Four Stationary Bike Benefits to Help You Lose Weight

The stationary bike, also called the exercise bike, has been a really popular cardio option for decades. Yet, it remains popular today even though despite the many high-tech types of fitness equipment that are filling home gyms and professional fitness centers. This is because the stationary bike remains as easy to use and effective as it always has. Today, we will discuss some of the stationary bike benefits and how they can help you be more healthy and achieve your fitness goals.

So let’s discuss four stationary bike benefits to help you lose weight faster:

1. Convenience


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Most people understood the basic principles of riding a bicycle ever since they are very young. So, using a stationary bike is very easy and does not require special instructions.

On the other hand, the stationary bike can come in a variety of sizes, several different types, and of course, different price ranges. That diversity is, in fact, one of the key stationary bike benefits, making them accessible to many kinds of different people with different budgets, housing size, and needs. For example, people with larger houses can opt for bigger stationary bikes with more features and controls that are harder to move around, while those living in a small apartment will want a more compact one.

The stationary bike is also relatively cheaper compared to other fitness machines, including the treadmill. Meaning, it is relatively accessible for a lot of households. Having a stationary bike in the home gym will give more convenient since it can be used regardless of the weather and will eliminate the need to travel to a gym.

2. Versatility for All Fitness Levels

One other key stationary bike benefits is that it can benefit everyone with different fitness levels. For beginners, the stationary bike is an excellent machine to learn the ropes of cardio exercises without having to worry about injuring themselves. Besides the fact that the stationary bike is extremely safe, beginners can ride it at a comfortable speed and inclination level to suit their current level.

On the other hand, the stationary bike can remain challenging enough (and can be very challenging) for fitness enthusiasts that require more difficulty in their regime.

The stationary bike carries a relatively low risk of injury when used properly, mainly because it doesn’t cause explosive impacts and motions like most other aerobic exercises. The stationary bike provides relatively low impact to the knees, ankles, and feet, and as the result, very safe even for the elderly. Older people with balance problems, arthritis, and other conditions can greatly (and safely) benefit from the stationary bike.

It is also very easy to gradually increase the difficulty level and challenge with the stationary bike by adding tension, speed, or both. As a result, beginners can gradually progress to get better by using the stationary bike.

3. Not Boring

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One of the key challenges of cardio exercises is that they are often a boring activity. For that regard, the stationary bike provides more versatility compared to other similar exercises because of the seated position.

You can watch television or listen to music while reading the stationary bike at home. With a smart home assistant, you can even browse the internet, browse streaming videos, and many more. Although it is more beneficial to focus on your cardio exercises, it is still a lot better compared to being a couch potato and binge watching your TV shows.

4. 2-in-1 Cardio and Strength Training

With the stationary bike, you can build your leg strength while getting all the benefits of cardio exercises. To lose weight effectively (and rapidly), you will need to both shed fat and build muscles, and the stationary bike provides an excellent exercise to achieve both.

All you have to do is increase the tension and/or inclination setting to challenge your muscles. Look for stationary bikes with tension settings, such as this one.

Bottom Line

There are many stationary bike benefits that made the stationary bike a popular choice among cardio exercise equipment. However, the key highlights of its benefits are its simplicity and accessibility. It is very easy to use and can benefit just about anyone.

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