The 8 Best Spin Bike Workout Routines for Home Exercise

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Do you have a spin bike but find it too boring to ride? You need to know about the best spin bike workout routines for home workouts.

A good spin bike gives you access to tons of workout options. If you want something short, long, or in between, you can make it happen with a spin bike.

The Best Spin Bike Workout Routines

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Whether you just got a spin bike or have had one for years, selecting the best workout routine can be tough. You have to consider your bike and your workout ability.

The right bike can make a huge difference, but it’s important to combine that with a good routine. But what works for someone else might not work for you.

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Here are a few spin bike workout routines for home to consider.


A good place to start is with a general 30-minute spin bike routine for home bikes. If you’re new to spin bike workouts, you don’t need to go crazy for your first few rides.

This workout starts with a four-minute warmup. You’ll sit for the warmup and place your hands on the handles. Start with light resistance as you get used to the bike.

For the next four minutes, you’ll increase the bike’s resistance. Sit for the first minute, but then switch between sitting and standing every 60 seconds.

Next, decrease the resistance and sit down while riding at a fast pace for three minutes. At 11 minutes, stand for a minute and jog at a light pace.

For the next two minutes, you can sit and start with a low pace and light resistance. Add more resistance every 30 seconds but maintain a slow or moderate riding pace.

From minutes 14 to 17, you can stand up and ride at a slow pace. Every minute, increase your resistance so that it’s very heavy. Now, start back at the first time you decrease resistance and repeat these steps.

At this point, you’re 26 minutes in, and you will decrease the bike’s resistance while keeping a very fast riding pace. Stand up for two minutes, then ride the last two minutes sitting down.

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Muscular endurance

If you want to build muscle, consider this next workout. Start with an eight-minute warmup by riding at a moderate pace. After that, start riding at 90 rotations per minute (RPM) and get 5 paces faster every 20 seconds.

At the 10 minute mark, you should reach 120 RPMs. Next, slow down to 90 RPMs and slowly increase your bike’s resistance every 30 seconds.

Take the next three minutes to recover by riding at a slower pace. You can repeat the pace and resistance increase sequences along with the recovery time to end up with a 30-minute or 1-hour spin bike routine for home rides.

Finish off the workout with a five-minute cool-down session. That way, you can end the routine feeling good.

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Overall endurance

This workout is a great option if you want to increase endurance throughout your body. However, you can shorten it to be a 10-minute spin bike home routine to save time.

To do this workout in 10 minutes, start with two or three minutes to warm up. Take the next minute to ride at a moderate pace with the same amount of resistance.

Give yourself 30 seconds to recover before pushing a little harder for the following 90 seconds. Spend another 30 seconds recovering. Then, spend 120 seconds at a moderate pace but with more resistance.

Now, you can take another two or three minutes to cool down for a total of 10 minutes. If you want, you can stop there. However, you can increase your warmup and cool down times to five minutes.

Then, you can repeat the middle sections as many times as you need to reach 30 minutes or an hour. That way, you can work on your endurance.

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HIIT spin workout

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) works well on a spin bike. This workout is another flexible option, so you can make it work no matter how much time you have.

Start with a warmup for up to five minutes. Then, spend the next four minutes rotating between riding and recovering. In each 30-second section, you’ll ride for 20 seconds and recover for 10.

After that, you can spend one minute recovering from the workout. Repeat the workout and recovery sections once more.

Now, you can do a similar rotation. However, you’ll spend 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off for 4 minutes. Give yourself a minute to recover then repeat this section of the routine.

Finish with one minute where you ride as fast as you can. Then, cool down for five minutes. This will give you a 30-minute spin bike routine for home, but you can adjust the repetitions to make the workout shorter or longer.

Speed workout

If you want a 10-minute spin bike workout, consider focusing on your speed. You can take about two to three minutes to warm up by sitting and riding at a moderate pace.

Take the next six minutes to rotate between a fast sprint and a slow ride. You’ll make the switch between those speeds every 30 seconds.

Then, you can take the last two or three minutes of your ride to cool down. Ride at a slow pace so that you don’t wear yourself out too much.

If you have more energy or time, you can repeat the sections where you sprint and rest. However, you can make a lot of progress on your speed with a shorter session.

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Beginner workout

If you like to use music during your workouts, you’ll love this one. It’s a great choice for both beginners and people with spin experience.

For most of the ride, you’ll ride to the beat of the following songs in order:

  • Baauer: Body (70 RPM)
  • HAIM: Pray to God (56 RPM)
  • Steve Aoki: 2 in a Million (99 RPM)
  • R3HAB: Sending My Love (Afro-Jack Edit) (115 RPM)
  • RL Grime: Light Me Up (70 RPM)
  • Kelsey Lu: Due West (Skrillex Remix) (52 RPM)
  • Peking Duck: Fake Magic (100 RPM)
  • Majid Jordan: My Imagination (60 RPM)
  • Kanye West: Lost in the World (60 RPM)

You can sprint during Pray to God and Lost in the World. Keep that faster pace until the song slows down.

If you don’t like this playlist, you can find songs with similar tempos. Then, you can ride for about 30 to 36 minutes.

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Cardio workout

You can also incorporate cardio into your spin bike workout routine. Whether you want to use music or not, you can alternate between riding and doing cardio off your bike.

Start riding at a moderate pace for a few minutes, then increase your speed to a fast pace. After a few minutes of that, spend the next few minutes switching between 20 lunges and 20 alternating reverse lunges.

Spend the next few minutes riding the bike at a moderately fast pace. Next, spend three or four minutes doing 30 seconds each of the following:

  • Plank
  • Shoulder taps
  • Mountain climbers
  • Reverse plank

For the next few minutes, ride at a very fast pace. Then, spend another few minutes doing 20 single-leg deadlifts and 20 glute bridges. Go back and forth between the two during that time.

Next, spend a few minutes riding at a slow to moderate pace. Finally, try to more than double your previous pace for the last few minutes of your workout.

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Hill workout

Just because you want to do the best spin bike workout routines for home, doesn’t mean you have to give up riding hills. You can spend time on your bike and adjust the resistance to make it feel like you’re riding on a hill.

This workout goes well with music, but you can ride without it as well. For the first few minutes, ride at a moderate pace and set your bike to moderate or heavy resistance.

Slow your pace for the next few minutes, but slightly increase the resistance. Next, increase your pace to almost double, but reduce your resistance to a medium amount.

Increase your resistance to very heavy, but slow your speed by a little over a third. A few minutes later, speed up a little while decreasing your resistance. Slow down to almost half the speed, make the resistance very heavy.

Spend another few minutes with a slightly slower speed but still heavy resistance. Reduce your resistance to medium and increase your speed. Finally, speed up even more and finish the ride with light or medium resistance.

How to Choose the Best Spin Bike Workout Routines for Home Rides

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Selecting the best workout routine can be difficult, whether you use a spin bike or not. You have a lot of options, from existing routines to creating your own.

Before you decide which routine to try, consider a few factors. That way, you can make the most of your time on your bike, and you can enjoy the benefits of working out.

Here are a few things to think about and compare.


Think about how much experience you have riding a spin bike and working out overall. If you’re new to the sport, you may want to start with a shorter or easier routine.

As you gain experience, you’ll be able to build endurance and muscle to handle more advanced rides. But if you already have that experience, you won’t need to start with a beginner routine.

Spin bike workouts are great for people with all levels of experience. If you’re willing to learn and take the time to ride, you can find a workout routine for you.


You should consider your goals along with your experience. If you want to work out to build endurance, you may want to find longer rides to help with that.

But if your goal is to manage working out with a busy schedule, you may need something shorter. If you want to lose weight, you should consider rides that involve cardio or can help you burn more calories.

When your goals change, so should your workout routine. Refer to some of the different routines here for inspiration. Then, you can select a routine that works for your current goals.


Another important factor is the spin bike you’ll use for your rides. If you have a basic stationary bike, consider how fast it can go and if you can adjust the resistance. Then, you can choose workouts that your bike can handle.

When you have a more complex spin bike, you can do more things with it. You can play music right from the bike, and you can change the settings to customize your workout.


If you want to listen to music while you ride, consider if a workout allows for that. Some workouts have a perfect setlist ready for you, like the beginner workout.

However, consider if you like those songs or if you want to swap them out. Then, you can find songs for your workout or vice versa.

While any music can be motivating, it helps to have a playlist you enjoy. If you have to listen to songs you don’t like, you won’t have a good time, and you won’t keep up with your workout routine.


Another important factor when deciding on a workout routine is the time you have. On the one hand, you should consider how much time you can spend riding.

Think about your daily schedule and if you will need to start with a shorter ride. You should consider the time it takes to get ready for your workout as well. That way, you don’t have to cram your workout into your day.


Don’t give up on spin workouts if the first one isn’t right for you. Instead, find other workouts that suit your goals and experience.

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If you can’t find anything or hit a plateau, you can even create your own. Find a playlist you like and choose exercises to form a unique ride.

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The best spin bike workout routines for home rides can depend on your needs and preferences. However, there are tons of routines, so you’re sure to find something.

Whether you’re a beginner or not, spin bike workouts can help you get in shape and feel good. Consider a few workout routines next time you need some inspiration.

Do you have a favorite spin bike routine? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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