Spin Bikes And Bike Trainers: What’s The Difference?

I always have this one question in mind: why would I use my road bike indoors if it was meant to be used outdoors?

Spin bikes are stationary indoor bikes that were invented for a different purpose. That is to allow you in getting the workout benefits of cycling, especially, for those who doesn’t have the skill or luxury to cycle outdoors.

In other words, this is not a question of which is better.

To spin or not to spin. That is the question.

Differences in a Glance


To give you a better look, here are their differences. Simplified for your own convenience.

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Now that you’ve seen their differences, you might begin to ask…

… Why should I spin bike?

Different Purposes

Spin bikes are not meant to train you in cycling for the upcoming Tour De France or triathlon. It is meant for a workout. And so, if you’re aiming to practice your skills in cycling; then bring your road bike outside and practice.

If the weather is not cooperating or rather it’s off-season for cycling, then it is time to secure a bike trainer.

Different Benefits

What you get from bike trainers are enhanced cycling skills and mastery of your road bike. On spin bikes, however, are enhanced lower body muscles and efficient fat-burning.

So if you’re going to ask me which one you should go for? It depends on what you’re aiming for. You can work out using your road bike, but the heavier resistance of spin bikes will give you greater results.

You can experience a near-road-bike cycling on a spin bike but installing your personal road bike on a trainer is better.

The Verdict

I own both and I recommend you to do the same instead of wasting your time disputing which is better.

I personally use the spin bikes for my daily workout routine. I also use the trainer once in a while whenever I make adjustments to my road bike. Doing so makes me more comfortable when riding the bike outdoors.

My daily routine on spin bikes helped me pedal efficiently on my road bike when climbing hills too. The heavier resistance of the spin bike made my muscles at ease at the lighter resistance of my outdoor bike.

You can question the expenses you have to make for buying both, but I guarantee you that you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Just make sure that you pick a spin bike with heavier flywheel compared to your road bike. This will help you enjoy cycling whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

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