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Spinning is an efficient way to make you focus on your fitness especially in the winter. As the winter rumbles in and the daylight hours are threatened, then it’s vital that one should have an organized working out plan that keeps you striving, motivated and in complete control of your strengths so that you can achieve your set goals for a better life.

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Spinning in winter is a great technique to shatter the cold and improve your fitness. There are many ways that you can use your spin bike for a perfect workout and exercise by enhancing your skills and increasing your stamina. The following are some of the ways that you can use a spin bike to get better fitness.

Emphasis on the pedal stroke

pedal strokeThe first important part is not to focus on the steering or on the balance of the bike. Instead, you should spend a little time before you begin exercise pedalling with just a single leg and avoiding use of both of the legs.

Use each leg, one by one, and warm yourself up for around 35 seconds. After that, focus on the perfect pedalling technique for around 40 seconds using both of your legs. Here one important point to note is that you should stop or slow down when switching from one leg to another.

Convert the fast twitch fibers

When it comes to spin bikes, most bikes have semi or totally fixed cranks and due to this your legs are carried through a circle. This allows you to perform bursts of faster paces.

This is because of the skill and technique and not due to power. It is important to remember this because working out this way will improve your fast twitch fibers, especially when they are tired. This helps to improve your skills and technique.

Tabata Workout

Tabata is a name that is inspired by an experienced Exercise Physiologist (Izumi tabata). This is one of the best exercises and the most effective bike spin fitness skill that has ever been made. It shows better results in the improvement of the skills and especially in the fitness of a person.

It starts with a warm up that involves around four and half to five minutes spinning. Next you should raise the tension (gear ratio) and sprint for around 25 seconds. After doing this you would have to stop for a few seconds. This exercise includes a total of eight rounds, with a rest of a few seconds after each round.

If you have completed the workout in the right way and you have used all the short intervals of rest, then you will experience harder breathing than you ever had experienced in your life after the complete eight rounds. This makes you fitter and is also known as High Intensity Interval Training.

Keep hold of your workout

The essential part of your workout is that you should have a complete control over your workout and not let the workout control your strengths and weaknesses. If you have a schedule that you have to spend ten minutes on the spin bike then stick to it. If you have this discipline, says Eric, a well-known name when it comes to coaching, no one can stop you. Eric is also has the honor of being an EK Endurance Coach.

Keep in mind that the flywheel has a tension and you have to control that tension, so be ready and prepare to keep that intensity and strength according to your body. You should not focus on becoming an expert in just a few minutes, hours or days. It takes a lifetimes to achieve perfection and it is the practice that makes perfect, so keep practicing and try within your limits.

Focus on these four important points in your indoor training sessions in the winter and become a superior cyclist or achieve your fitness back. These are tested and proved techniques and skills that you can use in whichever of the indoor cycling setup of your choice that work best for you.

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