Horizon T101 Treadmill: Features, Reviews And Product Comparison

Horizon T101 Treadmill Review

Meta: Read our guide to learn all about the Horizon Fitness T101, the best treadmill for getting in shape on a budget.

What Is The Horizon T101? How Does It Work?

The Horizon T101 is an affordably priced treadmill in a long line of user-friendly and consumer-focused exercise machines from Horizon Fitness, its manufacturer. The T101 is a trusted model due to the consistent tests conducted by Horizon Fitness during each stage of its development.

The treadmill comes with the following key specifications:

  • Motor: 2.25 continuous horsepower (CHP)
  • Running surface: 20” x 55”
  • Dimensions: 70” length x 34” width x 55” height
  • Weight: 300 pounds
  • Grip-based heart rate monitor
  • Thirty (30) built-in programs
  • Folding system: Yes, FeatherLIGHT
  • Deck cushioning: Yes, PerfectFLEX
  • Incline: From 0 to 10 percent
  • Top speed: 10 miles per hour

Thirty workout programs come built into the Horizon T101, each designed to motivate you through an exercise challenge. Like previous and current Horizon Fitness treadmill models, the focus of the programs is consumer-centric to help you hit your fitness goals whether you are seeking to lose weight, become more toned, or improve cardiovascular health.

The nine programming options adjust into three different objective targets, such as time, distance run/distance remaining, and calories burned. Additionally, each workout can be approached manually, through intervals, or for weight loss. And the pulse grip heart monitor can easily reveal your heart rate on display through it all.

What Makes The Horizon T101 Unique?

Informative LED Display

The data from the Horizon T101 displays on a 4.5″ yellow and green LED screen, with three orange windows available to track your time, distance, and amount of calories burned for your specific target indicators. Speed is also monitored here, which can be adjusted from 0.5 to 10 miles per hour by the 2.25 CHP motor.

MP3 Capability

The Horizon T101 features surround sound speakers, and the headphone jack allows for you to play your music or listen to your favorite podcast.

Protect Your Joints And Ankles

Experienced runners know this: your joints and ankles are most vulnerable to injury when jogging. That’s why the T101 is patented with a PerfectFlex cushioning system to protect your knees, joints, and ankles. The cushioning provides flex support in three distinct zones, which together cover each phase of your stride.

Easy Storage

Dismantle and store the Horizon T101 with ease with the FeatherLight system. The FeatherLight is a hydraulic lift designed to fold the treadmill quickly so that you can place the unit in a space-conscious area between workouts — or transport it from one place to another.

Keep Cool During Workouts

The Coolfit fan is a valuable feature that keeps your body cool during each exercise, no matter how rigorous. The result: a much safer, longer workout, as guaranteed by Horizon Fitness.

Additional Features

Lastly, the T101 comes with other accessories that are both convenient and unique, such as the pulse-grip monitor, reading rack, and water bottle holder. The treadmill also supports up to 300 pounds, making it an ideal machine for users of all body types and weights.

How Much Does The Horizon T101 Cost?

The Horizon T101 costs $649 MSRP from most online retailers. Used options are available at various prices as well. The T101 comes with a warranty package with an additional one- to- two-year home option, all of which includes a lifetime warranty for the motor and frame. Labor and parts each have one-year warranties.

Public Perception: Other Horizon T101 Reviews

Collectively, the general public holds the Horizon T101 in high regard due to its reliability, price, and simple maintenance. Consumers use the treadmill as much as once or twice per week, or up to hundreds of miles per year.

Some buyers complained about electronic issues after having owned the treadmill for over a year, such as on display most of which is fixed by cleaning out dust and debris. Others say the unit squeaks after heavy usage over the course of several years. No major mechanical issues were observed.

How Does the Horizon T101 Compare?

The T101 is the undisputed best seller of the Horizon line; however, it’s major competitors are from the manufacturer itself. Though both more expensive, the Horizon Adventure 3 and Elite 7 are typically considered the in-house rivals for the T101. Let’s explore some of the specifics related to both models when compared to the T101.

Horizon Adventure 3

The Horizon Adventure 3 cost $899 for the introductory model, then an MSRP of $1,299 for the standard. The Adventure 3 treadmill is also on a 55″ x 20″ track, contains a 2.5 CHP drive and variable cushioning like the T101.

The treadmills are adjustable for a 12 percent incline when compared to the T101’s ten percent lift. The Adventure 3 comes with 30 programs for various workouts, which include manual modes, step exercises intervals, distance, and also calorie counters.  

The Adventure 3 is unique in its regard, though. The ViaFit Connect feature, which can integrate with the web to update and track your fitness data. The ViaFit data is accessible via the ViaFit app or streamed to your device of preference. Also, Passport allows you to enter your cable provider and watch television as you walk, run, or jog.

The LED console is similar to the T101 but, unlike that unit, the Adventure 3 monitor is outdated when you consider the model’s more high-end design. The screen is 5.75″ wide when most competitors have screens 10″ and more.

The Adventure 3, like the T101, is MP3 ready with surround speakers, and also comes with a rack for reading and cup holders. It is also equipped to fold and conserve space. The warranty for the Adventure 3 is lifetime for both the motor and frame but has a three-year distinction for parts and one year for labor.

Horizon Elite T7

The Horizon Elite T7 is, like the Adventure 3, a high-end treadmill that is also one of the best-selling treadmills from the year 2015. It costs $1,499 MSRP.

Like the Adventure 3, it also has ViaFit Connect capabilities for data tracking, accessing the Internet, streaming fitness data, and is comprehensive enough for you to set goals and track your progress through ViaFit. However, the T7 also allows you to integrate other fitness apps as well.

Passport is also available on the T7 model, which is a carryover from many luxury treadmill brands in the market.

Passport connects to television through Wifi connectivity, streaming HD video quality or can allow you to virtually explore exotic locations as you stride, like the Colorado Rockies, Venice, Italy, or Canada mountains. Also, the interface does not disrupt when you are running; Passport adapts to your speed, so video quality is never interrupted.

The track length for the Elize T7 measures 60″ x 20″, longer than the Adventure 3 or T101. The variable response cushioning is present here too for firm cushioning underneath the track, balance, and impact absorption as you run. This cushion reduces potential injury as it boosts your runner efficiency.

You can also elevate the Elite T7 on an incline of 15 percent. This height dwarfs the lower levels of its two competitors on this list and enhances muscle toning. Or, if a slope is not your focus, increase the speed of the Elite T7 to 12 miles per hour, if desired.

Instead of 30 programs, the Elite T7 has 42 plans to choose. Select between manual or calorie burning, interval, performance, distance or stepping goals. You also have the option to customize programs, then save them for later. There’s something for everyone here.

View your user data on the Elite T7 LCD screen, a step above the T101 or Adventure 3. The screen measures 8.5” with all of the typical data points: speed, incline, distance, time and pulse. The treadmill will also enter an energy-saving mode after non-usage goes over fifteen minutes.

A unique feature of the Elite T7 is its wireless heart monitor. This program provides a more accurate reading than grip handles with 99.9 percent accuracy thanks to the Polar wireless chest strap, free addition to the Elite T7.

Like both the other models, the Elite T7 is MP3 ready so you can enjoy your music a smartphone. Extras on the treadmill include the reading rack, beverage holders, and cooling fan. You can also fold the Elite T7 into three feet of square footage and store in an extra space inside your home with ease. (The dimensions for the fold are 44” x 36”.)

The Elite T7 is low maintenance with no need for wax or any additional tuneage. In the event the treadmill needs work, the warranty covers lifetime framework and motor repair, a one-year labor warranty as well as five-year coverage for the parts.

What We Think About The Horizon T101


Here are some additional points of interest that we also felt helped the T101 stand out amongst its competitors:

    • Warranty: The two-year warranty is also excellent for insurance reasons, especially with repair to parts. In comparison, other budget treadmills have less than six-month warranties. It’s also quite challenging to find warranties of this nature in the same price category.


  • Speakers/sound system: The MP3 player and surround sound speakers make workouts a breeze for music lovers. It’s an ideal arrangement for exercisers who are avid music or podcast listeners which is exciting enough to motivate users to challenge themselves even more.


  • Built-in programs: Each of the nine programs is designed to keep users of all skill levels engaged and challenged, even beginners.
  • LED Console: Though not an LCD, the T101 console is still comprehensive enough for you to track all of the vitals through its data windows. The cooling fan is also an excellent accessory for a budget treadmill such as this one.
  • State-of-the-art heart rate monitor: The dual-grip pulse efficiently monitors your heart rate through your program of choice. The monitor also serves as accountability for goal-oriented users who wish to follow their vitals to align with goals.
  • Incline: For users who like a challenge, the T101 offers a 10 percent incline—a rarity with budget units.
  • Transportability and storage: The T101 is a portable treadmill, and valuable for anyone needs to conserve space after workouts, like city dwellers or those living in a confined space.
  • Build for all: The T101 supports a maximum of 300 pounds, so it’s an ideal treadmill for exercisers of all body types at a reasonable price.


The T101 is not a perfect machine. For all of its pros, it has a few drawbacks that are noteworthy before you decide to purchase it. Here’s our analysis:

  • The short 20″ x 55″ tread-belt track was, at the time, a significant improvement over previous models in the Horizon Fitness line. However, it’s not built to suit very tall users.
  • The 2.25 motor might be perfect for moderate joggers, but if you’re an experienced runner, you just might be disappointed. The motor and its 10 miles per hour limit do not support the kind of intensity that high-caliber exercisers seek.
  • The cushioning is not groundbreaking nor is it anything to brag. Again, if you are looking for high-intensity workouts, you’ll find that the cushioning system of the T101 will wear down over time. Though covered by the warranty, user reviews vouch for the inevitable wear and tear on the cushioning.

If you are new to treadmills and want to begin a straightforward path to better physical fitness, or are seeking moderate exercises to get in shape, then the Horizon T101 is for you. For variety, the nine built-in programs provide a varied workout experience. Ultimately, the Horizon T101 is an above average treadmill for consumers on a budget.

If you’re looking for something more high-end—or with more advanced features—then the Adventure 3 or Elite T7 are your models. Both have the entertainment accessories, steep inclines, data connections, and WiFi ready capabilities. The treadmills also have a much higher price tag and, if you are on a budget, may be outside of your consideration.

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