How to Fix a Bike Pedal Crank – 8 Steps Details Guide

You can easily fix the bike pedal crank by yourself. But, how to fix a bike pedal crank? There are some basic steps you always need to follow to fix it. Initially, you may think that it’s a hard task. But, really it is not. You need to gather some tools and then you just need to follow step-by-step guidelines.

In this article, we will try to seek the answer on how to fix a bike pedal crank? You will also get an idea about the reason for the pedal crank. You will also know what you should do regularly to keep your bike fit.

Why Does My Bike Pedal Crank?

There are a couple of reasons behind the bike pedal crank.

How To Fix A Bike Pedal Crank

  1. Lack of proper assemble: Everything in our life needs to assemble. The same thing applies to the bike pedal. Always try to keep the drive train lubricated.
  2. Lack of proper inspection while using: Non-drive crank arm can itself work loose. When you tighten your bolts, you always do it in a clockwise direction. When you pedal your bike, the side of the drive also turns in a clockwise direction. But, the side of the non-drive turns in the anti-clockwise direction. This types of reverse motion can create a problem. So, you always need to go through a proper inspection.
  3. Not maintaining properly: You need to maintain your bike properly to avoid pedal crank. Go to your nearest mechanic at least once a year. He will ensure you whether you are maintaining properly or not. If it is an exercise bike for tall person, then be extra careful. They always have more chances to fall injured.

How To Fix A Bike Pedal Crank (Step By Step Guide)

Here are some steps you can follow to fix your bike pedal crank:

How to Fix a Bike Pedal Crank – 8 Steps Details Guide 1

Step 1: Break Off the Right Pedal

First of all, fit your wrench around the rod which connects the pedal and crank arm. Keep in mind that a 15 mm wrench will give you the best result. Then, to lose the pedal from the crank arm, turn your wrench 2-3time in the anticlockwise direction. You will be able to rotate it freely on the crank arm once you will loosen the pedal.

Step 2: Clockwise Rotate the Crank Arm

In this step, first of all, hold your pedal. Then, clockwise rotate the crank arm. Continue this progress until the pedal removes from the crank arm. Be patient! It may require a 20-30 rotation.

Step 3: Do the Same Thing for the Left Pedal

The opposite thread is applicable for the left pedal. To loosen the left pedal, use a 15 mm wrench. Repeat the same process for the left pedal. If your position is the right end of the bike, then you should rotate the crank clockwise.

On the other hand, if your position is the left end of the bike, then you must rotate the crank anti-clockwise. Do not forget to place the pedals in a safe position. This will help you to reattach after replacing the crank.

Step 4: Removing the Cap

Some of the crank has plastic or metal caps. If your crank has also this type of cap, then set a screwdriver under the edge of that cap. The crank bolt will be revealed.

Step 5: Detach the Pinch Bolts

Sometimes, near the top of the crank arm, you will notice 2 small bolts or some pinch bolt. In that case, insert a 5 mm Allen key. It should be into the holes at the top arm. Then, you need to rotate the arm anti-clockwise to detach the pinch ball. Your crank bolt will be unscrewed.

Step 6: Slide the Crank of the Spindle

Now, in this step, to remove the crank arm, pull it away from the bike. Therefore, slide another side of it out of the bottom bracket. Hence, you can pull away from the remaining crank from the bike. It just slides your bottom bracket.

Step 7: Detach the Crank

Now, you need to detach the cranks with a crank extractor. First of all, insert a crank extractor. Then, turn to remove one side of the crank by turning it anti-clockwise. Repeat the same thing to another side.

Step 8: Install New Cranks and Reinstall the Pedals

First of all, set the right crank onto the spindle. Place it in the 6 o’clock position. Then, slide your left crank a bit. This time, the position should be at midnight. Now, by using an Allen key, screw the brand new crank into the socket. Hence, replace the compression cap. Then, infix the pinch ball. Finally, screw back your pedals into the pedal arms. Your pedals should match with the groves on the crank arm.

Exercise Bike Routine Maintenance Techniques

Here are some exercise bike routine maintenance techniques you should follow:

Exercise Bike Routine Maintenance Techniques

Always Keep the Drive Train Clean as Well as Lubricated:

Do you feel annoyed when you hear squeaking from someone’s bike? Well, they have the same feeling when the sound is from your side. This type of sound may arise when your lubricate is worn out. It can happen you do not clean and lubricate your pedal chain regularly. It is not so hard to do it on my own. All you need to do is to gather bike oil, rags, toothbrush and degreaser product.

Always Ensure the Inflated Tire:

If the pressure is too low, you will need to work more. If it’s too high, you may also face a problem. So, always try to check your tire pressure. Even the time when you are not working for a long time, kezp your tire inflated.

Tight Bolts and Nut:

Always check your bolts and nuts. If it’s loose, tighten them immediately before getting too late. Keep in mind, new bike parts have a maximum torque limit. So, apply a particular amount of torque carefully.

Perfect Brakes:

Ensure the perfect adjustability of your brakes. You can check or change it when required.

Final Thought

You can set a drop of lube on the pedal spring of your bike. Also, do the same thing at the joint in the spindle. Wipe off the overabundance lube. If your pedals are crushing or firm, you may require your direction overhauled at your neighborhood bicycle shop.

If lubing the pedal springs doesn’t take out the squeaking, check to ensure the spikes on your bicycle shoes are tight. Free spikes can cause squeaking. Hope you got your answer regarding the question of how to fix a bike pedal crank? Now, it’s time to execute your plan. Always be careful to follow your steps.

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