Some Simple Rules to Avoid Injury during Spin Bike Workout

injuriesSpin bikes are popular piece of equipment that is ideal for indoor cycling exercise. It is a very safe indoor exercise and is a very popular choice with fitness-conscious people. But it is not totally impossible to get injured by using a spin bike. There are some techniques and precautions you need to maintain, otherwise you may get hurt easily.

Let’s see how we can get injured and how we can avoid these injuries while doing spin bike workouts.

  • Focus on your hands and legs’ easy movement
    While you are positioning yourself on the bike, focus on your hands and legs. You should make sure that you can easily grasp the handle with your hands and place your feet on the pedals comfortably. Comfortable position will help you to avoid any type of injury.
  • Use special cycling shoes
    Special cycling shoes will help you to avoid injuries as they allow you to clip into the pedals. It will also make you comfortable and confident while you are exercising.
  • Stop over-doing the cycling
    You should maintain a regular cycling limit in terms of speed and duration. Do not do excessive cycling at any time. It will make you tired and exhausted and there is a greater chance of being hurt.
  • Take rest while facing hip or knee pain
    If you face some sort of pain due to cycling in your hips or knees, you should take a break for a while. Take a break for a few days and start again when you are fully recovered.
  • Get suggestion from your Physician
    It’s better to take advice from physicians before starting any type of exercise, as they know the condition of your health best and they can recommend the right exercise for you.It is a fact that people with severe leg or back injuries should not undertake cycling.spin
  • Check out the position of your seat
    Before you start cycling, you should check out the position of the seat. If it is too high or too low for you, it will cause injury to your knees and back. Put it in a comfortable place so that you can avoid these unexpected hip, back and knee joint injuries.
  • Keep your feet parallel to the ground
    While you are cycling, you should keep your feet parallel to the ground and you should bend your knees slightly to feel comfortable in the position. This will also help you to avoid knee injuries.
  • Raise Handlebars
    If you have any previous health problem with your shoulders, back or neck, you should raise the handlebars slightly. This will help you to avoid stress on these injured body-areas while you are cycling. This is applicable especially when you are totally new to this workout.
  • Put your maximum weight on legs and hips
    Putting excessive weight on your wrists can greatly hamper to your health. You should put the maximum weight of your body on your legs and hips. This will ensure a healthy and comfortable position for cycling.
  • Place your hips in the right position
    Before starting riding, you should place your hips correctly on the seat so that you can move easily and with great freedom. This will help you to avoid pain in your hips and back.
  • Position your spine straight
    The position of your back-bone should be straight. If you bend it down while cycling, that may cause pain or even fracture the backbone. So, keep it straight while riding on a spin bike.
  • Follow the instruction of your instructor about resistance
    Do not extend the allowed time for cycling for the purpose of getting a fit body within a very short time. It will cause harm to your muscles. So, you should obey the time schedule instructions given by your instructor.
  • Control the riding speed
    You should not ride on a spin bike like a race. As you are exercising, you should obey the upper speed limit. Excessive speed can cause pain in muscles and even cause tearing of your muscles sometimes.
  • Get accustomed to riding with rhythms in music
    Every Gym plays their specially chosen music tracks while an exercise session is going on. This is because the instructor wants to spread the rhythms of the music in the workout of the riders so that they can feel relaxed and enjoy the time. It also helps to avoid injuries through over speeding or over-riding.
  • Be cautious about your outfit at the time of riding
    You should not wear tight jeans or t-shirt at the time of the exercise session. Wear appropriate clothes that are comfortable and suitable for Gym to avoid unwanted spin bike injuries.
  • Shortening the session
    Shortening the exercise session due to lack of time is very bad. It will directly impact on the muscles that are used to get a certain length of exercise time.This may cause you to feel pain in different muscles of your body.

Thus you have to maintain many rules and follow many techniques to keep yourself away from any injury while you are practicing spin bike riding every day. Among these, the positioning of your hands, legs, hips, neck, shoulders, feet and other body parts are very important to focus on. You may get injured with any type of pain or vascular malfunction at any time if you fail to be concerned about the position of your body.

If you abide by these above stated rules and instructions, you may hope to have a successful and enjoyable spin bike riding session without any mishaps and injury.

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