Spin Bike Routine For Beginners: What’s Next after Buying a Spin Bike?

I assume you’re already done in setting up your spin bike at home so let me guide you on where to start as a beginner.


First and foremost, don’t jump ahead. Be patient and thoroughly stretch first. You should make stretching as your opening ritual of your spin bike routine.

A spin bike is an effective workout equipment, but it will also put your body to the test. Failing to warm up your body may lead to serious body aches and minor injuries.

With that being said, let’s now proceed to the beginner routine.

Day 1: Aim for 20 – 30 minutes

For starters, 20 – 30 minutes of cycling on spin bikes is enough. Set the flywheel’s resistance to a value which allows you to cycle for 30 minutes.

Remember that there’s no definite value here because a certain level of resistance may be too much for your body while too light for another beginner.

If you feel like the resistance is too heavy, then adjust it to help you achieve that 30-minute workout.

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Day 2: Pedal Faster

Increase your pedaling speed on the next day. You have to keep your 30-minute limit for now with the same resistance level to that of Day 1.

Our aim here is to help your body in becoming accustomed to the spin bike.

Day 3 and Onwards: Make It 5 Minutes Longer Each Day

With the same pedaling speed from Day 2, add 5 minutes to your workout. You might feel the resistance lighter than before on Day 3 so I suggest you increase the resistance a little higher.

If you’re still not accustomed with the current flywheel’s resistance, then feel free to keep it for now.

You can stop adding 5 minutes to your routine once you reach 45 minutes of working out. This timeframe is enough for you to burn 750 – 1000 calories each day. If you started at 30 minutes, then you’ll be at this stage by Day 5. For those who aimed for 20 minutes, you should be here at Day 7.

Day 5 or Day 7: Switch between Fast and Regular Cycling

imagesAfter reach 45 minutes, you can now start doing intervals.

Begin your routine with a regular pedaling speed at the first 5 minutes, then switch to a faster pace for the next 10 minutes. After which, go back to regular pacing for another 5 minutes and continue this alternate workout until you reach your 45-minute mark.

As a beginner, you keep your spin bike routine like that for now until you become ready for the advanced spin bike workout.

Don’t forget to wear fitted clothes. I personally prefer a tank top and an indoor cycling shorts. This will allow your body to freely move in comfort.

Baggy clothes will destroy your cycling experience and they may also get stuck on the spin bike when performing a rigorous workout.

Just keep all these things in mind and you’ll find that one week is enough for you to jumpstart from being a beginner to a passionate spin biker.

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