to parents for their kids. As people spend more time indoors and less time outside, some companies are trying to market exercise bikes to kids.

If you have young children, it’s likely you’ve heard about the controversial release of Fisher Price’s new Think and Learn Smart Cycle toy. It’s basically a stationary bike that has the ability to connect to a tablet so they can watch play a game while they cycle. As you can imagine, some people think it’s a great concept while others absolutely hate the idea. This isn’t the only exercise bike, there’s plenty of other options out thereExercise Bikes For Kids: Are They A Good Idea? 1.

Exercise Bikes For Kids

Exercise in the good ‘ole days

Many of us were raised playing outside whether it be a basketball game on the city block or swimming in the creek behind our house. Summer evenings were spent with friends until curfew, running around the neighborhood and getting into mischief. These days, many people say kids are losing that experience. Technology brings them inside, and instead of being creative and imaginative outside, they sit in front of a screen that does all of the work for them.

Obviously, there’s a valid argument on both sides of the issue. The thing is, exercise bikes have existed for kids for a long time. And they’ve had the ability to hook up to a TV, but they required special software. There’s extra attention being given to the new bike because it can be used with an iPad. This makes it more accessible to kids.

exercise bikes for kids

With a simple Fisher Price app download to your device, your child is set to go! The bike is designed for kids to progress in the game as they pedal. If they stop pedaling, they won’t get to move forward in the game. Many of the games are educational, so the kids are getting exercise and learning at the same time!

Exercise Bikes For Kids: Are They A Good Idea? 2Exercise Bikes For Kids: Are They A Good Idea? 1

Great for rainy days!

I think the important distinction here is that the bike is an awesome way to get your kid to exercise a bit when they’re cooped up inside. It’s not offered as a solution to all exercise possibilities for kids.

I can remember driving my Mom crazy on rainy days when we were home. We all goofed off, running like crazy all over the house. If we’d had something like this we could’ve gotten a little exercise. At the same time, we’d have loved enjoying some screen time because of course all kids love video games!

This bike is also great for families who may not live in an area where they can let their children play outside un-supervised. Not everyone has access to safe streets, open yards, or back country roads to pedal down.

Some have expressed concern that this will give kids an unhealthy concern with their weight at a young age. This is an important distinction to see and make sure we teach our kids healthy eating and exercise habits. Yes, it’s important to keep weight off. But it’s not about appearances, it’s about living a full, happy, healthy life. Eating nutritious foods and getting our bodies active is the secret to that success. Teaching our kids those concepts when they are young will result in them having a healthy understanding of why they exercise and eat healthy.

kids exercise bikes

Make the best choice for your little ones

There’s no right or wrong answer about whether exercise bikes are a good choice for kids. You need to do what’s best for your family. The bike is well designed and a great option for those times when outside play isn’t an option.

We all want to do what’s best for our kids. We love them to death, and want them to be as successful, healthy and happy as possible. Every decision is made in love, whether you decide and exercise bike is best for your kid or not!

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