How to Hover On a Spin Bike?


A lot of indoor cyclists mistook hovering as isolations. Isolations is very stressful to the knees while hovering doesn’t.

What I’m going to teach you about is how to properly hover on a spin bike.

First, maintain a steady cadence. Go for a quick pace but not too much. Around 60% – 70% of effort is enough for hovering.

Lean your upper body forward and go for the crouch-like position. Try to make your back in parallel to the floor.

Place your hands on the front of the spin bike’s handlebars. This will allow you to stretch your body better while releasing the pressure from your upper arm.

Make sure your backside is exactly above the spin bike’s seat. If not, feel free to move your hands backwards until you get the correct position.

Keep your elbows in. Other spin bike users tend to let their arms out when hovering. The proper cycling form is to keep your arms tight and your elbows in.

Keep your focus in front and your head up while hovering. Avoid looking downward or sideways. Keep looking ahead and imagine there’s a road in front of you. This will prevent you from looking at a different direction.

Tips When Hovering

  • Don’t put too much pressure on your hands. They are only there for support. Check this by wiggling your fingers while hovering. If you can’t do this, then loosen up the pressure on your hands.
  • Try to feel pressures on your quads, backside muscles, hamstrings, and calves. If you don’t feel any pressure on these areas, then your cycling position is wrong. Feel free to adjust until you feel pressure on these areas.
  • Avoid bouncing when hovering. If your legs do a lot of movements, then squeeze your backside and legs to prevent bouncing.

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