Spin Bike Weight Loss Sucess Stories

Spin bike training is not a simple routine and it needs more than schedule and willingness to lose some weight. People who lost a great amount of weight from spin biking developed dedication due to a breaking point experience.

Let me share with their stories and what made them decide to lose weight via indoor cycling.



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Jacqueline is a 25-year old mom who was overweight since childhood. She was unhappy since she was always teased with regards to her weight.

After giving birth to her first child, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which made her decide that it’s time to do something.

The first step she took is the spin cycling of more than 5 miles every morning. She complimented her spin bike routine with a diet plan to limit the build-up of calories in her body. She almost gave up with spin cycling since she’s also doing cardio early in the morning. However, whenever she wears her workout clothes; she notices that she needs to burn more. Hence, she never stopped spin cycling.

After 9 months of hard work, she manages to go down to 160 pounds coming from 260 pounds. Until now, she maintains her weight around 150 to 160 pounds by keeping her workout routine. Her personal workout tip is to drink water. According to her, she drinks about 100 ounces of water daily. She also suggests keeping track of your calorie intake. Burn more and take fewer calories – that’s her principle.

Cindy Tarantino


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Cindy is a 35-year old woman who knew that she was not in good health for having a weight of 160 pounds when she was still 17. At age 20, she even hit 200 pounds. She ventured into different dietary options for women until she realized that she was hoping for weight loss promises that really don’t exists.

Her breaking point was in the year 2001 when she was invited by her co-workers to a cycling class. She was hooked into it right after her first indoor cycling class.

Cindy decided to stick with spin bike workout for 6 months, burning calories at least 5 times a week. She managed to lose 30 pounds by cycling alone. After a while, she decided to compliment her workout routine with a healthy diet. She began eating fruits and vegetable salads daily. She avoided eating chicken skins and fast food. Whenever she craves for sweets, she rather goes for an apple instead of candies.

According to her, it’s important to have fun when working out. She recommends that you go for an activity you will love and stick with it. For her, it was spin bike cycling and she had fun cycling indoors. She also recommends not to check the scale every after a workout. It is important to have fun instead of being obsessed with numbers. If you have fun working out, you won’t be able to notice that you’re already losing a lot of pounds.

Would you like to share your personal spin bike weight loss story? Share it with us by posting a comment below. Don’t forget to share your personal tips too in order to maximize the effects of spin bike cycling routine.

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