Where To Put Exercise Bike In House?

While an exercise bike proves to be an asset to healthy living, sometimes, knowing where to put an exercise bike in the house can be a challenge.

We are in an era where there is much emphasis on exercise and fitness. From jogging to visiting the gym to weightlifting to cycling and all other physical activity, it is evident that working out is of great benefit to both the body and soul; hence, an investment in exercise equipment like an exercise bike is not a waste of your money.

An exercise bike is a stationary bicycle used as exercise equipment for indoor cycling, and like most other exercise equipment, you can use it in the confines of the home. However, where to put an exercise bike in the house remains a question on the lips of many. Those with an indoor gym are most likely not concerned about this as they can place it in there. But, if you belong to the other group (with no gym), you are correctly waiting for an answer.

Luckily, your answer is here! This article gives a detailed guide on where the exercise bike should go, where it shouldn’t and why. Don’t let anything stop you from discovering these mysteries.

Where To Put Exercise Bike In House?

As there are great spots for exercise bikes in the home, there are also terrible spots for these bikes. What makes the difference between a great and a horrible exercise bike spot are conditions such as:

Where To Put Exercise Bike In House

1. A Big Enough Space

The perfect spot for your bike is an open space, preferably a barely used room like an old room, an empty room or a home office. This spot should be without clutters and be spacious enough to take your bike and accommodate you as you exercise.

2. Proper Ventilation

You do not want to exercise in a too hot and poorly ventilated place. While exercising, you generate much heat and tend to sweat more; a poorly ventilated place can cause labored breathing and possibly fainting. So, place the exercise bike in front of a window or balcony; otherwise, ensure the area has a fan or an air conditioner to ensure you stay cool and refreshed.

You have o an idea of what the space should be like, but where to put the exercise bike in the house? A proper location for an exercise bike is:

3. In The Basement/Ground Floor/First Floor

The basement or ground floor and even the first floor will be a perfect spot for the exercise bike. This position is excellent primarily when it does not just fulfill the condition of open space or proper ventilation but also keeps noise and vibration to the barest minimum, preventing noise complaints from neighbors.

4. Far From Neighbors and Children

While using the exercise bike for your workout, noise and vibrations would disturb a sleeping neighbor or wake a child up. Thus, the exercise bike should be in a spot far from neighbors or where neighbors wouldn’t mind hearing the noise. If you live alone or live in a compound without neighbors, you do not have to worry about this.

Where Should Not Put Your Exercise Bike?

The conditions of a perfect exercise bike spot have probably given insight into what an exercise bike spot shouldn’t be. Your bike should not be in a place with little or no breathing space, poor ventilation and proximity to neighbors and kids. Where you should not put your exercise bike, include:

Where Should Not Put Your Exercise Bike


Imagine exercising, and suddenly it begins to rain or snow, or maybe the sun becomes unbearable; there will be a sudden drop in morale and exercising that day will be nearly impossible. Adverse weather conditions don’t just disrupt the person exercising, but they can also damage the bike and weaken its parts.

So you most likely shouldn’t put your exercise bike outside for this reason; well, except the region you are based doesn’t suffer from adverse weather conditions.


Since working out using the bike tend to transfer the force applied on it to the floor below, you shouldn’t place the exercise bike above a person’s bedroom, living room or study. Putting it in these positions would cause troubles you are better off avoiding.


If converted or revamped, a garage would be suitable for an exercise bike, but otherwise, it is a no-no for you should be avoided. Garages are likely to experience a wider temperature variation, so it’s not advisable. Another exception to the use of the garage is in a region with a comfortable year-round temperature.

A Place With Wooden or Tiled Floors

Vibrations often accompany an exercise bike workout which others can hear in rooms below or adjacent to your exercise room. Aside from this, a wooden or tiled floor would have scratches or stains from using the bike or maintaining it.

How To Set Up Your Exercise Bike Properly?

To enjoy a comfortable and efficient workout on your exercise bike and reduce the risk of getting injured during the activity knowing how to set it up is vital. Here are some things you need to take note of:

Make Adjustments To The Seat Height

You should adjust the height of your bike seat to fit your height and leg length. To adjust it:

  • Stand next to the bike and adjust the height till it is at the same level as your hip bone.
  • Climb onto the bike, put your heels on the bike pedal and extend afoot to the bottom of the pedal stroke.

Proof that the seat height is just right for you is a slight bend in your knee when your heel is on the pedal and a perfectly straight knee. Another sign of the perfect seat height is your toe touching the floor once you take your feet off the pedal.

Position The Seat Perfectly

After getting the height right, the next thing to do is properly position the seat, and your height, flexibility and riding approach determine it. To do this:

  • Sit on the bike and put your fit in the enclosures.
  • Bring your legs to 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock whichever way you choose.

Once you are in your favored riding position, ensure your knees are slightly over the center of your foot but not beyond the midpoint of your shoelace.

Fix The Handlebars

The position of the handlebars is dependent on your comfort and riding style. However, you choose to fix the handlebar is alright; be sure it gives you space to ride comfortably without putting much weight on the handlebar or feeling like you are over stretching or bunched up.

You also have to ensure the handlebars are close enough to the seat to maintain a slight bend in the elbows. To figure out the correct handlebar placement:

  • Sit up straight.
  • Spread your arms straight before you till they are parallel to the ground.
  • Move forward slightly with your spine in a neutral position.

Position The Pedal Rightly

While working out on an exercise bike, maintaining a proper foot position all through the ride is vital. The bike’s design is such that the ball of the foot is over the pedal center as you ride. The stroke of the foot should keep the heels at the same level as the ball of the feet, therefore, allowing the toes to remain light. You can position the bike’s pedal by:

  • Sitting on the bike and putting the foot on the pedals.
  • Pushing one leg down on the bottom of the pedal stroke.
  • Without leaning on the side and with the foot flat, you should bend your leg to about 10 to 15 degrees.

Final Thoughts

With the emphasis on healthy living right now, practically everyone is mindful of their health. One right step in this direction is getting an exercise bike to use indoors. However, prepare by knowing where to put the exercise bike in the house before getting it. While doing this, consider those around you, so your get physically fit wouldn’t be a disturbance to others.

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