How Many Calories do you Burn on an Exercise Bike [For 15 Min]

Only having the best exercise bike will not be enough to burn your calories unless you don’t know how to make it more functional for your body. Whether you use an exercise bike for building muscle or losing weight, you need to know how many calories do you burn on an exercise bike. Though many people go through 30 minutes or 45 minutes of bike riding, we will also discuss how you get the best result in just 15 minutes riding.

Amount Of Calories Burned Riding An Exercise Bike

There is no doubt about calorie burning and weight loss using an exercise bike. But do you know how many calories you can burn per minute riding an exercise bike? In general, you can burn approximately 8.6 to 12.4 calories every minute, riding a stationary bike. That means in 15 minutes; you can burn 130 to 185 calories. However, the amount of calorie-burning varies from person to person depending on one’s beginning weight and resistance level during the workout session.

How Many Calories do you Burn on an Exercise Bike

Slow And Steady Vs. Fast And Intense

A lot of research has been conducted so far to know which exercise method is the best- Slow and steady or fast and intense. Though different studies show different results, high-intensity exercise does a better job than low-intensity exercise when it comes to burning fat. High-intensity exercise is also better for improving cardiovascular health.

However, depending on the strength of your body, you can also follow a slow and steady method to burn calories and lose weight. It also works well, certainly better than those who are not that much regular in exercise or bike riding. You can also choose any method as per your preference. If you want to achieve your workout goals quickly, the fast and intense method is for you. But if you don’t have hurriedness to achieve your goals, the slow and steady method will be great without putting in a lot of effort.

How To Use A Stationary Bike For Weight Loss?

Your output of bike riding or how many calories does you burn on an exercise bike mostly depends on the effective use of an exercise bike. There are several useful ways of using a stationary bike for weight loss that is mentioned below:

  1. If you are a beginner, you should start with a low-intensity method for 5-10 minutes of pedaling. Then follow medium intensity for 5 minutes and then high-intensity for 1-2 minutes. Then gradually continue the medium and high-intensity several times or as many times as you can. Then you should finish riding with a low-intensity level again for 5 minutes.
  2. For weight loss, you should try a high-intensity technique to burn your fat. However, you can also follow the slow method of 5-10 minutes low and 3-5 minutes of high intensity and then repeating the process to lose your weight. But in this case, you need to go through the exercise for more days.
  3. For interval training, after you built-up your fitness, you can start riding your bike with 10 minutes of low intensity and then 2 minutes of high-intensity workout. Once again, you can have 2 minutes of low intensity and then 2 minutes of high-intensity workout for 3-4 times. Then end the session with a 5-10 minute low-intensity workout.

How To Maximize Calorie Burn?

A stationary bike is a great option to burn your calories. You can easily maximize your calorie burn by following some ideas that we have provided at different points here:

  • Most of the time, everyone relies on the handlebars too much through which only a few muscles get a good workout. In this case, your legs and core don’t engage in the desired workout. So you should ease off the handlebars if you want to maximize your calorie burn.
  • Keeping your core engaged in the workout is important. You can keep it more engaged by raising your back even slightly while you are riding. It will also be great to try different seated and unseated positions to engage your core better.
  • You should follow a pre-programmed workout session instead of challenging it every day. Though biking is sometimes more fun and sometimes boring, you should follow the routine and not sacrifice exercising even if you get tired or don’t get the usual fun.
  • Another good idea is to use light hand weights. Instead of resting your hands, you can go through hands-free or resting your hands on the handlebars lightly to maximize your calorie burn. It’s a better option to carry some weight while riding or cycling. After that, you can gradually increase the weight to get the maximum result.

Different Styles Of Indoor Cycling To Burn Calories

You can follow different styles to burn more calories at a faster time. More intense workouts are always better for quick calorie burn and weight loss. But everyone cannot have that many intense workouts. However, you can go through any of the following riding styles to burn your calories:

Style 1: Moderate Speed

Moderate speed level is for those who want to burn calories steadily and don’t have any hastiness in their workout goals. By following this style, you can burn 100-150 calories in just 15 minutes of riding your bike. You can also increase the number of your workout session to maximize your calorie burn.

Style 2: Higher Speed

In this riding style, you have to maintain more accelerated pedaling than the previous one. Following this riding style, you can burn 200-225 calories in just 15 minutes. However, as much as you increase your workout session, as many calories you can burn. This style is for those who want to lose their Weight quickly than others.

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight?

The amount of time to lose your Weight depends on some common factors such as your current Weight, food habit, lifestyle, workout goals, body resistance capacity, etc. If your current weight is too heavy and you want to follow a slow and steady method, it will take comparatively much time to lose weight.

But if your body has more resistance capacity and you can handle intense workout, then your calorie-burning time will be lower. Though there is no specific time limit to lose your weight, you will get a good result if you go through 15 minutes of bike riding every day for several months.

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Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have come to know how effective an exercise bike is to burn your calories and lose weight. However, to achieve your fitness goals, you should know how many calories do you burn on an exercise bike. No matter which riding style you choose or how much time you spend on riding, you should find a setting that will challenge you.

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