Fitness Reality S275 Exercise Bike Reviews For Indoor Cycling Bike

Are you a fitness snap but do not have much time to travel to the gym? We understand your concern. It does not matter if you are concerned about your physique or not, keeping fit for the betterment of your health is a real thing. After all the junk food our body consumes on a day-to-day basis, burning out some calories is a must.

Some years ago, when my father was first diagnosed with Diabetes, a doctor suggested he take a walk around the park for 10-20 minutes. When it got harder to follow with his busy schedule on the run, I decided to buy him an indoor exercise machine. Here go the fitness reality s275 exercise bike reviews.

Fitness Reality S275 Exercise Bike/ Indoor Training Cycle

When you are thinking about purchasing an indoor training cycle, you need to take in account all the options that fit an indoor environment. This one from Fitness reality has matched all those options. Let me explain part by part about all the facilities you are getting for your benefit with this amazing machine.Fitness reality s275 exercise bike reviews

The exercise bike has a pair of pedals, an iron-cast wheel, a seat, and a pair of handles. All of these parts are sitting on an iron frame. The pedals come with pedal cages where you can put your feet well-protected while cycling. This cage prevents the legs from slipping away even when driving at full speed.

You can alter the seat in four different positions. It can go up and down, forward and backward, according to your height and weight. The handles are robust to absorb your weight while cycling. You can either sit or stand on the machine to do the exercise.

Since a rubber material wraps the handles, there is less chance of the hands taking direct friction from the gripping. The seat is also cosy and wide enough for long cycling. The wheel is made of iron and surrounded by a steel rim. There are a pair of short wheels at the back that help with changing the location of the machine.

It often gets super tiring and heavy while transferring such machines from one room to another. But this exercise bike has made an exception by keeping the back wheels. The entire device is driven by a chain. There is a water bottle holder where you can put your bottle for tiring times.

The indoor cycle arrives with an LCD monitor on the front that shows run time, burnt calories, speed, and distance. You can keep a track of how much cardiovascular exercising you have been doing on your precious machine. There is also a resistance adjustment knob that makes the run time even more challenging.

This machine is suitable for anyone from 5’1†to 6’2â€. It can take the highest 250lbs of weight. It needs a battery to run. The package includes all the necessary things.

Fitness Reality S275 Specification

  • Product measurements: 41 x 21 x 47 inches
  • Product weight: 70 Pounds
  • Highest weight capacity: 250lbs
  • Height range: 5’1â€-6’2â€
  • Batteries: 1AA battery
  • Drive: Chain
  • Suitable for: Unisex adults

Fitness Reality S275 Features

  • It has a knob to determine the speed and distance of the chain.
  • It comes with an LCD monitor to provide the calorie, distance, and exercise status.
  • There are back wheels to support translocation from room to room.
  • The seat can be modified to height.
  • It runs by a battery that is included with the package.
  • It is a chain-driven machine.
  • It provides a comfortable seat and a pair of handles.

Product Quality And Durability

Three things determine the quality of an indoor cycle- a smooth operation, a quiet mechanism, and strength. The fitness reality s275 exercise bike reviews hit the highest point in three of these. The chain-driven machine can run for as long as you want without the chain breaking off. The iron cast keeps rust away.

Most of the fitness bikes come with a lot of noise while driving due to the battery. This one has made quite an exception in that section. The iron-made flywheel also casts away all the questions for being robust.

If you are taking care of it properly then the machine can go a long way.

What we like
  • The machine is comfortable and quiet to workout with.
  • It is efficient for both cardiovascular and HIIT workouts.
  • The maintenance process is not that difficult due to iron material.
  • It is sturdy yet easy to move around the house.
  • The exercise bike keeps track of time and calorie burn.
  • The height can be adjusted in four different ways.
  • The pedals are protective for feet.
  • There is room for reverse pedaling.
What should improve
  • Even after being such a robust construction, some products had poor cable or an LCD monitor. These manufacturing points need much attention in these regards so that no consumer has to go through the hassle of refund and replacement. This type of poor mechanism can also cause injury to body parts.
  • The resistance knob does not come with any specific numbering around it. So, you cannot measure how much resistance you are putting on.
  • The assembling process is a bit time-consuming and intricate.
  • The customer service can also work up a little for better replacement care.

User Guide

The exercise bike has a very simple usage process, you can find it once you go through the fitness reality s275 exercise bike manual. After assembling the machine, once you sit on the ergonomic seat, push a button below the LCD monitor to start it.

The LCD button will show all the necessary stats you need to keep track on while on the bike. You can adjust it according to your preference and see how you are going with it.

Secure your legs in the pedal cage to prevent slipping while pedaling. You can start pedaling according to the speed and preferred calorie burn showed on the LCD monitor. Your hands should be resting on the handles while doing the exercise. You can use gloves to prevent sweating but most times it is not necessary.

You can cycle on the bike either sitting or standing, the choice is yours. There are two separate knobs for adjusting the height of the seat. One is at the back of the seat to push it forward or backward. Another one is below the seat to push it upwards or downwards.

You can also adjust the pressure knob for more inclination. This way you will have to put more force on your legs to drive the machine. It puts more stress on the body and a better workout result.

Warranty And Guarantee

The fitness bike comes with a warranty of 1year. It means even if any parts get damaged, or your shipment does not properly arrive on time, you will be getting a refund or replacement in one year.

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Some User Experience

A review is never complete without some perspective from the consumers. Here are some of the fitness reality s275 exercise bike reviews from the users who thought this product is worth more than four stars:

fitness reality s275 exercise bike reviews

  • Most users have praised how simple and sturdy the entire structure is. Many indoor machines come with hard to use parts which are both difficult and scary. You have to be cautious the entire time while using them to not injure any part of your body. But this machine has brought an exception and set an example for the rest of it.

Since the resistance knob does not come with any number of its own, the users have to depend on the exercise feeling how much pressure they can put on it. Although the mileage sessions can be determined by the LCD monitor, other apps can be used to support that.

  • Another review of the fitness reality s275 indoor cycling exercise bike that has appreciated the customer service. This user faced a forlorn strip off of the pedal cage. While pedaling the machine, the cables got disconnected. As a result, it was difficult to run the bike unprotected.

This user reached out to customer care for a replacement. The customer service made no delay and sent him a new bike without charging a penny, as early as it was possible.

Final Thoughts

Many of us take fitness as a burden and a tiring process. Well, it is not, at least when you are using the right products and proper diet. If one thinks going to the gym and sweating a lot will give him the dream physique and killer health, he is wrong.

Writing about the fitness reality s275 exercise bike reviews was to prove the keynote that you can stay at home, yet use a machine that works for great cardio. Hopefully, you enjoy running the indoor bike and get the fresh feeling of cycling a road bike at the same time.

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