How To Convert Exercise Bike Miles To Steps?

Outdoor cycling and walking can cause plenty of injuries, and you can reduce the risks of injuries by riding an exercise bike. While riding an exercise bike, you will get plenty of benefits, and also you can measure how many miles you have carried out. But how about knowing how many steps you took to finish the ride?

However, the question “how to convert exercise bike miles to steps?” has been a talk of the topic among the users. Continuing reading the article will help you to get detailed information about the converting procedure.

What You’ll Need to Convert Exercise Bike Miles to Steps

Converting exercise bikes miles to steps relates so many things to incorporate. Here we have included some tools that you will need while converting exercise bike miles into steps.

  • A Pencil
  • An Exercise Bike
  • A Piece of Paper
  • A Calculator
  • Piece of Tape or Measuring Tape

How To Convert Exercise Bike Miles To Steps

Are you one of those who prefer using an exercise bike rather than walking and still want to count your steps? Though most exercise bikes show activity results through miles, you can convert them into steps. Following methods will help you in this regard.

How To Convert Exercise Bike Miles To Steps 

Method – 1

The first method is the easy one, but it will not give you the most accurate result. When you ride an exercise bike for one hour, it will be like covering a 5 miles area. Riding one mile on an exercise bike will be like taking 1000 steps. As experts suggest, daily 10,000 steps will give a number of health benefits and keep you healthy.

So if you want to achieve 10,000 through your exercise bike, you have to ride it for five miles at moderate speed. When you ride your exercise bike for an hour, you can earn 10,000 steps. And you can ensure 5000 steps by riding your exercise bike for half an hour. However, below we have shown how many miles equal every thousand steps; have a look.

Steps Miles
1000 0.522
2000 1.045
3000 1.568
4000 2.091
5000 2.614
6000 3.136
7000 3.659
8000 4.182
9000 4.705
10,000 5.227

Method – 2

The second method is much easier and gives you a more accurate result. You just have to use an Apple Watch, smart Fitbit, or any other health tracker to get the exercise bike activity through steps. We recommend using a smart Fitbit to figure out the step’s result while riding your exercise bike.

You have to attach the device with your leg, and it will give you footsteps resulting in faster, quicker, and accurate. However, you need to remember that, while measuring steps, you may lose other aspects like heart rate, calories burned, and many more.

Method – 3

If you’re looking for accurate guidance on converting exercise bike miles into steps, follow below. Here we will show the most accurate way to convert miles into steps through some easy steps, have a look.

converting exercise bike miles into steps

Step – 1: Stand on the floor with hip-width apart, take a tape and place it in front of your toes. After that, take ten steps forward and stop. Frame your feet together and then use another tape and place it in front of your toes.

Step – 2: Measure the gap between the initial position and the last position and divide it by 10. So now you will get the average length of the stride. If you walk for 25 feet, then your average stride length is 2.5 feet (25/10).

Step – 3: You have to note down the mile you have covered while riding your exercise bike. You have to multiply the covered mile number by 5280 (One mile is equal to 5280 feet.) Assuming that you have covered five miles, now simply multiply 5*5280= 26,400.

Step – 4: Once you finish calculating total feet area through riding your exercise bike you have to divide 26,400 or the riding feet by average stride length to get the accurate result. It will be 26,400/2.5=10,560, and that means you have taken 10,560 steps by covering a similar distance with riding an exercise bike.

Why It Is Important to Convert Exercise Bike Miles Into Steps

Whether you are using a Heavy Duty Exercise Bike or an ordinary one, you probably noticed all of them come with a monitor display system. Although most monitors show several fitness activities, none of them show steps. Knowing how many steps you have taken is one of the most satisfying things, and of course, it helps track fitness activity.

Why It Is Important to Convert Exercise Bike Miles Into Steps

Although walking offers plenty of benefits, many prefer to opt for indoor cardio exercise like riding an exercise bike. If you’re one of them, it can be a great thing to determine how many steps it would be if you walked instead of riding. Since the exercise bike does not show steps, you have to convert the exercise bike activities or miles into steps.

So that you can easily determine how many steps you took, or you should take based on your health condition. When you can convert exercise bike miles into steps, you set specific fitness goals and maintain your fitness routine. Moreover, if you want to do a high-intensity workout to boost weight loss, do it and convert it to steps. Note the extra steps and if someday you can not perform an extra workout, walk by following the notes step and maintain your routine.


Now you know How To Convert Exercise Bike Miles To Steps. You also know it’s not difficult to measure how many steps you may take while riding a bike instead of walking. Therefore, you can easily determine the area that you can cover while riding an exercise bike.

Though many suggest using a pedometer to count the steps, it’s not possible to use it on an exercise bike. A pedometer will only let you record the miles and calories burned, and then you have to convert both into steps. One simple rule is one mile riding an exercise bike will burn 100 calories, and 100 calories mean approximately 2,000 steps.

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