The Facts Behind Spin And Fat

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One of today’s hot topics that is in discussion is that the spin class is the reason behind your weight. This is one of the important things that is disturbing a lot of people, even the celebrities that we see in our daily life in films and on TV.

Tracy Anderson is a well-known name when it comes to celebrity training. She discussed this issue in an interview with Redbook magazine. She commented that the popular and exclusive spinning classes can really lead to weight gain, especially in the thighs.

She also agrees with another well-known name and fitness expert, Michael Mantell who said that mostly the main motive behind the exercise is that most people have for this kind of exercise is to lose weight, but what happens can actually be counter-productive.

People lose weight along with muscle

People lose their fat along with their muscles and they think that they have lost the weight. But what happens actually is that they lose 40% of their muscles and 60% of weight. One important thing to mention is that Michael also performs his duties for the American Council Exercise as Fitness Consultant in the behavioral sciences.

Spin bikes increase muscles

One keen point that confuses most people is that, while doing spin bike exercise, weight to the thighs increases, and most people think that this is fat. This is not true. The thigh is a muscle, so keep this in mind. When one gains weight to the thighs, this is not fat. Rather, this is the increase in the muscles that makes the muscle stronger and keeps you fit.

Another point to understand is that while anyone is doing some exercise or any other workout, their hunger will increase and this is the point where most people gain weight because they normally are not able to control their diet and in spite of eating quality food, they eat anything according to their choice and mood. So this is the point where food matters and not the exercise. So what happens is that people blame any specific workout that they are doing for weight loss, rather than checking their diet plan.

Make a diet plan

People normally see celebrities as more fit and smarter. This is because they have a proper diet plan after having a workout or exercise. They strictly follow their plans, while when it comes to normal people they eat any food that they think is best for them and then start comparing their self with the celebrities and stars. So one should be careful about it and focus on their calorie intake.

So if anyone likes spin bike and does this exercise in their daily routine, then keep doing it and do not stop because it will make you more fit and healthier as compared to a normal and ordinary person. Cardio is very essential and plays a vital role in burning your calories in your daily routine and the spin bike gives you better fitness and increases your stamina.

Increase your spin exercise

If you do spinning then it is essential to increase your daily exercise and you can also do this three or four times in a week. If remaining fit and burning your calories is your goal then stick to it. Normally experts says that if you exercise well in your daily routine, then you will be able to do all your essential works properly in your life and even in the office.

While doing spinning or any other workout if you are thinking that you are not losing weight and you are gaining weight, remember that, according to Joe Cannon, an expert psychologist and trainer based in Philadelphia, this is very common. This is just because some people eat more calories when they are doing exercise or workout.

The important thing about spinning exercise or a spin workout is that normally an average person burns 410 to 610 calories in a normal workout. So it is better that you do a spinning workout three or four times a week so that you will burn around 1700 or above calories and this will make you healthier in your life.

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