Is Stationary Bike Good for Obese? [Get the Answer]

Most obese people want to know if a Stationary bike is good for them. The reason for this question is because obese people also love working out and want to be in good shape just like any other individual. They also want to enjoy many benefits that other people enjoy. But there are many restrictions to their efforts including lack of gears or equipment that can work to their advantage.

Are you looking to shred some fat and burn out calories using a stationary bike? Keep on reading to find out.

Is a stationary bike good for the obese?

Yes, stationary bikes are a good option for obese people. Regular exercises on a stationary bike burn out calories which is essential for weight loss. Obese people can burn approximately 260 calories after a 30 minutes ride on a stationary bike.

Is Stationary Bike Good For Obese

In a standard gym, you’d find stationary bikes, and also in the gym, there are quality bikes for obese people. Fat people are liable to many health risks that can easily be avoided by working out. Working out with stationary bikes is a good starting point to avoid these health risks, shred off body fats and maintain a good body shape.

As much as there are health risks for fat people, there are also health benefits when they work out.

These benefits can be achieved in many ways, but the fastest and easiest way is to employ the use of a stationary bike. As an obese person, when you work out with a stationary bike, what are the benefits you stand to gain?

The benefits are numerous but for the sake of this article, a few will be explored in subsequent paragraphs.

  • Boosts cardio fitness
  • Can help with weight loss
  • Provides a low impact workout
  • Strengthen legs and lower body muscles
  • Safer than road cycling

Calories play an important role in the body system. But excess calories intake can cause obesity and this leaves the ones people looking for ways to burn them out.

While obese people can easily work out on other bikes, there’s a reason why stationary bikes are more suitable for obese people to burn out fats.

Imagine an obese person on a treadmill; that person is open to potential accidents because it’s difficult for them to lift their body especially at a fast and constant pace.

However, working out on a stationary bike protects them from such risk and still allows them to achieve their goal of weight loss.

According to research, exercising on a stationary bike will have a 155-pound person lose at least 260 calories within 30 minutes of exercising. It will have a 155-pound person lose an equal amount of calories too. This way,  they’re creating a caloric deficit which is necessary for weight loss.

Also, depending on the intensity of the exercise, an obese person may begin to see positive changes in their physique within a short while.

Not only that, the Stationary bike is more suitable for obese people because of the convenience factor. The stationary bike doesn’t require much space so you can easily fit it in your living room or garage. This makes it easier for them to achieve their daily weight loss goals.

Other workout equipment is great, but for any obese person that wants results without inconveniencing themselves, then the Stationary bike is a more suitable option for workouts.

Stationary Bike Exercise Guideline For Obese People

There are no major guidelines for cycling on a stationary bike. Although this depends largely on where you’re working out. If you’re working out in the gym, then you’ll have to pay attention to your instructor. And if you’re working out at home, then you must also be aware of certain guidelines for your safety. These guidelines include:

Stationary Bike Exercise Guideline For Obese People

  • Be at ease on the bike and hold the handles lightly.
  • Pedal softly especially if you’re a beginner. You cannot achieve weight loss on the first day of work out so you have to go slow and easy.
  • Before attempting a standing position, ensure that the bike is in a stable condition so you don’t tumble.
  • Do not hesitate to voice out your discomfort if you feel any. Your instructor knows the appropriate measure to take regarding any of your complaints.
  • Ensure that you get enough rest after each session. The results of your workout can only be evident after you get enough rest.

Also, to speed up the weight loss process, it’s better to own a stationary bike. This way, it’d be easier for you to meet up with your daily target without embarking on stressful journeys to the gym. If you’re interested in owning a stationary bike, you can look out for the pooboo Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike on Amazon and enjoy the benefits that come with owning one.


Ask any obese person about how they feel walking around with the stigma of being overweight or overly fat. They’d tell you that they want to shred off as much weight as possible.

In achieving weight loss, you need to work out and one of the best pieces of equipment for working out is the stationary bike. It’s suitable for obese people and it makes it easier for them to achieve their aim without putting them at risk.

As an obese person, indoor cycling is your surest bet to burning out calories, maintaining good health, and a better shape.

For reiteration, stationary bikes are not limited to individuals without the extra fats. Obese people can equally benefit from its advantages. And with constant exercise, they can achieve perfect health and a better shape

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