Why is My Exercise Bike Squeaking?

Exercise Bikes are some of the most used equipment for fitness enthusiasts and even regular gym buffs. It helps to improve leg muscles, and it is excellent for cardio workouts. But, what happens when you hop on your favorite machine, and it starts squeaking, leaving you wondering why is my exercise bike speaking?

Why is my exercise bike squeaking? Exercise bikes consist of mechanical parts like bearings, chains, belts, etc. When these mechanical parts begin to wear out due to improper use, you will start to experience that squeaky noise.

Exercise bikes usually have parts that look the same; they may differ in how they are powered.

While some exercise bikes run on magnetic tension resistance, others run on air or direction tension resistance.

This variety of resistance mechanisms can affect the noise your exercise bike can make.

Misuse, improper handling, and mechanical faults can also affect the noise of your exercise bike.

Why Is My Exercise Bike Squeaking?

So, you are finally able to go to the gym after a long week of work. You want to burn off all those calories you might have accumulated from eating fast food. You hop onto your favorite exercise bike and begin to pedal, but you begin to hear a squeaking noise, and it gets worse with each pedaling.

There are several reasons exercise bikes can begin to squeak. They are machines, and like every other mechanically powered machine, they suffer from wear and rust.

Why is My Exercise Bike Squeaking

This article will list some of the primary reasons your exercise bike might be speaking, follow closely.

1. Bracket Problems

A Bad Bracket can be one of the leading causes of the squeaking noise you’re hearing from your bike. If you hear the noise when you are paddling, then it is most likely caused by a damaged bracket.

You don’t need to hurry to replace the bracket when you hear the squeaking noise. If the noise occurs when you push down your pedal, you can grease and tighten the bracket.

Bracket Problems

However, if you need to replace the side brackets, it is recommended that you get an experienced technician. If you are confident enough to do it yourself, make sure that you are using the right tools.

2. Loose Belt

Loose belts are a widespread problem when it comes to exercise bikes. Due to their stationery nature and consistent, enormous pressure applied on the belts when cycling, it can cause the belts to become loose.

loose belt

Continuing to cycle with a loose belt will cause a squeaky noise, and you don’t want that as a part of of your fitness experience.

You can remedy this by regularly lubricating, cleaning, and maintaining your exercise bike belt.

3. Jammed pedals

Dust, rust, and dirt can jam your exercise bike pedal and make them produce a knocking, squeaking sound.

Jammed pedals

When you hear a noise coming when you pedal, spin the pedals to see vertical play and sync between the two pedals. When jammed, they will be more difficult to rotate and need more force when pedaling.

If pedals get jammed, remove them and apply grease.

How Do You Fix A Squeaking Exercise Bike?

So, you’ve been able to figure out the question of why is my exercise bike squeaking now; the next thing you want to how you will fix that annoying squeak. Here are some tips that you should know;

  • Pedals and belts are usually the main culprits when your exercise bike is squeaking. If you discover that these are the cause of the squeaks, then you might have to strip the whole bike. Polish and clean, then make it a habit of polishing and cleaning at least bi-weekly.
  • Sometimes the belt can get cracked. If you discover this as the cause of the squeak, then the best course of action is to change the belt. But also as a way of maintaining your belt, always clean and lubricate it, check for loose nuts and broken parts as these might also cause noises.
  • Slippage of the belt can also cause squeaky noises. Slippage comes as a result of the pressure that you place on the bike when pedaling. If your electric bike belt slips off, it is best to change it. Before you do this, you must remember to switch it off if you’re using an electric-powered exercise bike.

Exercise bikes can be manual or electric powered. The electric-powered exercise bikes usually come with screens that display various information. If you’re looking to purchase exercise bikes with screen, below are some great ones you choose from;

1. Schwinn Ic4 Exercise Bike

Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Series

If you are looking for an affordable version of the famed peloton bike, look no further than the Schwinn 1c4 Cycling Bike. It boasts of a 40-pound flywheel. It is noiseless, so you get to enjoy your exercises with no noise.

The LCD screen allows you to connect to various apps on your phone through blue tooth, making this a perfect choice for those who love exercise bikes that have screens.

2. Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle S15i

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

Stylish yet functional, the nordictrack commercial studio cycle boasts of an HD screen which is a step up over the Schwinn 1C4. The fittings can be customized, which means you can customize the handlebars, display, and seat.

The speakers are loud and quality, giving you a clear audio output. You can also choose to connect your earphones to the jack.

3. Tacx Neo Bike Smart

Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer

The Tacx neo boasts incredible features. The Tacx can let your switch gears, allowing you the freedom to either increase or lower the difficulty.

It doesn’t, however, come with the most significant screen, but the screen still gives you the feature of connecting to apps like Zwift.

If you like a futuristic-looking bike with different sets of teeth that can let you simulate a road-like experience, then look no further than the Tacx neo.

4. Dmasun

DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Dmasun is an excellent alternative to the Peleton bike series. The Dmasun is a great choice if looking for an indoor exercise bike meant for the whole family.

It comes with an adjustable handlebar to avoid hindrance to whatever position you want to take when pedaling. You can sit, and you can also stand when you’re exercising.

It comes with an excellent LCD which will show real-time data like workout time, speed, calories burnt and distance covered. What more can you ask of in an exercise bike?

5. Cyclace Exercise Bike

 Cyclace Exercise Bike

When you talk about an exercise bike that guarantees balance, then you’re talking about the cyclase exercise bike. You don’t have to bother about what floor to place it on because the cyclace exercise bike comes with adjustable balancers.

The cyclace can balance a bodyweight of 330 pounds comfortably; it comes prepared with a triangular frame and a 36lbs flywheel.

It also comes with an LCD screen that will help you keep track of time, speed, distance covered, and calories burned.

6. Sunny Health And Fitness Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Evo-Fit Cardio Recumbent Bike

Are you on a tight budget? Yet you still want to keep in shape with an exercise bike? Then it would help if you got the Sunny health and fitness exercise bike.

Sunny health and fitness are less than 200 dollars but pull above their weight when offering amazing value for money.

The Bike allows you to either use resistance or not by simply turning a knob. The Bike comes packed with an LCD screen for monitoring speed, calories burnt, and distance.

You can also stream from the peloton app using the Tv of Sunny health and fitness. Sunny health and fitness truly provide bang for the buck.

If you have gotten this far in this article, then you must have known the most important things for fixing a squeaky exercise bike and even gotten to see some great picks for exercise bikes with screens.


The question, why is my exercise bike speaking should be a worry of the past if you made time to read through this guide and follow its recommendations. With the insights in this guide, you can turn things around and be on your way to enjoying smoother exercise bike riding.


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