Spin Class Essentials For Beginners

Are you considering attending a spin class? Going to a group fitness class can be intimidating. These classes are often full of super fit people in trendy clothes who know exactly what to do and expect throughout the class. Then there’s you, walking awkwardly into the studio by yourself. In all sincerity, none of this is really true. We simply perceive it to be this way in our minds. In reality, group fitness classes are for everyone of all fitness levels. But I know what it’s like to be intimidated by these type of classes. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You’ll do great on that spin bike and we’re here to help! This post will help you to know what to expect and have some essentials with you to make your first experience at class as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Spinning class

Spin Class Essential # 1: Water

This might sound super obvious, but hydration is the #1 most important thing to prepare and bring to class. Be sure to hydrate throughout the day before class or the night before if you plan to go in the morning. This will keep you fueled and hydrated throughout class, despite sweating profusely. Bring 2-3 bottles with you just to be prepared for your first class. You can gauge how much you need for future classes once the first one is behind you. We recommend purchasing a water bottle that’s refillable and easy to drink out of while still moving on your spin bike. This BPA free water bottleSpin Class Essentials For Beginners 1 is a great choice for your work out!

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Spin Class Essential #2: Proper Clothing

Like we said in the previous paragraph, you’re going to sweat a lot. Be sure to wear dark clothing that won’t show your sweat marks. A lot of people like to just wear old t-shirts to the gym but this isn’t good for class. You’ll want to wear moisture-wicking clothing that will keep you as dry as possible throughout the workout. It’s also important to wear tight-fitting clothing so that nothing gets caught on the bike as you’re working out. Consider buying a pair of compression leggings. They’re perfect for spinning and you’ll love how comfortable they are! These women’s compression leggingsSpin Class Essentials For Beginners 4 are extremely popular. Remember, the cuter you dress for the gym the better you’ll feel about yourself and your workout!


Spin Class Essential #3: Gym Bag

While this isn’t an absolute “must have,” it’ll make your class experience so much easier and make you look like a seasoned spinner! Using a gym bag makes it so simple to keep all of your belongings in one place instead of sprawled across the gym floor. Some studios have lockers but others don’t. This way all of your things are kept together no matter what. It’s important to select a bag that is breathable, especially if you’re putting sweaty gym clothes inside. This gym bagSpin Class Essentials For Beginners 5 is awesome for both men and women and will keep your belongings safe and dry at class.

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Spin Class Essential #4: Towel

This is an absolute must-have for your spinning! Everybody sweats a lot and having a towel handy makes keeping the sweat off of your neck and forehead so much easier. We recommend purchasing a quick dry towel like this oneSpin Class Essentials For Beginners 8 that won’t get soggy during your workout. Just remember to take it out of your gym bag and wash the towel after every workout to avoid any bacteria from growing!

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Spin Class Essential #5: Warm-Up & Stretch Out

We can’t stress enough the importance of warming up and stretching out! This will make a huge difference in the way you feel not only while on the bike but after spin class. Take time to arrive 10-15 minutes early to class. This gives you a few extra minutes to get settled, choose your bike and spend 5 minutes stretching out and going for a quick spin to get your heart-rate boosted and legs warmed up before the instructor gets the class going.


With these essentials you will undoubtedly be successful in your first spin class! It’s an awesome way to get a killer workout, develop muscles you might not be used to working and meet some new people as well! Good luck and enjoy your workout!

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