Top 10 Benefits of Spin Workouts

After our in-depth guide for spin workouts, we have received many questions with a similar theme: why should I choose spin workouts over other cardio activities? So, today’s article will attempt to answer that issue, and here are our top ten reasons why spin workouts are your best bet to lose weight and be more healthy.

1. Spin workouts are accessible

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Spin workouts meet the needs for a wide range of people with a different list of health, lifestyle, and fitness demands. Whether you are a professional looking for performance and endurance gains, to a complete beginner looking to drop a few pounds, spin workouts likely have you covered.

Spin workouts can be done by virtually anyone from any age, gender, or lifestyle. The versatility and the fact that it is easily accessible are definitely the strongest selling points.

2. Location versatility

Spin workouts can be done virtually anywhere, with a lot of spinning classes available around the globe. Pair that with the fact that stationary bikes are getting more affordable by the day. Basically, you have three different options on where to do your spin workouts:

3. Excellent cardio exercise for a healthy heart

Spin workouts are some of the best cardio exercises around, while can also be performed as an anaerobic exercise. A healthy heart is an obvious benefit of aerobic spin workouts, as well as healthy lung capacity.

As you get used to the spin workouts, you will also learn to do controlled breathing, which will also help control anxiety and lower your average heart rate.

4. It is extremely enjoyable

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Spin workouts are not only a (very active) sports but also an entertainment. At home, you can do your spin workouts while enjoying your favorite music and cycle to the beat, or enjoy your favorite shows while being productive (instead of being a couch potato).

At a class, you can meet a lot of new people who will encourage you to perform better, as well as opening new opportunities. Pair that with the fact that moderate spin workouts can burn 420 to 622 calories an hour, which is a lot (Yoga only burns 250-ish calories per hour). You can have an enjoyable, yet productive activity at once.

5. You can set your own pace

This is the advantage of spin workouts over running. Spin workouts will still be accessible even for people recovering from injuries, or the elderly because it is easier to adjust and control your own pace, and resistance.

Therefore, it is relatively safer and more accessible compared to running. On the other hand, veterans can easily put on more challenge by adjusting the pace and resistance without too much risk of injuries.

6. Less injury prone

Spin workouts provide far less tension on your knees and your feet compared to other cardio activities, such as running. So, you can work as hard on a spinner bike without hurting your knees, compared to running at a similar effort.

Less tension on your body will also mean you can recover quicker, which in turn allows you to do more spin workouts.

7. Great for your core and abs

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A spin workout (with correct posture) can work out your core muscles effectively, that is why on a spinning class, your instructor will always remind you about technique and posture.

Although it won’t be an immediate result, doing spin workouts regularly will tone up your abs.

8. Great for overall muscle definition

A spin workout is one of the best options if you are looking for lean, defined muscles. Not only they are great at burning your excess fat and water, they are also great in working your legs and hips, besides the core muscles we have discussed above.

Before long, this benefit will show up as you look in the mirror, a true reward for your commitments.

9. Great for mental strength

The relaxed cycling for warm-ups and cool-downs is a great way to relax and to meditate. This is a great way to exercise your mind, especially after you have a great, challenging spin workout.

On the other hand, spin workouts help you develop commitment and great attitude. Challenging yourself with a great spin workout will not only train your body but also your mind.

10. Great community

There are great spin workout classes and communities all around the globe. Even if you plan to only do it alone, you can easily enjoy online forums or use mobile apps to connect with others. You will be surprised how total strangers can help encourage you, while you can also encourage and inspire others.

If you join a class, you can build great relationships with your instructors and your fellow class members. The great community will make your spin workout effective, enjoyable, and rewarding experiences.

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