How To Make Spin Bike Seat More Comfortable?

Portrait of a tired woman drinking water while working out at spinning class in gymI love doing exercises at home because it is more convenient. For people who don’t want to go outside regularly, spinning is one of the typical workouts if you don’t want to stick on the treadmill for such a long time. Last weekend, I had met some friends in college, they all said they had pain **down there**. Well, it was bad :(.

I have to admit that I have had the pain as well. However, when knowing how to adjust the machine and workout in a correct way, it will be easier for you. And I found it very easy to limit the pain. Here are some essential tips of mine for you to consider:

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1. Choose the appropriate size of seat

spinbike-seatIn fact, people often choose to pick up the seat which has small size. To illustrate, the small surface area will make users find it easier when spinning during their workout time. In contrast, a bigger seat is not only heavier, but cause lots of friction while pedaling as well. And individuals will start to swipe from this side to another when spinning; this will lower the energy and make you exhausted in such a short period of time.

Therefore, when buying the spin bike, make sure that you choose the appropriate seat size. Or you can have the seller picked up the most suitable size with your body.

2. Apply chamois creams

When applying creams such as Vaseline or chamois on the seat, it will help reducing friction and movement between two sides over and over again. Indeed, friction causes damages not only to the saddle, but also to your body. Individuals start to feel hurt which make them want to give up doing exercises.

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3. Gel Seat Cover

seat-coverThe most important thing when practicing with machine is that users must feel comfortable all the time. To illustrate, the seat (saddle) is the common part which annoy most people. For most people, they can get using to wear this thing after a short time.

This can be used even when you want to cycle outside the house. Using the seat cover will make users think that they are seating on a soft cloud. Best investment ever! I know some of you were scared to try spinning because of all the pain experience, and I really hope you’ll reconsider. After wearing this seat cover, I got a great workout and honestly, I have zero pain right now.

4. Seat height

This is the basic way to enhance the safety and convenience during the time. You can figure out the height by placing your feet on the pedal and spin until one leg goes down to the bottom level of your pedal stroke. It is important that individuals should bend the knee a little when spinning around your pedal stroke.

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3 thoughts on “How To Make Spin Bike Seat More Comfortable?”

  1. Not comfortable when The bike seat puts part of your leg and foot to sleep. That’s not whining. That’s *do something* territory.

  2. I find that gel seat covers don’t work because they don’t provide any support. While they feel cushy to the touch, there is no “push back” on my sit bones. I have tried padded cycling shorts, but don’t like the way they look and they are expensive. I’ve started to use a new type of seat cover that uses the same medium/high density foam used in those padded cycling shorts. The product is called Komfy. Check it out here


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