How To Adjust Your Indoor Cycling Bike Chain Tension

It is a common incident when your indoor cycling bike chain is becoming loosen. As a result, this will decrease the productivity of your practicing process. Also, individuals will find it hard to cycle which can cause serious problems for their body, especially the back and the legs.


Individuals often have their chain tightened when buying from the store. Actually, the chain of your cycling bike often needs adjusted after a long time using. For most people who don’t know how to fix their loosen chain, this article will suggest some steps for you to demonstrate this procedure.

Things you will need:

• 15mm wrench
• 10mm wrench
• 4mm wrench

How to demonstrate:

1. If you want to check the tension of chain, remove all the chain guard. You can remove the screws by using a wrench which is 4mm in length. Otherwise, just pick up one wrench that fits with the screws of your cycling bike.

2. Adjust the pedal to the 3 o’ clock position then move it to the back part of your machine


3. Remain the pedal structure in the 9 o’ clock position. Then, slowly remove it out from the cycling bike design.

4. If you find it hard when doing exercises on the machine, you will see the loosen chain after removing pedal structure. Therefore, check whether these parts need to be adjusted, use the 15mm wrench to loosen the nuts of each part.

5. Next, you can use the wrench which is 10mm in length, make an equal adjustment to the bolts so that it will fit tightly to the design of your indoor cycling bike. And don’t forget to tighten the nuts which have been adjusted.

6. Lastly, you can place the pedal structure at the beginning position and finish the adjusting process.

These steps above are the common process which is easy to function. Just try for the first time and you will get used to this activity. Therefore, don’t hesitate to tighten your chain when you get in this problem.

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