Ultimate Guide for Using an Exercise Bike for the First Time!

Using an Exercise Bike for the First Time means you are ready for cardiovascular exercise. It may be in a gym center or in your home. There are some criteria you need to follow when riding on an Exercise Bike for the first time. Without fulfilling those practices it is unsupportable to get a good workout. The setup of the bike, the position of the paddle, riding posture, time of workout works together to get a good cardio exercise.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an adult should do 150 minutes of cardio exercise every seven days, which means a maximum of 20 minutes in a day. Workout on Exercise Bike is also healthful for heart-pumping, weight loss, burn body fat, and good for building lower body muscle. With a new Exercise Bike, you need not move around here and there to get effective tips. We have a complete guideline for an amateur. Stay connected with us to the end of this write-up.

How to Set Up Exercise Bike as Beginner

The first thing about Using an Exercise Bike for the First Time is a perfect setup. A perfect setup is essential to avoid the risk of injury while riding. The setup of riding on an Exercise bike can be divided into two major parts.

How to Set Up Exercise Bike as Beginner

  1. Pre-Workout Setup
  2. Bike Setup

According to the Expertise, Pre-Workout Setup means collecting the essential things before riding on the Bike. Like a water bottle for dehydration, a fresh towel, and wearing comfortable dresses. Exercise & Fitness Apparel can be the best choice in this regard. Many people also suggest putting on Indoor Cycling Shoes before starting the workout. Those kinds of shoes have a good attachment to the paddle. It reduces the risk of slipping the paddle while working out with a full rhythm.

Then come to the Bike Setup. The essential part of setting up your Exercise Bike is to place it in a proper place. You need a plan and a healthy environment to put it in your house. The basement and the first floor of your house is the best place to put your Exercise Bike. It cools your bike in summer unless you are working with a recumbent bike.

If you start your workout with an upright bike the seat needs to level at the top of your hips. Besides you need a slight bend of knees on the bottom of the pedal stroke. Then you need to adjust the handles, pedals, and seat according to your comforts. In the case of a spinning bike, the height of the seat should be the height of the handlebars. The adjustment of resistance is also important because you need to change it during separate intervals.

Safety Tips for When Using an Exercise Bike for the First Time

Exercise Bike is safer than riding a bike on the road. Although there are some safety and precautions for a workout in a Stationary Bike indoor. Without following those safety guidelines people frequently experience many accidents. It is needed to ensure good posture and balance. A good balance on different types of bikes like Exercise Bike for Tall Person is the key thing to avoid the risk of an accident.

Using an Exercise Bike for the First Time

The feet position on the saddle also needs to be considered. When you sit on the Exercise Bike make sure your foot is attached to the saddle in a comfortable position. And also make sure about the belt of the saddle. Always use a proper form and if you do not know about it properly ask an expert to help you. However, you can take a break to give your body time to retrieve if you feel any pain with your posture.

In case of a serious condition, consult with a doctor. If you have a problem with your balancing, heart health, blood pressure it’s time to talk with a doctor. Suggestion from a Physician will ensure more safety before riding on an Exercise Bike for the first time.

Exercise Bike Workout for the First Time

After setting up your bike successfully it’s time to ride on it. For a first-time rider on an exercise bike, there are tips from Gold’s Gym, the most popular gym center in America.

Exercise Bike Workout for the First Time

  • Locate a resistance that allows you to work out with the suggested RPE (rate of perceived exertion) on a scale of 1 to 10. RPE is the scale of measuring the hardness of resistance while doing any exercise. If it feels any pain, change the resistance and speed. It is too easy to control the resistance.
  • For the first time riding on an Exercise Bike, it is common to feel tired after cycling for a short time. To build up endurance takes time. So control your speed and stop when it feels hard. For a better comfort workout, you can paddle with slow speed for 5 minutes and start again with fast speed for the next 5 minutes. Then do it as much as you can.
  • Do this workout at least three times a week with a day of rest in between the first time. If you reach 30 minutes of workout per day, you are achieving the minimum amount of workout per day. To get an overall effective workout you may try another type of workout like Treadmill Workout and Elliptical Workout.

How Long Should You Use an Exercise Bike for the First Time?

For the first Exercise Bike user, it is ideal to do the workout for 30 to 40 minutes. Once your body matches the endurance level you can extend the time as you can. However, the actual time of using the bike depends on your goal.

How Long Should You Use an Exercise Bike for the First Time?

If your only goal is to lose weight then Cardio Exercise like cycling on the Exercise bike is the best option for you. Following a routine and enhancing the resistance levels can boost your whole workout routines. In that case, you should give more concentration and time to those kinds of workout plans.

An Exercise Bike or Stationary Bike is like many other pieces of equipment in the fitness center or in the health club. It may be a simple type of machine but has incredible health benefits. So it is essential to know about the benefits of using a stationary bike. Let’s see some health benefits of using a stationary bike for the first time.

Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

According to a study, 45 minutes of Indoor Cycling like a workout on an Exercise Bike can burn up to 350-600+ calories. It is a low-impact workout to get a high-intensity type of workout in a short time. Exercise Bike workout is best for joints, glutes, and for quads. Here are some other benefits of Stationary bikes.

Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

  • Convenience and Safety
  • Cross Training, means the best alternative to running and walking.
  • Has low impact on the joints.
  • Support the knee perfectly.
  • Has multiple options and is best for back problems.
  • Has lots of variety according to the customers’ needs.
  • Does Not Take Up As Much Space As Other Machines
  • Ease to Use


There is a feast of the health fruitfulness of an exercise bike. In a single piece of writing it’s unable to mention all those usefulness. Using an Exercise Bike for the First Time means you are one step ahead of other people. Many people aren’t aware of their health as much as you. Therefore you deserve a big thumbs-up and wishes.

There is a saying that “Health is Wealth.†You invest in your health and fitness means it will return you back. Make sure your investment doesn’t lead you to any injury. All we are saying is to take enough precautions before riding on an Exercise bike for the first time. Thanks for your interest in our writings.

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