Shoes And Clothes For Indoor Cycling

If there is one activity that is taking the fitness world by storm it is indoor cycling. Several people are spending their workout hours on a indoor cycling bike to shed calories or just to stay fit. You can choose to take up indoor cycling in studios or get a suitable indoor cycling bike that you can use at home as well. While cycling indoor, it is a common misconception that no injuries can occur unlike when you are wrestling or other combat activities. Truth-be-told you can damage your body in small ways that can lead to long-term problems if not addressed properly.

Most part of avoiding injuries is to choose the right kind of indoor cycling bike that you work out on. You clothes and shoes are also important to avoid injuries. You can also pick up a good water bottle that will hold sufficient water for you for an hour’s worth of workout. This bottle can be stashed away in the bottle holder in your indoor cycling bike. This ensures that you are well hydrated and do not pass out while working out. Here is a guide to help you understand how you can choose the right clothes and shoes when you cycling indoor.

Clothes During Indoor Cycling


Most people you see working out never wear skirts and blouses when cycling indoor. It would be rather an odd sight to see them if they did. Men don’t wear formal shirts and pants either. Apart from the fear of not getting sweat stains on their clothes, comfort plays a very important role. The clothes that you buy should be for your size and height. It is vital that the clothes that you pick are fitting and comfortable for you to wear. Do take into account that when you lose weight while cycling indoor, you are also going to need a new set of clothes. Therefore, you might want to watch your budget when buying clothes initially for indoor cycling. Below are tips on choosing the right indoor cycling clothes for men as well as women:

– The clothes that you wear need to fit the body snug.
– There should not be loose ends that can get caught in the moving parts of the indoor cycling bike or even in your limbs.
– The material should be expandable to allow your skin to breathe and not constrict your body.
– Men should opt to wear clothes like shorts or well fitted track pants.
– Women can wear shorts or tights that do not hang from their bodies.
– Women should also choose a suitable sports bra to keep their upper body from moving too much and causing minor injuries.
– The balance of the body should be maintained by tucking in all extra bits to be one with the body.
– Choose clothes that can absorb sweat as well.
– There are several stores you can purchase the right kind of clothes you are going to need for a indoor cycling workout.
– Many men and women also like to choose cut-off tops or tight fitted t-shirts to wear when cycling indoor as the interference that comes with these clothes is limited.

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Shoes For Indoor Cycling


As much as many people are tempted to cycle bare footed, it is not advisable. Even if you are cycling at home in your leisure time, shoes play a very important role in ensuring that you are injury free. Many people face injuries in their legs when they cycle because of improper shoes. The most popular shoe brands that people pick for indoor cycling are Nike and Adidas shoes for running and cycling.

Though the shoes can be little more expensive because of the big brand names, you can also find a suitable shoe from a smaller and cheaper brand. Some people also like to jazz up their shoes when they buy them. They can do whatever they want to their shoes unless nothing in the shoes obstructs their indoor cycling time.

Choosing the right shoes and wearing them when cycling can help you cycle in a comfortable stride and ensure that you are safe as well. The shoes are strapped into the pedals on your indoor cycling bike and it is important they are the right shoes. You can choose from a variety of shoes that are available in a physical store or even an online store. Here are tips to choose the right shoes for indoor cycling.

– Most people wear sneakers when they cycling. However, as it can be convenient to wear plain multipurpose sneakers, you can opt to wear running shoes instead.
– Running shoes are safer to wear when cycling.
– Running shoes are also said to give your body a better workout than other shoes.
– DO NOT wear dress shoes as it can cause bad injuries and cause your feet to slip.
– Cycling shoes are different from regular sneakers because of the hard soles that they have.
– The hard soles of the shoes ensure that the body weight is evenly distributed.
– The shoes when worn properly and strapped into the pedals make sure that they give your glutes and hamstrings a great workout.
– Tennis shoes and other sneakers only fit half of your feet into the straps and can cause your feet to accidentally slip out while cycling at high speeds.
– Make sure that your shoes are also well fastened with the help of shoelaces.
– Loose shoe laces can cause the lace to get caught in the moving parts or even cause your feet to move while pedaling.
– Many running and cycling shoes have Velcro for added support along with laces.
– Your shoes should be snug and fit your feet well.
– The shoes should not be too big or too small in size.
– Look for shoes that have extra cushioning if you are looking for more comfort.
– The top shoes that many people are buying these days is Shimano and Duran shoes. These are one of the top online selling indoor cycling shoes for people to wear.

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