6 Supreme Lower Body Workouts For Beginners | Tips & FAQ’S

There are enough lower body workouts you can add to your regular workout routine. These workouts are helpful in making your various body parts stronger and good looking. Such as, butts, hips, legs and some major muscles. The muscles that are going to get muscular are hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. An interesting fact about these exercises is that you can easily do these lower body exercises at home.

6 Supreme Lower Body Workouts For Beginners

The regular lower body workout won’t let you tired too early and you will be able to walk as much as you can with comfort. Furthermore, if you are fond of cycling, running and sports like football. You are the one who must give a try to lower body workouts. The list of lower body exercises contains various exercises. Therefore, you can choose the one that suits you the most. Doing various lower body workouts at home is more beneficial.

There is an essential question that everyone used to ask. Which one is the best lower body workout. And the answer to this question is “ a lower body workout that satisfies you the most is the best one”. Therefore, we are going to enlighten various easy lower body exercises. So that you can choose the one that is according to your plan and imagination. In return, we want you to go through each of the exercises for the lower body before choosing one.

Top Lower Body Exercises

The exercises for the lower body we are going to enlighten are easy to perform and beneficial as well. People used to do these drills in the gym with various gym tools. Such as dumbbells, barbells and Recumbent Bikes. A recumbent Bike is one of the most favorable machines when it comes to lower body endurance exercises. Moreover, it is capable of making some major muscles strong as well.

An interesting fact about these drills is that you can perform these exercises. In case you have not access to the machines like Recumbent Bike. But you need to be consistent with your workout routine. So that you can achieve all the benefits related to the workouts. Furthermore, many of the drills are capable of being done by yourself. Here’s the first drill,

1. Lunge Exercise With Dumbbells

Lunge Exercise With DumbbellsFirst of all, we will let you know which parts get affected with this exercise. This is among the best lower body workouts that communicate with the hips, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. During this exercise, you need to be stabilized while doing it. We will escort you with the best way of doing this exercise for a muscle in your lower body.

  1. First of all, make sure to fill both of your hands with dumbbells and stand up on your feet like an arrow. Make sure that your arms are hanging perfectly while the palms inside your body cladding with the thighs.
  2. The next step is the one you will be continuing for a specific time of period. In this step, you need to step forward your right leg like you bend the knee in a normal routine. This step should continue until your thigh is in a parallel shape to the floor. This process will continue with the second legs as well.
  3. Depart from the right heel and engage with the hamstrings, core and glutes. Keep doing this step and then come back to the position from where you started it.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the workout of your first leg. You need to continue this drill with the second leg as well. But make sure to perform this step various times or until you are satisfied with your workout.

2. Split Squat

Split SquatYou will surely find this workout among the easy lower body exercises. While doing this drill, you need a chair or a platform where you can place your one leg. Throughout this exercise, you will be standing on one leg all the time. Later on, you can switch your leg but the way of doing it will remain the same. We will guide you with the best way of doing it.

  1. Place one of your feet on a high surface you set behind you. In front of your chest, you need to hold a dumbbell with both of your hands.
  2. When you are in the perfect position of doing your effort. Start moving your body from up to down while one of your feet rest on the chair. Throughout this split squat exercise the shoulders will be over your hips to help your various body parts in getting stronger.
  3. Keep doing this step for several times and then switch on to the next leg. Most importantly, make sure to perform this step to the next leg as long as you did with the first leg.

3. Shoulder Squat

Shoulder SquatIf you are looking forward to working on your thighs, glutes and hips. We suggest you make a habit of doing this quick lower body workout. Because it is a complete lower body workout people love to perform. In this workout, you are going to need a set of dumbbells to make the drill a bit harder.

In the beginning, perform this exercise with less weight. But once you feel comfortable with your grip and position you can continue the drill but with a bit of more weight this time. Here’s how you can perform all the steps accordingly.

  1. Firstly, you need to get in the right position of doing the shoulder squat exercise. The accurate position for this drill is to spread your legs a bit. And place 2 dumbbells to your shoulders with perfection.
  2. Throughout this workout, your heels must remain at the floor where your knees will bend. Moreover, your torso will be opened and muscular throughout the exercise. The chest will feel more comfortable as it will be open and balanced.
  3. Keep going downwards along with the hips until your thighs are in a parallel position to the floor. Then slightly come back to your starting position with the help of your heels. Repeat this exercise for several times or until you are satisfied with it.

4. Deadlift

DeadliftIf you have ever used a barbell for any kind of workout. You can achieve some more benefits with it as well. And Deadlift is a common workout which can be done with the help of a barbell. In case you do not have access to a barbell you can use a dumbbell as well instead of a barbell. But firstly you need to go through the move you are going to make while doing this exercise.

To perform this total lower body workout with ease, you need to stand straight first. And make sure to place the barbell or dumbbell in front of your feets. In the beginning, gear up yourself for the workout by lifting lite weight.

  1. In the beginning, you need to bend your knee to get ready for lifting the barbell lying in front of you. You need to be in the perfect position to reach the goal.
  2.  Secondly, you need to snach the barbell with a strong grip on it. The position of hands and shoulders should be as straight as it can be. This position needs to remain the same throughout the session of lifting the dumbbell or barbell.
  3. Capture the weight along with the help of core, glutes and hips and stand straight as much as you can. After doing this step with perfection, the aim is to get back in the starting position. For this you will have to bend your knee and bring your hips back to lower position while your back remains straight. This is how you can easily continue the procedure of deadlift exercise.
  4. When you are sure that the dumbbell has reached the floor you can continue this process of lifting weight. Keep doing this quick lower body workout till the satisfaction of yourself.

5. Morning Exercise

Morning ExercisePeople who are finding a way to make their hamstrings and core stronger must try this drill. It also has the capability to build up the lower back of your body. An interesting fact about this complete lower body workout is that you don’t need to lift weight while doing morning exercise. Among the best lower body workouts it is the simplest one.

  1. The first step is to place the barbell on your shoulders without any kind of weight on it. Most importantly, if you have ever tried this workout before then you can add weight to the dumbbells or barbell. But if you are going to try it for the first time, make sure that the weight is balanced.
  2. You are ready to make the moves if the barbel is perfectly aligned to your shoulders. Start making moves by backing your hips and the torso coming forward in a straight angle.
  3. The perfect time to return back to the starting position is when you feel that your torso is completely parallel to the floor. In one go, make sure to perform this step 10-12 times without taking a break.

6. Loaded Step-Up

Loaded Step-UpIf you don’t like lifting weights but want to stay fit all day. It is possible if you try this one exercise for a muscle in your lower body. It is kind of an exercise which can be done whether you lift the wait or not while exercising. This quick lower body workout imitates your regular routine. Furthermore, it increases the power of your legs to work more and affects the heart rate in a good way as well. To achieve all the goals, we suggest you go through the each steps of this step up exercise.

  1. Before all else, you are going to require a strong box where you can comfortably stand and balance yourself. Later on, hold both of the dumbbells in your hands and locate them right in front of the shoulders.
  2. In the next step, you need to place one of your feet on the top of the box. And make sure you have a balanced grip of the box.
  3. Now you need to step up the second feet to stand next to the first feet on the box. To get back in the starting position, leave the left foot first from the height of the box and then the second one.
  4. The procedure of this workout depends on you and how you want to continue it. There are 2 ways you can follow to complete the workout. Either you can step up one foot for several times and then the other. Or you can continuously change the feet one by one while performing this exercise.


What Are Good Lower Body Workouts?

There are plenty of lower body workouts you can perform even at home. Such as, Morning Exercise, Split Squat, Shoulder Squat and Deadlift exercise. The most interesting thing about these exercises is that you can perform any of the exercises at home. But you are going to need a dumbbell or a barbell. Moreover, if you have access to a Recumbent Bike then you can easily achieve the goal of making your lower body muscular.

How Can I Shape My Lower Body?

If you are passionate about shaping your lower body. There are a few lower body workouts you can perform on a regular basis. In this case, the squat is an easy and quick way to shape your lower body. Moreover, you can give a try to box jumps, lunges and step-ups as well.

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