The Mom-to-Be’s Guide – Cycling During Your Pregnancy


A question frequently asked by females, especially those who are currently pregnant is: “Is it safe to do spinning exercise during pregnancy?” or “Is it harmful to do spinning while I am pregnant?” Experts say “Spinning is completely safe and full of fun if you can maintain the primary precautions particularly when you are pregnant.” There is obviously some reasons behind recommending this exercise even while you are pregnant. Let’s have a look on them:

Benefit of spinning

Spinning is a great way to burn your calories, lose your body fat, relieve your stress, increase your cardio endurance and build up your muscle. The most important fact is that you do not have to go for too vigorous or too easy. You can adjust the tempo according to your stamina and rhythm. A lot of benefits are available in spinning or indoor cycling. For instance:

  • Burn Calories
    If you continue spinning work out of 45 minutes, it will allow you to burn about 500 calories. The calorie burn will depend upon the height and weight you occupied. Obviously the amount of burnt calorie is enormous comparing to other workouts. Again if you want to burn more calories in this time, all you have to do is to adjust the tempo or the intensity of your spinning bike. Take the load according to your capability. Don’t go too far as a beginner. It will create stress on your muscles.
  • Build Up your muscle
    A spinning workout is a less stressful way to build up your muscle tone. It will emphasize in your core muscles such as your thigh, limbs and buttocks. If you can maintain the correct position, it will work on your abdominal muscles also. To burn fat, pedal faster in low tension, while if you want to build muscle, pedal in high tension.
  • Cardio Endurance
    If you want to increase the stamina of your cardio vascular muscles, regular spinning will be an easy option for you. Continue spinning workout regularly for at least half an hour with your full stamina, your cardio endurance will increase in a great extent.
  • Stress relief
    Every exercise will help you to relief your stress. But spinning workout is recommended because it is more efficient than any other exercise. The reasons are you do not have to go for too hard a workout, you can adjust as per your requirement and you can socialize with different people during your workout. Generally, the availability of music will help you have a great output.

Why Spinning is recommended during your pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a complicated moment for everyone. Women want to remain more cautious in this time, for the safety of her unborn child. But you have to keep in mind that, if you exercise regularly in a custom way, it will present the minimum risk and a lot of benefits for both mother and child. The prime target of exercise during pregnancy is to stay fit. And you are not allowed to take part in some vigorous workout in this sophisticated time. During spinning, you can adjust the tempo and tension of your spinning bike to avoid more stress on your body. So from each and every point, spinning is a perfect and safe exercise during your pregnancy.

Tips for spinning in your pregnancy

Here are some tips so that you can continue your regular spinning workout without any health issues:

  • Adjust intensity
    First of all, you should keep in mind that you are not allowed to go for any vigorous workout. So adjust your intensity to medium or mild. You are recommended to continue your exercise at a heart rate of 20 beats or below. If you feel like that in this level you can’t continue, please draw back yourself. In pre-pregnancy you can go for more than 20 heart beat but during pregnancy this will not be a wise decision.
  • Hydration
    Drink plenty of water. Double the amount of water that your instructor advises you to take. It will keep your core temperature within a safe perimeter. Also drink sufficient water to keep your urine clear to pale yellow.
  • Atmosphere
    Ensure adequate light and air circulation during your exercise. Make sure a proper ventilation system is operational because it will help to dissipation of heat which is very much essential for your current physical condition.
  • Set up your Spinning Bike
    Adjust the tension of the bike. Set it according to your power and stamina. Make yourself comfortable by adjusting the height of the handle bad and the sit. If you need, raise or lower the saddle.
  • Do not stress yourself
    Continue your workout as long as you are comfortable with it. Slow down you speed as soon as you feel any kind of pain or discontinuation in your rhythm. Sit for a while, take a sip of water. If you don’t feel better today, take a rest for a while. Just don’t push yourself too far.
  • Take frequent breaks
    It is very common problem to face some lower back pain or discomfort. Make your sit higher and push down your arms down by your sides to allow some back relief. Don’t continue your workout for a long time. Take a break, drink water, and relax other organs. Thus your spinning will give you a marvellous output.

Keep yourself moving and active in your pregnancy period. Spinning is a safe method to continue your blood circulation and increase the endurance of your cardio vascular muscles. Just listen to your body signals while working out. You will be safe and sound.

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