How Do I Stop My Spin Bike from Squeaking? [Step By Step Guideline ]

Suppose, you are having some exercise and consistent squeaks are coming from your bike. What will be your feeling? It’s so frustrating and annoying. You will surely seek the answer to the question: how do I stop my spin bike from squeaking? Well, you can clean your bottom bearing or you can keep our chain lubed.

If you cannot find out the problem before it’s too late, it can cause serious damage to your bike. In this article, you will get a step by step guideline to stop the squeaking of your spin bike. You will also learn what you need to do as routine maintenance to avoid this kind of issue.

Why Does My Bike Keep Squeaking?

This is a serious problem that I faced while riding my bike. It keeps squeaking. Here are some reasons for bike squeaking:

Why Does My Bike Keep Squeaking?


If you believe you’re encountering a squeak from the headset, the reason could be coming from quite a few directions. Covers and jolts integrate the entire territory, including the stem and handlebar. That implies checking the entire zone one small step at a time to guarantee you discover the course cause.


Moreover, the stem could be the reason for a squeak in the cockpit territory. In an ordinary arrangement, four jolts hold the stem faceplate set up. Two additional jolts at the rear of the stem to clip it onto the fork steerer.

Handlebar and Shifters:

While it’s uncommon to discover issues with the real bar itself except if you’ve had an accident that has harmed it. It’s constantly suggested that you utilize a light use of gathering oil at the contact point among it. The stem can decrease the opportunity of issues here. Where issues can emerge is in the brake switch territory, particularly on fresher water-powered switches for plate brakes.


Brake and stuff links are dependent upon a lot of mileage. Especially the previous if they’ve been utilized out of frustration. Extended throughout some undefined time frame. Indeed, cables sat unused for a month or so can likewise encounter stretch and wear, just from openness and from being sat inactive.

Bottom bracket:

A squeaking base section is quite possibly the most widely recognized objections heard by shop mechanics from clients who acquire their machine for help. Yet the commotions you hear exuding from the bicycle can be deceiving, as indicated by Griffiths.


The Seatpost is an especially basic zone for squeaks to arise. Basically because of the power that experiences this region when a rider is situated in the seat. Nonetheless, it’s regularly mistaken for the base section as the zone which is causing the squeaking commotion.

How Do I Stop My Spin Bike From Squeaking? (step by Step guide)

Squeaking can happen no matter how expensive or affordable spin bike you are using. To stop squeaks, you can follow some methods. For instance, you can clean and re-grease the bottom bracket or headset bearing of your bike. You can keep your chain lubed and clean. In this section, we will provide you a step by step guideline for all of these methods. So, without further due, let’s get started.

Stop My Spin Bike From Squeaking

Cleaning and re-greasing the bottom bracket bearing

Follow the steps to clean & re-greasing the bottom bracket bearing easily.

Step 1: First of all, check out your spin bike to get an idea of whether your cranks are tightened enough to the exact torque specification or not. If they are loose, they can make some noises. If it is tight then, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Lose the tension on the derailleur and distract the chain from the chain ring. Then remove the cranks. Do not forget to keep any spacers or washer in perfect order. Diverge them from the crank spindle.

Step 3: Remove dirt and grime from the crank spindle. Also, do not forget to wipe dirt and grime from seals as well as bearings. Before replacing the seals re-grease the bearing and crank spindle.

Step 4: By ensuring proper order, replace the spacers and washers. In the bottom bracket, reinsert the crank. Ensure the perfect tightness and then replace your chain.

Keeping your chain lubed and clean

To keep your chain lubed & clean follow the below steps.

Step 1: Is your chain perfectly lubed and clean? Check it out. If your chain is rusted, dry, binding and dry then it can cause squeaking. But, if your chain moves freely, therefore the reason for sound may be seized or dirty bearing in wheels. Engage clutch on the SRAM MTB derailleur to remove the chain tensor.

Step 2: Hold the chain away from pulleys. Then spin each and everyone to check crunchiness. If the pulleys are not spinning freely, move on to the next steps.

Step 3: Remove the pulleys bolt out from the derailleur by using an Allen wrench. Then replace them. Make sure you do not lose them. To remove dirt and grease build-up, wipe the exterior part of the pulleys. You can use a clean rag. Remove any kind of dirt. You can spray speed degreaser.

Step 4: Now it’s time to replace the pulley with the derailleur. By ensuring proper torque specification, tighten them properly.

Routine maintenance techniques to limit squeaks

Here are some routine maintenance techniques you can follow to limit squeaks:

  • Take your bike to your nearest bike repair centre or REI at least once a year. An experienced mechanic can easily identify creaks, squeaks and clicks before they turn into a serious problem.
  • Always try to keep your bike well lubed and clean. It will help to reduce squeaks and creaks.
  • By using a torque wrench you can easily check whether the bolts on your bike tightened enough or not. So, according to the recommendation of the experts, set the perfect torque on the wrench. Hence, tighten the bolt. After achieving proper tightness, the pressure will be released by the wrench.


So, in the end, we hope to successfully assist you regarding the question of how do I stop my spin bike from squeaking. We’ve aggregated an elite of probably the most well-known squeaks and sounds prone to come from your bike.

We added some diagnosing tricks and possible solutions to fix those issues. While a certain home technician will want to tackle numerous issues themselves. If you are unsure, bring your bike to your nearest mechanic to investigate.

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