5 Things That Marketers Can Learn From Spin Bikes

Nothing comes to mind but fitness and workout whenever we talk about spin bikes.

In fact, some fitness enthusiasts were even least interested in spinning. There are so many reasons to hate it, but there are also so many reasons to love it.

If you are working in marketing (may it be as an employee or a company owner), then you just found 5 reasons to love spin bikes by simply reading this article.

Here are the marketing strategies that you can learn from spinning.

1. Set up the Bike

Determined young woman working out at spinning class against fitness interface

Setting up the fit of your bike is essential, especially, if you are a beginner.

Set the pedals, seat, and handlebars to what you find most comfortable. This will help you prevent injuries while benefiting from spin bike workout.

This is true in marketing as well.

Setting up your team where they are most comfortable will help them function at their best.

Assign tasks to each team depending on their strengths. This will prevent you from ending up with failed marketing projects.

2. Just Do It!

Spinning Instructor at GymBeginners find it frightening whenever they see spin bikers on their natural habitat – the gym.

Most of them even asked me, “Will spinning drive me crazy too?”

Spin bikes require you to go out of your comfort zone.

Like in marketing, you’ll end up nowhere if you don’t come out of the box. My suggestion, just do it!

It looks complicated, but it’s really simple and fun.

3. The Pain Is Not On the Legs

Do you think your legs with hurt after spinning? Wrong!

You will feel pain on your thighs more than your legs. In other words, you have to wear thigh supports as well.

In marketing, you’ll not feel the pain after the results or during the execution of your projects. You’ll feel it while planning and it’s not because of brainstorming, indecisions, and all that.

It’s because of the budget. Make sure you prepare or provide support to your treasury before moving forward.

4. Make Adjustments When Necessary

If you find the current tension no longer efficient, then adjust the tension knob and increase the bike’s impact. A simple quarter turn on the knob will make you feel like biking over a muddy road.

Is it too much? Is it too easy? Adjust it!

The same goes with marketing.

Are your initial plans too much to become successful? Then feel free to go back to the drawing board and adjust your plans.

5. Be Consistent

Cheering happy senior citizens with fitness trainer in gymGiving up is a big no, no in spinning. You should not stop after 1 or 2 attempts.

Be consistent with your fitness plans and stay in your course! At the end of the course, you’ll reap the rewards that are truly worth working for.

In marketing, you have to be consistent in your activities as well. If you plan to promote online on a daily basis, then stay with it and don’t miss a single day.

You won’t notice it but sooner or later, you’ll be surprised that it’s already the day when you harvest the fruits of your hard work.

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