2 Products to Help You Calculate How Far You’ve gone on Spin Bike

Not all spin bikes have a built-in cadence monitoring system. You need to have your own cadence sensors to calculate data such as cycling speed, heart rate, distance, and pedaling cadence.

This serves like the pedometer or speedometer, but more accurate and adequate to cycling. You can use it on indoor bikes, road bikes attached to a trainer, and outdoor bikes.

If your spin bike doesn’t have its own cadence sensor, then I know 2 products you should look at:

1. Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor2 Products to Help You Calculate How Far You’ve gone on Spin Bike 1

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Feature of the product:

  • Efficient cadence tracking
  • Bluetooth 4.0 supported
  • ANT+ capability
  • No magnets
  • Instant connection with GPS bike computer

The Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor is a remarkable product that you can easily attached to the bike’s crank arm with the use of 3M tape or zip ties. The design also allows you to string the unit to your shoe ties if you’re not fond of attaching it to the bike.

I tried to string it to my shoe ties and it’s perfectly safe even if I perform rigorous pedaling. It worries me, though, that I may tie it lightly and let it fly onto the air while pedaling. Hence, I prefer to attach it to my bike.

If you’re not a worry freak like me, then you may opt to string it to your shoe.

The unit is powered by a replaceable coin cell battery which can last for up to 1 year. It’s also compatible with any 3rd party monitoring app such as Strava, Cyclemeter, and MapMyRide.

Simply install it and download the Wahoo app. You may use other apps if you already have one.

2. Wahoo Blue SC Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor

2 Products to Help You Calculate How Far You’ve gone on Spin Bike 22 Products to Help You Calculate How Far You’ve gone on Spin Bike 3

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Features of the product:

  • Tracks speed, distance, and cadence
  • Bluetooth 4.0 supported
  • ANT+ compatibility
  • With wheel magnet
  • Instant connection with GPS bike computer
  • Waterproof

Unlike the first Wahoo product, the Blue SC Sensor can help you monitor your speed, distance, and cadence when cycling.

It allows you to link it with your mobile phone or the built-in bike’s computer. Just make sure that you get the ANT+ and Bluetooth model. The older versions of this product are only Bluetooth compatible. This means that you won’t be able to use it on your Garmin’s display console.

Similar to RPM Sensor, the Blue SC will immediately be available via the app. In other words, you no longer need to access your mobile Bluetooth settings to look for available devices. Simply open the app and you’ll find the sensor there.

If you’re into rigorous spin bike cycling, then aim for the Wahoo Blue SC Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor. It’s the unit I’m currently using at the moment since I am monitoring my cycling progress after every session.

Both products are very reliable, they don’t disconnect with the app even when you take a break. This means that you don’t have to reconnect your mobile app or bike computer to the sensor once you come back after your 5-minute break.

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11 thoughts on “2 Products to Help You Calculate How Far You’ve gone on Spin Bike”

  1. I also want to use the blue SC sensor for my spin bike.

    However, what diameter for wheel should o insert for the setup of this sensor to ensure accurate results?

    How do you mount this unit on the spin bike with no supports exiting on lace like normal bikes have??


  2. Wahoo Blue SC Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor? Really, how did you attach it to the spin bike. It doesn’t seem like all the sensors and components would align correctly. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. Hi, does the Blue SC sensor not have to be fitted to the rear wheel of a normal bike to capture the revolutions of the pedals and the rear wheel?

    How would this work on a spin bike where there is only a front fly wheel?



  4. Hi,

    I’m strongly considering the Wahoo Blue SC for an indoor spin bike – specifically the Star Trac NXT.

    Do you know if the sensors will or can be attached to this? The instructions indicate the pedal needs to be removed for the speed sensor.

    Thanks for any help.

  5. I have a Sunny spin bike and just purchased the Wahoo Blue SC Cycling Speed and Cadence sensor. Am wondering if you have any installation tips?

  6. Would it be possible to show/explain how you set up the wahoo blue sc cadence/speed sensor on your spin bike to get accurate readings. I’m a bit lost on how to set it up and where to put it.


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