About Us

What is Thebikewheel 

Welcome to the Thebikewheel! It’s an ideal place for the sportive and fitness care people. Here you’ll get the collection of the world’s best exercise bikes and their accessories. To operate this site and provide you reliable and researched-based data we formed a team. To form our team we hired a gym trainer to an exercise bike specialist and many resource people.

Our one and only mission are to provide you with the best exercise bike without wasting your energy and time. It doesn’t matter what sort of exercise bike you are looking for. Our team extensively researched and continuously researching to list all types of exercise bikes that you may need. All of our efforts and dedication will only succeed when we can guide you to pick the best exercise bike that you’re looking for.

Our Team

John Edwards

John is the founder of this site Thebikewheel. Basically, he’s a businessman, who runs an exercise bike selling and servicing center shop for almost 5 years. Before starting his business he worked as a technical adviser of a renowned exercise bike company. Actually, John created this site when he discovered that most of his exercise bike customers are not getting proper service from their exercise bike due to their lack of knowledge. As a single person, he can not communicate with all the people individually. So he chose this platform as a communication medium and tried to reach everyone. In this journey, John hired his friend Matt to collaborate with him. Who is basically a trainer of a fitness center. Along with them, there are more expert people John hired to run his site Thebikewheel. 

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Matt W. Fletcher

As we mentioned earlier that Matt is a Gym trainer. He has been in this profession for almost 8 years. As a trainer of a gymnastic center, he has to deal with these exercise bikes. Because of his practical dealing with these exercise bikes, he knows everything about these bikes. With his experience, he can assist us in selecting the right exercise bikes for a short person, average person, or for a long person. Matt worked with Thebikewheel as a leader of our expert team. Under his guideline, the research and expert team conduct their research. 

Michael J. Peterson

Michael is the head of our writing team. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in linguistics. Before joining here, Michael worked for three renowned newspapers and magazines. We actually hired him because he never compromised with writing. Whatever he wrote, he wrote it based on thorough research. Michael is the kind of person who even wants to learn while he’s sleeping. 

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Our Review Process

Research the Market First

Before listing any product on our site, we do deep market research about that product first. Our research team makes a complete study on the novelties of the market to identify the popular products and their brands. 

Determining the Key Features

The core features of any product actually explain what sort of benefits it brings for its user. So determining the key features of the product is one of the most important things that we do for every product review.  Through this way, our research team is able to determine which product is actually important for the customers.

Product Selection

Once our expert and research team complete the market research and determine the core feature of the product. They primarily enlisted the product on their account and forward them to the expert team for extensive research and analysis. In the selection process, we give higher priority to those products that are the best selling in the market and highly appreciated by their users. 

Analyzing Reviews

Review analysis is one of our fundamental tasks in our product review process. We have developed a system to detect unnatural reviews. So that our research team can only focus on the real buyer’s review. We note down the suggestions and warnings of the real buyer’s reviews and strictly follow this information while analyzing any product. 


In the research and analyzing time, we give a score to each of our products based on their features and positive site. In this ranking process, the best quality product gets the best rank.  

Reviews Writing 

Once we collect all the valid information about any products and after completing all the testing and analyzing procedures of that particular product. Our expert team forwarded it to our writing team. Then the writing team enlists the complete description and features of that product. 

Buying Guide

In our buying guide, we sum up all the information and research findings in one place in an organized manner. So that you get the ultimate guideline while selecting a product. 

Our Testing Methodology

Our testing methodology is very simple. We start with market research. Our team digs everywhere, where there is a chance for any reliable information about the product we are researching. Along with the product market, we searched in What Hi-Fi, CNET, Consumers report, independent and all other reliable sources. Once we complete the market research we look for core features of the product that are most important for the consumers. Once the core features are identified we primarily select some of the products of the top brands that are the best selling in the market. Later our research and expert team cross-checked the features of these products with the real buyer’s reviews. After that procedure, our team comes with some handpicked products that passed every test. Then finally, our writing team writes reviews and buying guides on that particular product that will surely fulfill your every requirement.