Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike (Pink) P8100 -The right choice with greater weight limit!

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Indoor Cycling Bike (Pink) P8100 offers a dependable, advantageous and compelling approach to working out in the home. This bicycle emphasizes a movable seat height, so you can alter to your inclination, and comes furnished with a chain drive instrument for smooth and calm workouts. The Sunny Health & Fitness Bike likewise emphasizes a heavy duty wrench and sturdy steel casing, guaranteeing a solidness and safety against wear and tear.

What are the pros and cons of this product?

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What are the features of this product?

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike (Pink) P8100 -The right choice with greater weight limit! 1The Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Indoor Cycling Bike is furnished with an strong steel outline that can undoubtedly take a considerable amount of wear and tear while guaranteeing that the bicycle remains totally consistent even amid more enthusiastic workouts. Its 22 pounds flywheel does guarantee a smooth and, for all intents and purpose, quiet movement.

Despite of its reasonable price, the twist bicycle is accompanied by a LCD screen, which shows important information with regards to calories burnt, ODO, time, separation secured and speed. This helpful adornment can likewise help clients stay informed regarding their weight reduction process, which can be a truly persuasive feature to anybody. Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike (Pink) P8100 -The right choice with greater weight limit! 2In addtion, alongside the presentation display, users will even have the capacity to make the most out of the completely movable safety setting that can easily be use with a simple turn of the dial handle. The safety setting is really intended to delicately ease your body into the workout without straining your muscles. The different pressure levels are likewise intended to improve your stamina and digestion system.

The pedals are wide to suit even the largest shoe sizes. They are outfitted with huge straps that give a comfortable and firm hold around your shoes. The same simple hold feature is reflected in the handlebars since these are truly textured and cushioned to give very much an ergonomic hold while counteracting friction and discomfort.

As is expected such a reasonable model, this specific bicycle has a constraining 240 pounds of greatest limit, which can be prohibitive for a few clients, and must be taken into consideration before purchase.

What are customers saying?

The clients have acknowledged and adored this bicycle. With an incredible score and powerful results, this item has been purchased, cherished and respected enormously.
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How to install this machine?

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike (Pink) P8100 -The right choice with greater weight limit! 3
This specific item does require a bit of effort to put together. Actually, while the greater numbers of Sunny’s products are not difficult to assemble, I for one found this bicycle took a long time to assemble. A guidelines manual is incorporated, however it still took me near to two hours to join the diverse parts together. On a more positive note, on the other hand, clients will get all the needed parts, drill, screws, wrenches and fasteners expected to assemble the bicycle.


Brilliantly hued and, all the more critically, upgraded with club-quality features, this specific product does give all that you need to rapidly get into shape and keep the weight off. Ideal for both dynamic competitors and novices or even elderly individuals, this machine additionally has the included selling point of guaranteeing next to no floor space.
All things considered, we truly enjoyed this beautiful bicycle’s execution and quality, despite the fact that what we didn’t prefer is its prohibitive most extreme limit, however we must call attention to the fact that you won’t discover anything better for such a cost. Notwithstanding, in the event that its most extreme limit is in fact prohibitive for you, we recommend you to check the Marcy Club Revolution, which at a still moderate cost offers an astounding 300 pounds of greatest limit.

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